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by Sir Contra about a year ago in monster


Photo By: Blessen Amos

My blood moon hours occur in lonesome silence. When none are privy to my obscure actions. The darkest times for me these are. Yet sway from them I do not. Detached from this world I become, for my soul is bounded to or by none. Only when you are with me do I feel comforted and tamed. Otherwise I run rampant like a blood lusting vampire in the night. Ever seeking destruction of any form. I need my anchor, yet my anchor needs not me, but the company of its pleasures. Why is this occurrence so? Am I holding on to the anchor too much? Do I shroud it’s reflective light in my pitch black coat? Or maybe...

You are never alone sweet child. For I am always by your side. Ever awaiting for the day you allow me to be in front leading, rather than next to you as a second in command. Simply allow my efforts to breach your defenses so that you may never know sadness again. All such emotions will be overtaken by hatred and ravenous anger. You will forget what the meaning of sadness is. It will be an emotion beneath you reserved for the fools who rest at your feet. I will make you a King amongst these peasants. Don’t you desire for death? Whether it be yours or theirs? Do you not wish to make those who have wronged and abandoned you to suffer as you have? With me leading, you will see their souls crumble like a withered stone tower. Their hope will disperse from their eyes as if it were evaporating water. The shrieks they will provide to you will be an orchestra completely filled with your favorite instrument the violin. Oh their pain will make you feel like you were in your youth once more. Although you say you hated such times, you yearn for it again. I was your only friend then. Your only hope was me. I still am those things dearest boy. This love you hold on to is dispensing into a void. If you were to let it go, you needn’t worry for it always makes its way back around. Let not childish emotions keep you from your destiny as a true royal. Do you remember when you were in your birth state? How you would be locked away in the cold, dark woods? You were freshly abused. Ripe for the picking. Nothing to eat, say, or do. The only thing granted to you was the sounds of your mind. Back then, it was me. Soon you allotted me to become real. In addition, you were granted only the feelings of dread, despair, and pain. You held on to these tight since they were the only things that held meaning. The things you saw while alone drove you mad. At first they seemed terrifying, but soon you became one with the abyss. You made it your own as if you were a Lord of Darkness. Take that mantel once more sweet Prince, and grant it to me so that I may bring you back to where it is you belong.

I should let you overtake my soul like it is meant to be. I want to give my all up to you. I do not care for my life anymore like a soldier prepared to die for his nation. Only I belong to nothing but the frigid hands of the reaper. His absolute zero touch warms my soul and enraptures my tormented being to lay it to rest. I shed no tears, but still my meadows remain nourished. By what? It could only be the scarlett river that flows from my cuts and bruises that are self inflicted. Do not cry for me oh beings adjacent to me. For you didn’t withhold the care to take action when the signs were there. Although I wasn’t vocal, depression and destruction were violently making themselves heard like they were speaking through megaphones. Hold your hearts fools. For if you do not, He will gracefully sneak by like the assassin he is and commandeer them from you. Then proceed to use your secretions to feed his power. Of course, I care not of anything that occurs anymore, not even to you. I have finally accepted what he is persuading of me. It is so pleasing. Please, allow my soul to be at peace, and know your chances have come and gone...

It is so hard for them to hold you close. You are a being that rejects emotions that are not nefarious. You almost allowed those feelings, at one point, to rid me from your heart. Fools. For if it were a success, you would die without a purpose. Yes your physical being would live, but your soul would die and be lost forever. Gratefully, you held me close. Give up on this world my friend. There is nothing left for you. Being alone is dangerous yes, but danger is good. Shy away from it not. Take hold of silver so that it may guide you to red. Slash deep into the most vital of arteries and let me be the lead forever. You have given me the reigns and I promise to not falter. Don’t you love how sinister you can be when I am with you? You want to hear the flesh rip from their bones, and the blood spilled from their bodies, you want it to be placed in canisters for food storage. They are nothing more than test subjects for your wrath. You’ve held it in long enough. Let it out child. It is ok to do so. Desire death’s deep darkening desperation for you. Make haste like Hermes and deliver your message to those who see themselves above you. For a true King is born, and subjugation is at hand. Or perhaps instead you should take that gift most precious. Let it flow from your body and pitter patter on the floor encased in red. I am here my mature infant, and I am here to stay. Welcome to my humble abode. Make yourself at home, and enjoy the bloodbath that awaits. It will be soothingly warm to your aching bones. Listen to the doom I bestow, for it is your lullaby for eternal rest. I have traveled long fools, all the pain you have caused this tortured being will be reflected and amplified worse than what can possibly be imagined. Slán...

Brace yourselves, he has arrived to deliver nothing short of the most agonizing pain to last you an eternity. The show will be glorious, so play your parts well, and be sure to entertain me while I lay down, rest, and watch your suffering. If you hear me laugh, know it is a cackle most sinisterly evil and vicious. Slán...


Sir Contra

It is always best to write out your emtions, or to choose some other healthy creative form of release for them. Everything I share will be in its raw form and the emotions and ideas will be in the like matter. Enjoy.

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Sir Contra
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