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by Gabriel Wolf 10 months ago in monster
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Prelude to "Evil Rising"

Clouds block the sun on a Tuesday afternoon. October's autumn breeze softly kisses Rose's mocha cheeks and runs through her dirty blonde hair. Dressed in black, she sniffles to stop her slight runny nose and wipes the tears from her face. The world around her is empty and silent as she slowly rocks herself on a swing in the center of the playground. Images of her older sister flash in her mind while deeply mourning her sister's passing.

"Why, why did you leave me here?" Rose whispers to the red and orange hued leaves as they rustle away from her.

She looks down at the green cracked rubber under her feet. Tiny drizzles of rain start to fall and she lifts her head, the sky seems to cry just as she does. Rose looks back down to her lap where a hearts shaped box wrapped in brown paper sits. She remembers the words of her father when he placed it her hands.

"In the letter Casey left, she insisted you have this." Her father hands her the twine wrapped package, and it smells like Casey's favorite perfume, Yellow Diamond. “She said only you would understand what’s in it.”

Rose stares down at the package in her lap. This is the last thing her sister gave her before ‘THAT’ happened. It’s perfect, its beautiful, why would she unwrap it? She doesn’t want to unwrap it, the package is an eternal secret, a secret between her and her older sister. If she opens it, the secret is out, and Casey is really gone. Rose cradles the heart in her arms, and the brown paper crinkles. She starts to swing again, a tear drop glides down her face and onto the box, she panics.

“It can’t get messed up; it has to stay ok!” Rose tells herself, quickly wiping away the wetness.

Fifteen-year-old Rose hides the box in her black coat. She must protect the secret, it’s the only thing she has left. The October winds begins to pick up, whipping the light raindrops every which way, and riding along the bands of wind is a whisper that meets her ears.

"I'm sorry."

She jumps up off the swing in excitement hoping to see Casey, she knew she wasn’t dead. Rose looks to her left and then behind her towards the giant spiral yellow slide and all around her The Park is empty, Casey isn’t there, it’s just her, her alone, with the secret in her hands, and the early October wind. Disappointed, she sits back down on the swing and a knot of deep sorrow forms in her throat.

“I miss you, so mu-“ Rose is pushed off the swing and the package rolls out of her arms. She lifts her head as she lays flat on the hard rubber, her vision is blurry. Pieces of dried leaves and dirt cover parts of her cheeks and forehead.


Rose looks back to see a gaggle of kids from school. Denise and Sahara, the cheer leaders. Behind them are their boyfriends, Arthur, and Hunter, camo wearing jocks. Denise is stands directly behind the swing, proud in seeing Rose on the ground She steps forward moving the swing beside her, her eyes are red with anger and sorrow.

“Look what she did, she took everything from me, from us!” Denise walks over and kicks Rose in her side.

Sahara and Holly jump in shock from seeing Denise’s assault on Rose, but do nothing to help Rose or stop Denise, because deep down they wished to do the same. Rose screams in pain trying to catch her breath and she puts herself into the fetal position, holding her stomach in pain. Rose realizes Casey’s secret is no longer in her coat and lifts her head to locate the box. She attempts to crawl towards the brown package that landed a few feet away, but Denise beats her to it.

“What this? Did your bitch sister leave you a ‘going away’ present?” Denise picks up the heart shaped box holding Casey’s secret.

“No, no please, give it back!” Rose gathers her strength to pick herself up and run towards Denise to grab the box out of her hand, but Arthur grabs Rose’s arms and he holds her back. “Please give it back!” Rose struggles to get out of Arthurs grip.

“Bring back my father, my friends!” Denise starts to cry. “You can’t, your sister took them away. All I have left are pictures on a giant poster board, that I had to put together for a fucking funeral! All I have left are old text messages and Facebook posts!”

Denise unknots the twine and aggressively removes the brown wrapping, she notices a keyhole seals the heart. An angered Denise looks at Rose and notices a small key tied to a necklace around her neck. The cheerleader rips the necklace off Rose and forces the key into the box and turns it. Denise opens the box and a wind whips around the playground and as quickly as it started, it falls silent, no birds, no crickets, nothing. Just the heavy breathing of the two girls. Denise opens the box and pulls out a piece of paper with strange symbols.

“What is this garbage?!” Denise throws the box in the river behind them and drops the paper on the ground wiping her feet on it, ripping it in various places. Rose is trying with all her might to fight off Arthur, tears of anger and sadness fill her eyes. Denise walks close to Rose with her boyfriend still restricting her and stands still for two seconds before meeting her fist to Rose’s face. Arthur lets her fall to her knees and the teens walk away leaving Rose on the ground. “Fucking freak.” Denise whispers.

