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Collection of Moments


By LeePublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Biting her lips as she looked over the location. Tilting her head, her hair falling in her face and obscuring the view. With a small sigh, she pushed it out of her face and tried to go back to making sense of what it was she was staring at.

"Okay, so say again slowly. Something's not adding up, the geological structure looks the same, even landmarks are the same."

Jeremy groaned through the headset and she winced when there was a loud thump indicating that he must have punched something. "I'm telling you Lyra, your equipment sent me back to Everlou and I'm currently staring at you and Simon chatting out here."

She rubbed her eyes, shaking her head as she whispered "but, it must be-"

"Lyra. You're talking about Simon being able to modify the serum enough to sabotage it. Your trying to talk him into making the project fail, and stating that with enough time the boss would just give up on creating the serum" there was a pause, as if he was trying to collect himself.

The headset crackled as he sighed "did you really do that?" He whispered, her eyes misting over as she remembered that conversation "the experiments would only get harsher." She whispered, mimicking Simon's reply to her trying to convince him to throw off the results enough for it to fail.

She looked back at the screen and muttered "yea. I did." There was cussing over the headset "um. Lyra, please whatever you're going to do, it better be fast." He said hurriedly beneath his breath.

"Ah, Simon. Sita. Fancy meeting you here" he grunted out in the language used back then, there was a bit of an accent. But he cleared his throat and chuckled "I've been searching for you. The shipment was delayed a bit due to issues in the main port" there was a small squeak in dismay at that.

"Understood, Sita you go on over to the clinic and have everything prepped for the delay. Researchers are to be advised in the delay." Her heart skipped a beat. That was Simon talking, she can still hear the smooth baritone-even over the headset.

Tears gathered in her eyes "Art. You will report back to the main port and wait on us" there was a pause, Simon stopped her from hurrying off "until we get there. Sita, I will escort you back. We need to have a talk." The tears fell and she took deep even breaths.

They went their separate ways, Jeremy waited on them to go further before he stopped and said lowly "you alright?"

She shook her head and choked out "I'm fine, I pinpointed the next location you have to go to. Once there, you will inform me so I can open the rift, it will only stay opened for under a minute."

"Confirmed." She sent the location through the headset and he chuckled "location received and understood. I will assess the area to ensure it's clear to open the rift."

The headset cut out and Lyra collapsed against the dashboard, her head against the cool metal as she closed her eyes and whimpered.

The possibilities of having Jeremy influence the past to stop the present from happening was too much for her. She desperately wanted to get on the headset and tell Jeremy to destroy her hideout.

To erase all the research she did on the modified serum.

She can only wonder on what kept her from doing so, staying mute was the hardest thing to do.

Her heart pounded and roared in her ears, but she merely felt herself drift into emptiness as she waited. Biting her tongue and fantasizing on Jeremy doing what she desperately wanted him to.


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