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Cradle and All

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Cradle and All

James Patterson is an author that has used words to go global. I read his fictional novel Cradle & All out of curiosity and was taken through a wild perspective with criminal fiction, religion, and conspiracy theories. Patterson has been labeled as one of the world’s richest authors, he has had most of his pieces in The New York Times Bestseller's list. The idea of playing on the story of the recurring Virgin Mary and Virgin Satanist is diabolical. As I read the story, I was literally scared to read the next page because of how gruesome the details were. It was almost as if the story was real but I had to break away from the novel and remember it was a fictional story.

The state of religion is based on a book, being the Bible, the use of switching the stories will take a toll on how serious the story should be. While reading the story, you are taken through the process of how there is a monarchy within religion. First, the detectives are called to investigate. Next, the priests around the world are alerted of the two incidents. The addition of using natural disasters give the strength of religion a geographical play on intensity too. Once the priests are alerted, they take what they can speculate from the incident to the Vatican within Rome. As the Roman Catholic faith is prevalent in Western Hemisphere cultures. The use of the Vatican emphasizes that there has to be a connection with the Pope and the Earth.

The recurring Virgin Mary is a teenage Nun in Ireland, but the Virgin Satanist is a teen from Boston. The difference in towns shows how religion becomes a top priority and resource for answers in the end. A prophecy can only be fulfilled after a certain amount of years. The Pope is used for the gateway of prophecy to know future events. Popes go through countless spiritual rituals and meditations to communicate with the Holy Power given to them through the practice of theology.

The structure of criminal fiction takes the process of cause and effect in the novel. After understanding the geographical differences, Patterson had to build on their character’s personalities, because where the characters come from has an impact on how they react. Their reactions build the plot of the story. Criminal fiction has changed over the course of time. The keen noting of detail and processing their train of thought to solve the case in the story is what makes the novel so successful. Detective fiction comes from the perspective of the detective, who happens to be the main character. Crime fiction is the main genre that covers the crime scene, the actions of the criminal, the victim, and how the case gets solved.

After further understanding Patterson's writing process, I learned the main character of his crime fiction series, Alex Cross, was an African-American detective. Patterson is a Caucasian who wanted to focus on instilling a positive and diverse main character. The idea of having a positive African American character centralized in the main story helps opposing readers envision better ideas about the people they represent. In the end, Cradle & All is an extensive read that many who love horror novels and conspiracy theories would love. I didn't enjoy the concept because it was quite gruesome, but I enjoyed the story. The novel will leave you questioning what exactly are religious leaders seeing that we aren't able to understand yet.

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LaVonne 'HONEYXBUN' Powell
LaVonne 'HONEYXBUN' Powell
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