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Gold Digger

by Daniella Cressman 2 months ago in fiction
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A Short Story

Gold Digger
Photo by Stephany Lorena on Unsplash

I stared at the bill and sighed.

Another bill to pay. This time, it was my credit card. Next time, it would be my electric bill.

I auditioned day and night for roles, yet nothing was working. Ever. It was all just too much. Too overwhelming.

Until I met Jonathen Mayberry. We'd bumped into each other at a grocery store and he was well, filthy rich. Very, very rich. He was a hedgefund manager.

White. Brown hair. 6 feet.

There was nothing out of the ordinary, really, except for his phenomenal net worth—primarily accumulated from his inheritance. He'd just grown up with a silver spoon in his mouth and made his money work for him.


Part I: The Daydream

At first, everything was fine: Jonathen Mayberry drove his convertible with me in it. We slept on Egyptian cotton sheets and he made love to me every evening. A private chef prepared our breakfast before he brought it to us in bed.

We took vacations in Paris, France and Venice, Italy.

We remembered our first nights together, and I wondered if I was in some kind of dream.


Part II: The Nightmare

Jonathen Mayberry looked at me as I lay down. It was a Monday morning and I'd opened my eyes without actually waking up, still feeling as though I was a zombie trying to make its way through this world.

He spit on me, then said it was an accident.

It wasn't. None of Jonathen's accidents were actually accidents.


that evening


"Have you dressed for this evening's gala?"

I looked down at my red dress and heels. I had done my makeup meticulously. My earrings and necklace were composed of diamonds, yet nothing was good enough for him.

Nothing and no one would ever be good for Mr. Perfectionist Jonathen Mayberry. On the contrary, I would be here in this house, alone with him pretending to be my ally, for the rest of my life.

I couldn't leave him—I couldn't afford to.


"You're ugly," he said, chortling away as he drank his fine wine with his elitist friends.

"Ugly and useless."

What a funny fucking joke. Asshole...


This time, I had disobeyed him: He'd told me not to write my novel, and I had.

He'd told me to cook and clean, yet I hadn't.

I was pissed about the state of it all.


I cowered.

His hand slapped my face so hard that I keeled over onto the nearest chair.

He looked at me, an expression of remorse on his face.

He held my head in his hands and sighed.

"I'm sorry, babe. I'm sorry," he murmured.

"No you're not!" I spat, walking to my bedroom and closing the door.


the final hours


I lay in bed as he held my neck in his fingers. Pressing.

Three minutes more and I would be dead. He was restricting my windpipe. I couldn't breathe.

He let go, grinning. My hands were cuffed. I could not do anything. He had not asked to nearly kill me—he'd just done it.

I didn't want to be around him anymore. Bastard.


I went to bed a second time with him, thinking this would be our last dance.

It was.

This time, he maintained the pressure until I lost all air. Until my body was cold to the touch. Until my soul left it.

Jonathen Mayberry was a killer, and we both know he's going to pay his way out of jail.


About the author

Daniella Cressman


Non-Fiction: I write about the art of prose, politics, & entertainment.

Fiction: I write short stories in the suspense/thriller/horror/mystery genres.

Novelist & poet as well.


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Comments (19)

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  • Daniel Bradbury24 days ago

    This is a nifty yarn. Interesting and original angle on the genre!

  • Kevin B. Jonesabout a month ago

    You definitely have a talent! No doubt about that :) The ending is quite horrific because he's literally gripping the life from her. Johnathon Mayberry was, without a doubt, a killer. Great work!

  • Joseph Tsgili Nvda-Tsulaabout a month ago

    This was refreshingly different; expressing complexities too many are familiar with, with beautifully straightforward simplicity. I get so tired of billionaire-romance-BS trend...wherein too many forget the golden rule. Absolute power corrupts, absolutely. Well done.

  • Anna Konopkaabout a month ago

    Excellent, beautifully precise and visceral. Like negative space in a painting. Even more powerful for people who have been brutalized. Bravo!

  • Martina Militoabout a month ago

    Lavoro incredibile. In attesa del seguito. Ti auguro ispirazione creativa

  • Ceirra Evansabout a month ago

    Wow is this a ghost story ? If so love the premise

  • zaineb abrar2 months ago

    loved it

  • Scott Wade2 months ago

    Brutal and realistic. Sadly, to some, maybe many, not fiction. Great work. Excellent writing. Unique. 🥰

  • Brenton F2 months ago

    I did not see that coming. The spit could have been accidental...the rest you escalated fiercely with out the use of filler which would have detracted from your final crescendo of intensity. I've got a real hate-on for that Johnathon prick but

  • Em Starrrrr2 months ago

    I really loved the structure and flow of this! The gradual decay of the "perfect man" mask to reveal the monster behind it, only to have her remain trapped like a fly in a web. Great stuff! Hearted and subscribed.

  • Colleen Millsteed2 months ago

    Oh that didn’t go in the direction I thought it would lol. Fantastic story.

  • Cathy holmes2 months ago

    Great story. Well done.

  • Heather Hubler2 months ago

    Oh snap!! That did not go how I thought it was going to! I for sure thought she was going to off him in revenge or something like that. Great twist at the end. Well done :)

  • Clyde E. Dawkins2 months ago

    Very dark and twisted; enjoyed reading it!

  • Rick Henry2 months ago

    Very interesting story. The format is great also makes it easy to read.

  • Thavien Yliaster2 months ago

    That last line reminded me of a phrase from the TEDx Talks video "Have You Ever Met A Monster?" She mentions how there were two victims, one of low income and the other of high income. The low income would have the DNA from her case wait on a shelf for two months, meanwhile the high income person would have the DNA processed in hours. "Lady Justice might be blind, but she can sure have a champagne taste."

  • Keila Aartila2 months ago

    Disturbing - but a good read. Nice work!

  • Scarily good, you are a brilliant wordsmith

  • NJ Gallegos 2 months ago

    Great story!

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