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Every Game You Play

A Twisted Sister Short Story

By Frieda LopezPublished 2 years ago 10 min read

“Hey man, what are you doing,” Jacob said as he turned left at the signal light.

“Just watching TV,” Natalie said over the phone.

“I was thinking about you,” he said as he nodded hi to an attractive woman that he began to pass up.

“You always say that,” Natalie on the phone.

“Well, you have been on my mind a lot. I wanted to see if I could go over,” Jacob said as he put his signal light to move over to the next lane. He saw that the car with the attractive woman began to follow. He smiled to himself as he said to himself, “She wants me.”

“Of course I do. But something always comes up,” Natalie said disappointingly.

“Something came up,” Jacob said.

“Yeah, like always,” Natalie said as she hung up the phone.

“Fuck that bitch. I landed me a better one,” Jacob said as he pulled into the Valero parking lot as he saw the car that followed park at the pump.

The girl was thick but in all the right places. She was wearing cut off shorts with thigh-high boots. She was caramel complexion with beguiling eyes with mops of wavy hair and voluptuous wearing a v neck sweater that showed the split between her v-neck.

“Oh, she’s down to fuck,” Jacob said to himself as his eyes followed her walking into the convenience store. She paused at the door and flashed a flirty smile. Jacob immediately got out of the car.

Jacob was 6 ft 1 inch. He was heavy said and dressed very sloppy. He had dull shaggy hair that he hadn’t washed in days. He was wearing grey sweat pants to show his endow. He was average looking, but after all the insecure women who kept coming back after his manipulation tactics, he was a God.

He walked in to find the girl who finally caught her in the beer cooler, looking at what pack to buy. He walked toward the beer cooler and paused to get her attention.

The young woman cracked a smile and waved as she saw Jacob get gitty with delight. Jacob opened the cooler door and immediately and walked him. “Hi handsome,” she said as she walked toward him. She grabbed his crotch and began to lightly stroke it.

“Damn,” he said as he closed his eyes to indulge in this sensation as he closed his eyes.

“I couldn’t help notice that swinging pendulum you have there,” the girl said as she looked down and then looked into his eyes.

“You want to hang out,” Jacob said as he rolled his eyes back and held himself up.

“I have AirBNB just up the road,” she said to Jacob. “What should we drink,” she asked as she began to moan lightly.

“I got a beer in the car,” he said as he began to moan.

“How much she said,” as she began to move faster in hand movement.

“Like four,” Jacob said as he moaned a little louder.

“I need more if you want to have you want to have your way with me,” she said as Jacob’s eyes opened.

“Where have you been all my life,” Jacob said as he attempted to kiss her.

She stopped and pushed his head back as she said, “Let’s get this party started then.”

It was about a 10-minute drive from the gas station that he met her at. It was dark and secluded but looked like a mini-mansion.

“Hot and rich? I hit the jackpot,” Jacob said as he parked the roundabout driveway. He saw her get out and quickly darted to help the young women with the eighteen pack of beer. “I got that beautiful,” Jacob said as he retrieved the case of beer from her hand.

“You’re sweet,” she said as she looked at him with kind eyes.

“So what are you doing here all alone,” Jacob said in a faux concerning tone.

“Well, I was supposed to have an event as I am an event planner, but it didn’t pan out,” she said, disappointing.

“That sucks,” Jacob said.

“I figured why not make the best of it,” she said as she smiled.

“Well, I am the right guy for that,” he said as he attempted to steal a kiss, which was pushed back yet again. “What the fuck,” he said.

“Sorry, Hunny. It’s just kissing turns me on,” she said bashfully.

“Oh. My bad. Well, let’s go inside then,” Jacob said.

They walked up to the structure's padlock and entered into the minimalist decorative living quarters as she went towards the island countertop and directed to put the case of beer.

“Wow, you were going all out,” he said as he looked at the strategically placed champagne glasses decorated in a ribbon along with a couple of frosted beer glasses that had the markings KTS over a skull and crossbones.

“Yeah, it was a themed event,” she said as she saw him eye the crossbones.

“Halloween’s over,” he said.

“Well, these clients loved Halloween a lot,” she said as she pulled out another one from the bottom of the counter island that had a crown with the marking QFTK, which was jeweled with encrusted rhinestones. “Shall we drink,” she said as she began to pour the beer into the glasses.

“Let’s do this,” Jacob said.

“Why don’t you take a seat and turn on the TV,” she said.

Jacob nodded as he took a drink of his beer and plopped himself on the couch. He grabbed the remote as his eyes widened by the display on the screen. It was an adult movie.

The young woman ran to him and turned off the TV as she said, “I am so embarrassed.”

Jacob smiled as he turned the TV back on as he said, “Shall we?”