Thunder rumbles in the sky and lightning strikes a nearby tree. Rose, battered and bruised with blood on her lip reaches for the tattered paper. She opens it and sees hand drawn symbols. Her mind is baffled. Rose gathers her strength and limps home, hoping to find something to help her decipher her sister’s message. She knew it was important if Casey felt the need to hide it. Rose carefully stuffs the message in her front pants pocket. She walks down her neighborhood, large trees uproot cement sidewalks, so Rose made sure to watch her steps. The ground is wet with rain and yellow leaves fall around her as neighbors follow her with their eyes, whispering to themselves as she passes their front porches. Rose knew what they were saying, they all said the same thing, sometimes loud enough to hear.

‘Oh look, that’s the sister of the girl that went crazy and shot up her high school.”

“How could she not know, she was her sister for god’s sake.”

“Crazy probably runs in the family.”

“She should be expelled; I don’t want my child going to school with that murderer’s sister.”

Rose finally reached her porch and ran up the red brick steps. She was home, safe, safe from the outside world, at least until tomorrow.

“Dad, Randy, you guys home?”

Rose called out for her father and twin brother but did not get a response. She figured they were still out attending vigils for the lives lost in the school shooting. Rose hung her heavy coat on the hall tree and started up the stairs to her bedroom. She walked towards Casey’s room and notices the door slightly cracked open. Rose stands still in front of her deceased sister’s door, and softly presses on it, opening it all the way. Art her sister made hung on the powder pink walls, soccer trophies sit on shelves with photographs of Casey, Denise, and Sahara. Rose sits on her bed, the bedsheets still undone from the morning her sister walked into her high school and murdered half the senior class, including teachers.

Rose pulls out the crumpled paper from her pocket and examines the symbols that Casey wrote, and then looking around her room for any references. A black binder sitting on Casey’s computer desk catches Rose’s eye, its sticking out under a pile of papers that has similar symbols on them. She walked over and picks up one of the papesr sitting on the binder. Confusion, worry, and curiosity flooded her mind. What did these symbols mean? Why would she need to hide what she needed to say? What does it say? She pondered these questions while still studying the walls in her sister’s room, to find any kind of clue.

“Rose, we’re home!” Her twin Randy calls out from downstairs, and slamming the door shut.

Casey panicked as she heard her father start up the stairs. He kept Casey’s room locked, and forbid Rose and Randy from going in. Worried about what her father might say, Rose grabs the binder and the papers on top of it and leaves Casey’s room. She closes the door but leaves it cracked open like it was before she went in. Quickly limping to her room Rose unknowingly drops one of the papers with the symbols written on it. She closes her bedroom door and hides the binder under her pillow. A flustered Rose lays down holding her phone to her face, attempting to look inconspicuous while trying to control her breath. She adjusts her pillow as her father knocks.

“Come in…”

Rose yells noticing the dried blood in the reflection of her phone. She quickly rubs it from the corner of her mouth and wipes it on her red bedsheets.

“Hey Rosey, we brought home some take out, its downstairs when you’re ready.” He peaked his head through her door.

“Yeah, ok, thanks Dad, I’ll be down in a minute.” She responded calmly, even though her heart was beating against her chest so hard you could see her shirt thumping with it.

“Alright… you ok, how ya doin’?” Her father has become obsessed with keeping tabs on the twins, now more than ever. He thought he knew everything Casey had going on, but he really had no idea. The fear of losing another child was unbearable for him.

“Today’s just a lot to deal with dad, a lot of sadness, pain.” Rose got up holding her side, she had forgotten the pain it was in after Denise kicked her. “But I’ll be ok.”

Her father smiled. “Come on down hun.”

“I will, just give me a second. She nervously smiled back.

He began to leave but stuck his head back in through the open door. “Oh, Rosey, I found this on the floor in the hallway, is it yours? Her father held up the paper with a scratched-out symbol Casey sketched.

Rose’s blood pressure rose, and she started sweating. “Uh yeah, we were working on ancient languages in World History, before y’know….” She spun a story and was shocked at how fast and believable it was.

“Oh ok, I’ll just lay it on your desk, make sure you put it away.” He lays it on her desk and walks back towards the hallway. He looks at his daughter, smiles again and closes her bedroom door. “Hurry up and come eat!” He yells as he walks down the hallway.

Rose waited until she heard him walking down the stairs. “Ok Casey.” she thought to herself, tucking her hair behind her ears. “What are you trying to tell me?”

She opens her late sister’s black binder and rifts through the scrap paper to find a decoder. Every page has some symbols matching the ones that were on the paper in the heart shaped box, but they were scratched out as if she had made a mistake.

“Fuck. Come on, give me something.” Rose slams her hands on the binder. She feels something sealed behind the front cover and runs her fingers over it.

“Engravings?” she whispered.

Rose took a pair of scissors from her nightstand, she sliced the inside of the front cover and pulled it open. Engraved in the cardboard lining was a legend for the symbols she wrote. Rose pulled the tattered note her sister left behind for her pocket and wrote down the corresponding alphabet letters to each symbol.

“T H E Y R E C O M I N G….K I N G O F L I E S H A S M Y M I N D….O N A H A L L O W E D N I G H T …. E V I L W I L L R I S E.”


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