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Collection of Moments

by Lee 3 years ago in fiction
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Not Okay

She was standing at the main field, recruits going through combat drills. A frown tugging at her lips when she saw one disarm the other.

Walking forward she brought up her hand to cease, her smaller stature seeming weird in a group of highly trained men who range from 6'2-6'6 but immediately they all froze. The frown must still be in place because it looks like neither of them are breathing.

A smile sloppily replaced the frown, an attempt at seeming harmless. "Sorry Peter. But I need to grab Gavin for a minute." The recruit who was disarmed got up shakily, not having gotten up from the ground once he was thrown.

She walked a little off, away from the group and gestured Gavin in front of her "it looks like your drills aren't working for you. It's too easy to disarm you Gavin, you need a firm grip on your weapon and the knowledge that you've got your blades." She grabbed the practice stick and kicked up the other for Gavin to catch.

Her muscles ached, there was noticeable signs of pain on her face. A pleasant smile in place as she pointed the stick "now, try the move on me." He lunged forward, thwacking resonating through the eerily quiet field.

Exchanging blows, Lyra kept her strength even. The tip of her stick hitting Gavin's thigh, his leg nearly giving out on him. She jerked her head away when he used the disarming move. His stick colliding with the middle of hers, between her grip.

Shifting the movement, he pulled her grip away and twirled the stick up, she watched as it slid from her grasp and was thrown up, twirling. When he also watched the discarded weapon, she pulled a blade from a holster at the small of her back.

Going within his defense with the blade pressed to his neck as her other hand worked to grasp his wrist and twist it to his side. His weapon dropping to the ground, letting go of his sprained wrist she held out the hand and caught her falling weapon.

Bringing the knife down she let out a small breath, Gavin was breathing hard from the drill exercise, she was feeling the strain of her injuries.

Arms shaking, she brought her hands down. Smiling at the recruit "there's a lapse in judgement once someone's been disarmed. If you can't keep a grip on your weapon or stop yourself from getting disarmed, use that momentary lapse to pull out your second blade."

Putting her knife back in its holster, she gestured for the recruits "resume." She said in a tight voice, shakily going back to her spot of observation as the combat drills continued.

Throughout the next 6 hours, she spent teaching 3 different squads in combat training. Form shaking with the strain and the aggravating wounds reopened. By the end of her drills, she was covered in blood, dirt and sweat.

Without another word once the training was done, she walked into the squadron. Making her way to the commander's staples, it's the closest thing to the training field. The squadron was across the barracks, and she honestly doesn't think she can wait long enough to reach the squadron.

Once there, she looked at the weapons lining the room, stalls in the back holding areas used for vehicles storage. Thinking she was alone, she let her exhaustion and fatigue catch up to her. Slumping forward with a small moan of pain, walking through the weapons storage area and to the housing area.

She was working on trying to peel off her training gear, tank top sticking to her wounds and dried, congealed blood. A hand was slapped down on her shoulder making her scrunch her eyes closed.

A small whimper bubbling up from her burning lungs, her heated flesh twitching at the unexpected intrusion, turning her head with a venomous glare.

"Why didn't you tell me it was this bad?" Jeremy muttered, staring down at her pained form. Lyra looked away guiltily "because it's none of your concern Jeremy." His hand gripped the end of her tank top and pulled it away, peeling it off her form.

She gave a suffering sigh, he pulled it over her head slowly. Mindful of her injuries and reopened wounds. Beneath the material there were angry slashes and burns, now peeling and aggravated by the cool open air.

Sweat slicked skin, dirt ground into her shoulders from being thrown and her wounds having been scrapped open. Her eyes closed, she trembled, muscles quivering weakly.

"Your body can't take much more abuse Lyra." Jeremy said, staring at her beaten form. "Field training and combat training is something you shouldn't force yourself through with injuries like this."

She opened her eyes, staring up at Jeremy "I'm not allowed to take steps to heal myself remember? I have to heal the normal way" he hissed and grasped her shoulder. Steering her away from the housing unit to bring her to the medic centre.

"If I knew it was this bad I would have insisted that you get attention." She only shrugged "you didn't hear me complaining Jeremy, I'm fine with this." He growled in annoyance at her "you might be, and I would have been, if I only thought it was just minor surface wounds. It's obviously not minor Lyra, you should have informed me of the extend of your injuries."

She only shrugged again, Jeremy walking behind her, cringed at the way the movement caused a peeling burn on her shoulder to shift and open up slightly. "You saw how bad the burns on my chest were." She looked down at her sports bra, seeing healing charred flesh.

"I thought you were okay with it." Walking up to the medic's center, Jeremy ushering her through. She must have been a sight, combat boots and pants covered in dirt and mud, Sports bra flecked with dirt and blood. Skin still glistening with sweat and blood trailing down her flat stomach. Angry wounds on full display and exhaustion making the lines of her face more prominent.

"Obviously. I'm not" Jeremy, ignoring the medics on duty walked past the waiting room and desk, going to one of the rooms in the back to tend to Lyra.