The girl brushed her hair in embarrassment, looking down as she said, “Okay.” And began to kiss Jacob while she mounted on him.

“Babe, where are you,” Jacob said as he attempted to massage his head and saw that he was restraint in maribou fur handcuffs. He smiled as he said, “She’s a kinky bitch. Where are you, hot stuff,” he said as he heard some commotion.

“Just a minute, hun, I have a surprise for you,” the young woman said.

“It better has a happy ending,” Jacob said in amusement.

The young woman came out with a black long silk gown and wore a mascaraed mask that looked somewhat demonic. “It will have a happy ending,” she said as she smiled with her smeared lipstick. “But not for you, though,” she said as she flashed a devilish smile.

“You better let me go, you crazy bitch,” he said, attempting to yank the chains that the handcuffs restraint him on.

“You haven’t seen crazy yet,” she said as she looked towards the entrance of the bedroom, which came to another woman dressed in the same mask and attire.

“Hello Jacob,” a familiar voice said as she lifted the mask, holding the champagne glass.

“Natale?” he said in shock. “I’m going to kill you both when I get out of this,” he said in rage as he violently attempted to break free. He looked down at a grinding sound and saw a brass restraint cuffed his legs. He began to scream as they walked toward him, yelling, “Help me!”

“No one is going to save you now,” Natalie said as they began pushing the bed towards the wall, which opened into a dark candlelit room.

Jacob cried in fear as he began to scream, “Help me,” as he started seeing other figures dressed in the same attire as he pulled back and lifted vertically. He began crying as he saw other bodies tied and bolted to crosses, which were the bodies of other dead men of all ages and sizes. All with one consistent flesh wound, their blood still gushing from their pelvic area with missing apparatuses.

“Help me,” he began to scream as he began to cough up the snot that was mixed with opioids that he sniffed a few hours.

“Tonight, we offer you our final sacrifice to cleanse the world of the predators of the world. Both male and female as we provide these gifts without bias. As an unmasked woman came in with a naked woman gag tied and dragged in.

“Sarah,” he said in confusion. “Wait, she’s innocent,” he said as he pleaded in panic.

“We offer her as the accomplice of these women she lured into a traumatic attack. Sisters come forward,” the young woman said as they took off the masks.

Jacob yelled as he saw every woman he drugged using Sarah as a bait. “Stop it!” he pleaded, being ignored.

Natalie brought out a jeweled sacrificial knife incrusted in emeralds and rubies with a jade handle as the young woman began to ignite a fire in the golden pit in the middle of the room. The knife was handed to the first woman who put the dagger in the fire until it glowed a bluish color.

“I don’t want to die,” Jacob said as he saw the woman pass the sacrificial knife to each woman in line as Natalie brought the gagged women in front of him

The last woman handed over to the young woman as she said, “We cleanse this sacrifice with the blood of the wicked,” as she lifted the young woman’s head to expose the tender flesh of the nape of her neck.

“What are you doing,” Jacob said in terror as the young woman slit Sarah’s throat as the blood gushed over his naked body. He began to scream in terror as he saw the life escape Sarah’s ass, seeing her convulse. “Let me go! Please!” Jacob pleaded. He was still being ignored.

“We now cleanse the body of the wicked with the blood of the unborn,” the young woman said as she walked toward Jacobs swinging pendulum as he panics attempted to break free.

“Stop. Please!” he said that followed by a painful scream. He looked down and saw the horror that occurred between his legs. He couldn’t scream as the pain was so unbearable. He looked around as he saw the women gather hay around the crosses that the bodies were mounted to.

“We offer a live sacrifice in the holy fires as we ask you to rid the manipulative ways of the world,” the young woman said. As she put the torch in the fire, watching it light up as Natalie walked towards the cross, Jacob was mounted to as she lifted the hammer next to the cross Jacob was ascended.

“Please, Natalie,” Jacob said as she began climbing up the stairs next to Jacob.

The young woman began igniting the hay, making her way slowly to Jacob.

Natalie looked at Jacob in empathy as she saw that Jacob gained a smear of hope. Her face slowly disappeared as Natalie said, “Something came up!” At that moment, she flashed a wicked smile and hammered the first nail. The screams and metal sound orchestrated in the mini-mansions hidden dungeon as the crackling of fire ignited the night sky of San Antonio. With the hope that the wicked ways of the manipulative would one day be no more. The prey victims had to be predators no longer, but until then, the sacrifices would have to continue until the world's evils were no more. While the cult sang an eerie version of “Every Breath, You Take” by The Police.


About the Creator

Frieda Lopez

Frieda López is the writer for Journey of an Unraveled Road who was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. She is a blogger and runs her own site at Friedathewriter.com

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