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Diary of Emily Swanson and the House on Elm Street

by Lakeyia L 2 years ago in fiction

Part 1



I opened my closet door to find nothing but a black dress hanging from the hanger where I left it the night before. I grabbed it and threw it on the bed. I went into the bathroom and grabbed everything but my headband, because I wanted to wear my hair straight for the night. I put on my dress and I added some light makeup. I ran downstairs grabbed my heels and headed for the front door.

My dad stopped me before I could turn the knob and asked me where I was going in a rush. I made up a story, because if he knew that I was going out to meet Daniel he would kill me. I opened the door hopped in the car with my friend Susan and we drove to Daniel’s place so that we could meet up and then head to the club.


We stopped for a few drinks at a bar and then Daniel had this crazy idea that we should go to some haunted house on the corner of First and Elm Streets. The house was abandoned four years ago because a couple passed away after their child had passed. The rumor was that the place was being haunted by them and that they were still in the house. I actually believe in things like that so I wanted to stay away, but I didn’t want them to think I was scared to not tag along.

I decided to go, but I put my foot down about going inside. I made it my mission to stay outside by the car because I know how these things can go. Daniel took my side and told me to just be a lookout just in case anyone came by or was suspicious or anything. I decided to be a lookout for only twenty minutes and if they were not out by then I was leaving. I wanted it to be an in and out thing, not a full on let’s go see what we can find and dig up adventure.


Like I stated before I believe in spirits and once you go into something like this you are leaving with something. In my full-on experience, I know that one of them if not all of them are going to come out of that house with something tied to them and I hope that they know what they are getting into because it is going to be a full-on battle of life and death.

They get to the door and stop because it is boarded up pretty good, but the boards are not as solid as they used to be because of the weather and it looks like someone else has been here before. They removed the boards and shined their flashlights. Daniel looked back at me and gave me a smile and head nod. I smiled and gave a small wave.

They went inside and that was the last time I saw them until about ten minutes later when they came out yelling saying that they saw something. I immediately ran up to them and asked them what they saw, but they wouldn’t or couldn’t tell me. I just got into the car and we drove off and said nothing for the rest of the night.


I sat on my front porch for a little while and tried to figure out what they could have seen, but to be honest I didn’t want to think about it because I already knew. The next few days were going to be one heck of a ride.

To be continued….

Lakeyia L
Lakeyia L
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Lakeyia L

I love to write, color, sing, and doing crochet. I am always writing something fun and exciting when it comes to all kinds of genres. I am working on my first Novel so that I can publish soon.

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