Has 'The Walking Dead' Had Its Day?

by Liam Parker about a year ago in tv review

Season 9 Episode 8 Review

Has 'The Walking Dead' Had Its Day?

To say I have watched The Walking Dead from the start would be a complete lie. When the show aired its first episode in 2010, I had heard of it briefly but decided to give it a miss.

Flash forward to 2017, just before season 8 started, I decided to give it a go. And like a true student, I binged 7 seasons (99 episodes) in an embarrassingly short amount of time.

Since then I have watched it weekly when each episode has come out and waited patiently during mid-season breaks and in between season.

During these times I even started watching Fear The Walking Dead, which is equally as good in a very different way.

But the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead season 9 episode 8 "Evolution" gave me two strong thoughts.


The first thing was how brilliant the episode was. With Jesus's death being a Game Of Thrones level move by the writers and the introduction of a new villain, it was the perfect cliffhanger that is sure to bring fans coming back.

The new additions to the now split group are sure to have some interesting back stories and we ALL want to know what happened in those 6 years to cause such a problem between The Kingdom, Hilltop, and Alexandria.

My second thought was: Will this be the end? With season 10 on the cards we know it isn't going to be the last season but should we be slowly coming to a close on the apocalyptic zombie story now?

If you talk to anyone who has a TV, they'll tell you of a show they loved that went too far and it ruined the whole thing. It's a very common thing in the television world now as money ultimately comes before story.

However The Walking Dead is on its 10th season (with a successful spin-off) and is STILL doing well (despite a few iffy seasons). So is it time for them to quit while they're ahead?

Personally I think season 10 should be the last. Whether FTWD continues is a different issue but ending with a strong 10 seasons isn't bad and if the most successful sitcom ever (Friends, for those below 20) can stop at that number then TWD can too.

Finishing at season 10 gives us 24 more episodes with the rest of season 9 on its way. That is more than enough for the group to defeat this new villain, reconcile, see what's happened to Rick, and be back in time for dinner.

It also gives the writers a bit of room to maybe delve into where the virus came from or flash forward to a time when walkers are no longer.

10 seasons is a long run for a lot of TV shows and to still be doing so well is a miracle. But for those who love it, I can understand them wanting it to come to end while it's still a great show and not continue to season 26 following Rick's great-great-grandchildren.

I wonder how long Carol's hair would be then.

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