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Halloween in a Graveyard

What a Night it Was

By Eliza VargasPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
Halloween in a Graveyard
Photo by Zach Lezniewicz on Unsplash

I didn't understand why he would want to take me there. At the time I thought it was a little weird; "But it will be fun!" is what he said. Yes I myself am always up for some Halloween fun...but spending the night in a graveyard, well I thought that was taking things a bit too far.

I remember we snuck out from my room and made our way out of the house. Arriving at the scene with the moon bright and high in the sky. We walked to a place that seemed to be the heart of it all, to a grand old tree whose branches resembled great big claws. He pulled out a blanket, with some candles and snacks. I reluctantly sat down, for some reason feeling this ache in my stomach. I shook it off sure that it was just the thought of being near some many graves on an eerie Halloween night.

At first, all was well and good, listening to music, telling ghost stories, and eating junk food to our heart's content. Although, after a while, it seemed to all go to my head. Almost like a drug or alcohol, when you've had too much and nothing to flush it out of your system. I felt woozy and sick not sure what caused this turn of events. Until I looked at my friend who seemed to have lost his wits. He was laughing, no not laughing, cackling with this evil roar, almost to the point where he couldn't breathe. At first, I wasn't sure if this was some sort of dream or not until I felt the sound of the laughs pounding in my head. At least the aches and pains in my stomach all night finally made sense.

The more he laughed the more my body felt weak, I believe I'd been poisoned by what I'm not sure. All I knew is I tried to get up tried to run but I would quickly fall back down forced to drag my body on the ground. I could feel him get up behind me started to say something that only sounded like mumbling in my ears. Then I saw the gleam of a sharp knife at the corner of my eye and felt the ping of a scratch up my legs as he tried to stab me at my feet. I wanted to scream hoping for a chance to be saved. But that chance would never come because the moment a sound came out of my mouth so did blood. He stabbed me in the back, once, twice, three times. Until there was nothing left but almost a big gaping hole exposing my heart, bones, and lungs. I could feel my life force slowly slipping away into the ground, another body becoming part of the grave.

But before I knew it my body and spirit were completely removed and I found myself standing there above my own body with a fury like no other growing inside. I was filled with a wave of so many emotions, relieved that I could no longer feel the pain. Sad because I was no longer alive. Betrayed and angry at the person who called themselves my friend and has now taken my life from me. All I could think was how much I wished I could wrap my bare hands around his neck and drag him into one of these graves for him to rot there and choke on the gravel. A life for a life surely seemed fair to me.

Then something remarkable happened, without thinking I motioned to push him off his feet, and it's as though I actually did just that. He fell to the ground with the knife falling out of his hand. Did I do that? I try again forcing him to crash into the base of the old tree and it worked. And then he saw me, not my dead body still bloodied on the ground, but my ghost that was already going to get its revenge.

I see fear flash before his eyes but then he tries to cover it with a smile, taunting me saying I'm a ghost I can't do anything to him. We'll see about that. Let's see what other tricks I can do. I summoned about all my might and figured I'd give my dear friend here a real Halloween nightmare. After just a moment there were soft moans emerging from the group, corpses digging their way out from the graves that caged them in the ground. Although that was fun I want to up the anty, maybe I can actually scare him to death. I then focused on my own corpse and it as well joined the army of the undead slowly making their way to the feet of my killer.

The terror in his eyes grew more and more and I couldn't be more satisfied. He began to scream and cry begging for mercy. But why should I show any mercy to the person who just killed me, stabbed me in cold blood, and laughed uncontrollably as he did so? No, I don't think I shall grant him his wish. I commanded my corpse to grab the knife when it reached my murderer's feet and stabbed him once in both of his arms and legs. Why not just kill him you ask? Well, I can't make it that easy for him, no for now I will just make it so he can't get away. Then the rest of the corpses crowded around him and dragged him to the graves from which they came. Still, he helplessly screamed and cried trying to crawl for an escape, until the dirt filled his lungs.

Now I can haunt him for all eternity and I promise you I will thoroughly enjoy it. I guess neither of us really knew how this night would end. Both suffering a similar fate in the end. But to that, all I have to say is...look whose laughing now.


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Eliza Vargas

LA, aspiring singer, actress, and writer

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