Door closing behind them, Lyra looked up at Jeremy to see him staring down pointedly and expectantly at her, a small smile twitching her lips she walked to the table and hopped onto it.

Watching Jeremy, her hands gripping the surface of the makeshift bed laid atop the table. He walked to a sink, taking his jacket off and began washing his hands, filling up a basin with hot water and pouring disinfectant into the hot mixture- he grabbed a sponge and ripped open the package.

Going to the table, he stared down at Lyra. She was sitting slumped over, legs kicking beneath her. "Your boots an-" she kicked off her boots. They thudded onto the ground and splattered mud against her sock clad foot and the side of the table.

"Great." He muttered, dipping the sponge into the mixture and squeezing out the excess, a raised brow at Lyra "the rest." He finally said when Lyra didn't move. She sighed, looking down "t-there are no Injuries there...." she said in a weak voice.

"From what I recall, your knees and thighs were targeted in hopes of bringing you down." Jeremy said, a scarred hand going up to tug against her bra strap "you can't really expect me to tend to your wounds with barriers in the way."

Looking away, Lyra hopped off the table. Unbuckling the belt on her combats and sliding it off, kicking it along with her boots off to the side. Reaching behind her to unclip her sports bra, that too being thrown onto the pile of discarded clothing.

Hand going up to hide her chest, she looked back at Jeremy. He was staring at her back, her burns having ripped and began peeling away. She can feel cooling blood trailing behind her back before dripping onto the floor. "It's not as bad as it looks" she said reassuringly when she saw a flicker of guilt flash through his eyes.

He brought up the sponge, gently cleaning away the dirt and sweat before rinsing it off. A pained expression as he worked on cleaning the area of her back and shoulders- slowly the mixture darkened to the point where he had to change it.

Once he was done with her back and shoulders, he moved to the cupboards. Opening them up and staring at the contents, going over which would work best for the situation.

"You can use the-" Jeremy held up a hand to hush her "let me take care of this Lyra." She bit her lips. Not having turned around to peek at what he was doing, she looked back up ahead. Shivering when she began to feel how cold it was in the room.

Jeremy looked back at the extent of Lyras injuries. Biting the inside of his cheek and taking a tray. Placing a scalpel, tweezers, swabs, gauze and needles onto the tray. Looking back up at the cupboard, grabbing a large bottle and placing it on the tray.

Changing his mind, he grabbed two more and another small bottle, placing the smaller one next to a syringe. Turning back to Lyra to see her shivering, he couldn't help but laugh.

"You were quiet and unfazed about having your wounds cleaned, but a little cold is effecting you?" She turned her head with a little hiss "you're not the one naked here Jeremy!" Amused eyes trailing down to her clothed butt "not exactly naked."

If she wasn't worried about reopening a wound, she probably would have kicked him. He walked to the table, setting the tray down on a cart and grabbing the basin.

Changing the mixture again, he went back to Lyra and studied the backs of her legs. Taking the sponge, he gently tried to clean the sides of her legs. Slashes on her outer thigh he didn't know about already having puckered edges from healing.

Finished up, he stood up and gave a slow exhale "you can lay down and I'll tend to the rest. I'll give you injections of CPH4 and cut away the damaged tissue. I've got synthetic [Redacted] to help bond over the damaged tissue and replace the skin while it heals. Since I'll be cutting away flesh, I'll have to do it all quickly- we don't have anything for a blood transfusion for you here."

Lyra gingerly walked around Jeremy when he was giving his assessment, climbing onto the table and laying on her back, a small flinch when the semi hard surface pressed up against her peeling and puckered flesh.

Staring up at the ceiling she nodded slowly "alright, seems fair enough. You should give a muscle relaxant so that cutting away the damaged tissue is easier to do without strain." Jeremy nodded, going to the cupboards again and taking down one that would work on Lyra.

Closing her eyes when she heard the scuff of his boots against the floor drawing close to the table. Her arms shook slightly, still held over her chest protectively.

"How much of the repressors did you take to prevent yourself from healing Lyra?" She gave a low hum "I've been tripling the dose to make up for the extra strain I'm being exposed to during training. Have to check the progress of the repressors hourly to ensure it hasn't completely worn off before the next dose can be administered."

Jeremy's glowering down at her, filling up a syringe with those muscle relaxants she suggested and injected it into her throat. She didn't so much as flinch from the injection, however unexpected or unprepared she was for it.

"When is the dose expected to wear off?" She opened her eyes, staring up at him and widening slightly at the sight of his displeasure. Apparently taking huge amounts of the repressors was a very bad thing to him.

"Doesn't wear off until about 8pm." His turning away from her "that's too long. We need your enhanced healing to ensure that the procedure in which removing the unsalvageable tissue goes smoothly. I'm going to flush it from your system, hopefully within a few hours we can have you up and going without having to miss dinner."

She furrowed her brows, closing her eyes shut and giving a small groan "why can't we do this the mortal way? Treat the wounds like any other without the knowledge that regeneration will take up most of the burden." Jeremy's coming back with a needle, a bottle full of orange liquid and setting the liquid down.

