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Epic Failing when you get payback at a Musical

by Rayna Quinns 2 years ago in fiction
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Part 2

"I guess I went a little too far." Michelle said, and The Director pleaded, "Please don't kill me, I'm too young, and I haven't lived!"

"You know this could end badly, but it doesn't have too. We go on and go through this production, I promise to be on my best behavior, and then at the end of the run, I will go my way. I didn't want to become this, but I had no choice." Michelle said, and Olivia asked, "What do you mean?"

"Some Wolf Bitch told me that if I let her turned me, I could rid of you, and I loved her Pearl necklace. So we had a deal, but she told me I wasn't worth it and handed me off to a Vampire who turned me, he gave me healthy blood and didn't know they were killed by him! I wanted to just kill you!" Michelle fell down and started to cry. Everyone stopped for a moment to watch this, and then Corey appeared.

"She's telling the truth, a little overdramatic, but she's right," Corey said and spout wings.

"She's a pain in the ass but deserves to be forgiven for her sins. Olivia gets ready when I say now." Olvia was confused about what was about to happen.

"You'll see." He smiled and grabbed hold of Michelle tightly. He said a prayer in his heart, and something was ripping away from the Diva's body. Kismet yelled for the Director to come close to her, and Olivia got ready, it was a Doppelganger of Michelle's Vampiric self. Olivia let her Siren blast out of her mouth, and it ripped the Doppelganger body apart which then exploded, a hole opened up and took the remains to Hell itself, then closed.

They looked up and saw Corey's body was on the floor. Something came out from him, which looked like his spirit. He smiles.

"I get to go back home now, she's human again, but as for being a pain, I'm sorry, not possible to cure." Michelle slowly got up and look up to see Corey in spirit form, above her. She cried real tears that fell fast from her eyes.

"I'm so sorry about being so vengeful, I love you," Michelle told her Ex-Boyfriend after she was bitten they broke up because all she was fixated on was revenge.

"It's okay. I told you my love for you, it's unconditional, and that will never change." His spirit ascended into Heaven, and Olivia stood there with Kismet while Director Trumbull was making notes for a play or musical from this experience.

The rehearsal was cut short, and the production was going to be shut down, the Director was vibrant, so she promises to honor everyone's contract. She walked to Kismet and Olivia.

"Thank you for saving everyone and made me realize my writing was a lie. I had no emotional depth, and I saw this beautiful tragedy in front of me, I am inspired. I will send your money, my beautiful; Olivia and Kismet." She walked off in short steps screaming at the God above for the inspiration, and it was then Michelle who walked to them.

"Thank you for not killing me before Corey stepped in, and despite the fact you are sharp constantly, you are a good person inside Olivia. I'm jealous because I like you, and I know you have a girlfriend, but I'm flexible in bed." Michelle walked off, and Brooklyn ran from her Car to hug her woman.

"What happened? Kismet, just text me 911.." Brooklynn said, and Olivia took a breath.

"Michelle was a Vampire who was turned against her will and fed blood by people who were killed. Corey was really an angel, and in his last act on earth, divided the Vampire to make a Doppleganger, then I blasted Doppelganger. The Director wants to make a musicial out of this own experience, and most of all, Michelle wants to fuck me." Olivia said, and Kismet added, "So a usual night in Pinnacle City."

"Do I need to punch Michelle in the face?" Brooklynn asked, and Olivia kissed her Girlfriend then told her, "Why do that when you get pampered me after my traumatic night?"

"That's good too," Olivia said to her, and Kismet gagged because her woman was away.

Olivia finished the story, and Pearl had the Lady Balls enough to laugh.

"You got away from me, what am I suppose to do?" Pearl asked, and Kismet threw a knife that just missed her head. Kismet threw several more Knives, and they were purposely just short of all her vital organs of the body. Olivia got up and simply said, "Michelle was saved, your plan sucked...."

Kismet opened her suitcase full of her favorite weapons.

"Now, you will tell me every single being you have coming after me or the next Knife she throws will hit a vital organ that won't kill you but will poison the fuck out of you." Pearl didn't want to live anymore but didn't want these two to be the reason she was sent to Hell.

First Knives whist by her like a Bullet, and it went into the wall.

"Okay! I will tell you everything! Please STOP!" Pearl yelled, and after she listed the ten people. The guards came and led her back to the cell, Olivia followed...

"One of these days, I'll get you," Pearl said, and Olivia motion her eyes to the fan as she looked at murdering Wolf, who was bound down.

"You know the warden said that if that fan is ever tampered with, there's a fail-safe, and it will close up to just be a wall. The only air you would get are those vents down there for a few hours. " Olivia said, and Pearl pleased, "Please don't." It didn't stop Olivia from using her blast from her mouth at half-power.

The Fan disappears into a wall, the Werewolf screamed no. The cell door was shut, and then the lead door. As the darkest surround Pearl, she cried in frustration that Olivia escapes her.


About the author

Rayna Quinns

I like writing stories and believe that sins as well as tragedies can make you a think

I write about shows and movies from a unprofessional of view.

I could write smut but it's too easy

I am Me

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