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by Rebecca Lynn Ivey about a month ago in supernatural

So graceful and elegant yet so daunting and forbidding.

Faith, such a sacred and spiritual moniker for such a dangerous, immoral specter. But I love her, everyone loves her. That's her clutch, her power, and her dominion over society. They see her fair, washed-out curls embracing those wicked, ice-blue eyes...flaunting across her cadaverous complexion. They are propelled aimlessly toward her as a helpless moth is to a flame. It's melancholic really...watching them file in for their demise one by one. Unsuspecting of the festering fate before them.

I find it acceptably and oddly delightful, watching such mindless, oafish acolytes bow down before this empress of pure iniquity and sin. Should I be the harbinger of this dark prophesy? Faith....secularism in its most somber form.

My affection for her leads me somewhere between purgatory and bliss. As long as I remember that I am trapped, I yet have the probability of escape. I foolishly compel myself to forget. I yield in my liberation. She has entangled me much too deep within her web of erotic ungodliness.

I pompously behold her dancing beneath the wicked moon. That sultry sway and that vampish smile. The cryptic, arcane stars waltzing alongside her. I am irredeemable as I watch the sheer, translucent fabric of her cloak drift and sail through the cool night's breeze. She's so graceful and elegant yet so daunting and forbidding.

"How could two such antipodes dwell within the same conscience?"

I close my eyes and breathe in her scent. Black Orchid and the subtle warmth of patchouli and amber envelope my senses. I am mesmerized by her devilishness. Her innocent expressions bring radiance and tepidity to my once cold heart. My Faith, she possesses and controls my very existence.

I see the yearning in her eyes yet I know that one day she will betray me. When the appetite becomes preeminent and primal I will be just as the others...breathless...cold...extinct.

I cherish every minute and second but they are not without consequence. To love a lady of the night...a vampire...an unmerciful, unsparing lamia. She will eventually bring bout my grievous termination. Yet I behold the danger of dying in her arms. Allowing her to hoist my final breath brings me elation and exhilaration. I long for that day in both trepidation and felicity.

Faith, belief, trust, and loyalty- The daughter of Vlad, the enchantress of my heart.

I allow her cool fingertips to trace the framework of my face. Her cryophilic touch sends shards of misery to my heart. Her delicate eyes searching my soul for acknowledgments of her desires. She feels so delicate and frail in my arms. She can't be condemned for the bloodlust and inhumanity within her. There is something so noble and kind deep within, ensnared by sinful heredity.

I am unable to save her...

As my hand slowly sketches the form of her body, I feel her tremble beneath my touch. Her crimson lips finally grasped my consciousness. "Promise me".

Shakingly I place my hand in hers..."deliver me to e'er."

We're headed for a cliff, the draft of night shakes me to the core. Her flaxen hair shimmers as silk beneath the twilight. I want nothing more than to immerse myself in this moment forever.

During the eternal free fall, a blistering whirlwind of craving and desire. I realize that I'm better off when I hit the bottom. Yet this leap is depthless, undying, and unending.

Through the cloudiness and delirium, I see her drifting toward me through the cool, misty fog. I distinguish the scent of blood hanging thickly in the air. Suddenly I am panic-stricken as the satisfactory taste of hemoglobin fills my mouth.

Through the agony, anguish, and pain I reach for her hand. I am finally, everlastingly at peace.

Dedicated to my cousin Faith.

I love you, I only hope that someday

I become half of the writer that you are.

Faith Marlow

Rebecca Lynn Ivey
Rebecca Lynn Ivey
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Rebecca Lynn Ivey


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