"Because that way is unnecessary. That's why I'm treating you, not my medics. They wouldn't understand that thanks to your enhanced healing and regeneration means that unsalvageable tissue can be removed completely and regeneration boosted to ensure the regeneration process is complete, within less time then it otherwise normally would be."

"Right. We need to train your medics on the different protocols that would need to be followed when it comes to my treatment." Jeremy's taking the needle and pulling up her hand, thumb brushing over her wrist "they wouldn't be able to get past the idea that you've got toxic, acidic blood. With repressors it's normal sure, but-"

"But they don't have the immunity to it that you do." She droned out while Jeremy injected her "exactly." She's scrunching up her face as he takes the bottle and holds it out for her "Lyra-" "I can't move."

He coughed awkwardly, Lyra felt her lips twitch up in a smile. He helped her up, bringing the bottle to her lips. She drank it all and gagged afterwards at the taste, once it was finished she was laid back down. "Can you at least turn up the heat Jeremy?"

Opening her eyes to look up at him, his chuckling with his hand over his mouth to stifle his laughter. Waving at her in a keep calm motion "I'm sorry, it's just." His turning away and turning up the heat "I don't understand you sometimes."

She's trembling slightly, once she doesn't feel like she's freezing anymore the trembles would subside. "Suppressors should be regulated when it comes to you Lyra." Was said in an almost angry tone, a small hiss on her name making her want to flinch.

"So- I need more of it because immunity isn't that hard to build up for me." Opening her eyes, brows raised when she crooned her head to look down at the work Jeremy's started on her legs.

'That's unnerving. I didn't even realize he started....' letting her head fall back as she closed her eyes again. "That's why it's always best to ensure we don't use sedatives and suppressors on you- unless we need to. My researcher's don't know how to improve the formulas to make it stronger, should it loose its potency with you."

"I mean. Yea they don't, but I do." It got deathly silent and still. "You're offering to create better products to be used on you?" She's nodding, Jeremy went back to working on her "you're not worried about it being potentially used on you?"

"I'm not. By the time our partnership ends, the products will no longer be effective on me. Especially if there's going to be battles that we have to work through, treatments inevitable for people like us."

Wrapping up her legs and letting his fingers trace along her stomach- the burns and slashes preventing the motion from being too intimate or familiar, counting the wounds that his fingers would graze over "treatment is going to be a no brainer. You're just teaching and going through drills and already-" "and whose fault is that?"

Giving a sigh, he would pick up the scalpel again and continue "it's my fault. I wasn't aware of how much damage was being dealt, and for that I apologize."

Filling the syringe with CPH4 he would inject the area that he cut away from, hands stopping for a moment "tell me when it wears off." She's nodding, letting herself drift off.

She jerked when she felt pain along her back, eyes opening and trying to draw in a deep breathe. Probably to snarl or hiss, the tight bindings along her chest prevented that.

She turned her head, catching sight of Jeremy, scalpel in hand and quietly working on the worst of the burns on her back. The bullets and slashes having been stitched up "it wore off." She would say in a quiet subdued tone.

Yet, he still jumped and cursed under his breath. I guess she startled him "I'm almost finished." Closing her eyes she would slump back against the table and give a small groan "is that the last of it?"

"Yes, luckily you slept through the rest of it." Feeling a smile curl her lips, she would shrug- appreciation at the fact that doing so doesn't cause her pain "I'm not that bad am I?"

Putting the equipment down, he would take a step back and take off the black gloves he was using "Nope. You're worse." Laughing as she got up, stretching her arms above her head with a small sigh, breathing still restricted.

Sitting up straight, she would study Jeremy silently and look back down at her chest, hands going up and gingerly unwrapping the bandages securing it in place.

Jeremy watched her movements, dark eyes conflicted as he bit the inside of his cheek. She let the bandages fall, squinting at the smooth flesh beneath and breathing in almost greedily.

His eyes followed the bandages, falling over her flat stomach and grazing along her smooth legs. Shifting with a repressed groan as he let his eyes trail back up to her chest, seeing her breath in deeply and causing her breasts to jut out.

He bit the inside of his cheeks harder, nearly twitching when she drew in another breath. They look incredible now that they are bare of any marring caused by injury. He desperately wants to cup them, squeeze them-

"You made it too tight." Looking back up at Jeremy, squeaking at his fixated expression and jerking her arms up.

Nearly punching his cheeks in her rush to grab them and jerk his head roughly to the side "you've seen enough. Don't need to see any more." His chuckling, side eyeing her with a smug expression "Did I now?"

Jumping off the table and going over to the pile of clothing, nudging it with her foot. "Yes you have." His handing her his jacket, because she's obviously not going to put her dirty gear back on.

"Thank you." Wrapping it tightly around her form after slipping it on, turning around she would look Jeremy up and down. Biting her lips before settling on his dark eyes "are you satisfied with my health now?"

"Yes. Next time if the extent of the injuries reaches that point again, I'll make sure you don't sleep through the procedure. Tell me if it gets too bad." Mutely nodding as she pads towards her boots and slips them on.

"I'll tell you. Let's go eat."


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