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Collection of Moments

by Lee 2 years ago in fiction
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Lyra was flitting about her lab, since finding out about the virus she has on the field Jeremy has been working her to the bone with getting as much information as she can about the arsenal that each faction has. This steady period of instabability and inactivity won't last forever, so finding what each faction is in favour of and what weapons they have to force that factor is essential while they can.

"Lyra, get your ass over here. You shouldn't be running off when you have this to work with." She ran down the hall anyways, ignoring Jeremy with a small smile on her face. The smile slipped when his pounding footsteps echoed behind her and she squeaked, going into the room that she needs that she's using to "bookkeep" each faction.

She tries to keep a separate vault for organized and categorized information on each facility and company. She updates it constantly when she's checking into the field, but with the new labels that she needs she needs to keep better track of her book keeping. "LYRA!"

The door was slammed shut before she can slip inside, she jumped back. Nearly losing a finger but she jerked her hand back "I said get your ass back to central station" oh look, his still talking to her like she's one of his squad soldiers.

"Jeremy, let me do my work the way I do it." He growled and leaned down to be eye level with her "you need to work efficiently Lyra. War meeting is tomorrow morning and you still haven't finished" she threw up her hands in exasperation "that's because you keep getting in my way! Now move!" She shoved him out of the way and flitted into the vault before he can stop her.

He growled, trying to throw open the door to bring Lyra back to the station.

"You didn't." He hissed.

Lyra locked the door as soon as she was inside, now she was leaning against a metal shelf with drawers holding organized sections. Breathing as she tried to calm her tripping heart "Christ" she whispered, unaware that on the other side of the vaulted door, the same phrase was being hissed.

Straightening up and opening a drawer, her fingertips dancing over the papers with marked categories and indexes. She was trying to find- "got it" she pulled out a slip and squinted at it.

It was from way before the field was organized, having the index and cataloging marks for the corporation she needs to update. Having memorized it, she put it back and turned back to the rest of the room.

There were larger filling cabinets and drawers with labels, going past the first sections to the more ancient texts she hummed happily. The pounding on the vault doors echoing around her, putting a bounce in her step.

She found the right time period and clasped her hands behind her back, walking along the cabinets and squinting at the labels. "Ah, here it is" she pulled out a key from a pocket dimension behind her and leaned forward.

The lock was a little jammed but she got it open, pulling the cabinet open the door to her vault was finally slammed open. She turned around and glared at Jeremy for the intrusion on her work, he grunted when he saw that she was like 50 yards into a room that smelled musty but sterile. There wasn't much of anything but walls and walls of texts, books and cabinets.

"Do you mind?" She hissed out, her voice echoing in the quiet room. He jogged towards her as she turned back to the cabinet and began looking for the index.

"Maice-earp57?" He asked. Staring at the marking of the cabinet. "Ancient language for T-faction. 57 is the marker for which order the faction approached me as, T for portal since quantum, realm and dimension would fall into that category. The faction is a party that's approached me with research on dimensional jumps- trying to get me to join the fold"

She pulled out a file and dropped down to the ground, her back against the cabinet as she opened the file and skimmed its contents. "Wait? Approached you? Trying to get you to join?" Jeremy grit his teeth.

His hands clenching and his knuckles straining in his tightened fist. Cracks being heard as he hissed "you didn't do that did you?" She belongs with his faction. Not some- "hush. I didn't." She confirmed it was the file and walked back to the vault doors.

"Jeremy, your stressed. Go back and prep the board room, I'll be there with the compiled information." He ran forward and grabbed her arm "no, I'm staying here with you." He breathed out, she stared at his hand on her arm.

"If you're staying here, keep your anger in check." He grunted when she jerked her arm out of his grasp "I'm not angry." She turned her head to look back at him "you've been angry with me for weeks now Jeremy." He opened his mouth to protest.

She only shook her head "go. Prep the board room, ready your squad leaders and representatives. I want them to memorize the compiled information, have a book keeper there to create manuals and logs if need be."

She walked down the halls, leaving him behind to his conflicted thoughts "Lyra! I'll be scrutinizing those accounts." She waved behind her at him "I didn't join any companies or factions" she called, uncanny how she knows that something like that is bothering him.

Jeremy stood in the board room, which is basically an auditorium with the central stage having Lyra and all her stuff spread out. His arms crossed he watched her flit about with holograms, boards, papers and tech. She was getting it ready for easy access to the presentation.

Already, each table had cables that would allow for holographic screens to project the main outlet, the main outlet being Lyra's station. He squinted at the maps, ranging for ancient land formations to continental shifts showing the changing locations with each shift, in each one there were 5 main ones staying in the general area between shifts.

Lyra didn't show him the accounts of factions yet and which allegiance she had. He was on edge, wanting to see where her attention lay during those times. "Jeremy" Lyra hissed. He blinked, the room was filled and Lyra was calling him forward to take the main seat- so that he may have a front roll seat to the debriefing of the information.

His eyes scanned the room, there were squad leaders eyeing Lyra with a hungry look that he didn't appreciate, he strolled forward. His eyes on those squad leaders and Lyra sighed "Jeremy, holding the debriefing on you." She hissed out- the room taking on a hush at her impatient tone.

The leaders looked up to Jeremy, seeing him giving them a cold glare. They sat ramrod straight and he walked past their desks to walk at the main alter.

"Alright, with everyone here and accounted for- you will need to place your brands in the scanner to confirm your identity." There was a shuffle as everyone complied, their wrists going beneath what looks to be a desk lamp. Heat bursting out from the scanners as it identified the brands, fists clenching against the pain and a collective sigh when it beeped its confirmation.

Any one of those rejecting the identity would have had to answer to a whole room of operatives, even though Lyra's equipment isn't faulty, each person still feared the rejection of their identification in a room packed with high ranking individuals.

Jeremy watched his squad leaders, possibly hoping for their rejection of identity. Lyra looked towards the representatives of researchers for each field of specialty "all confirmed." She said gently.

Turning back to her equipment she started her briefing as Jeremy kept his eyes on her and occasionally drifting along the room to ensure that all attention was purely professional and instructional considering her material.

Once everyone have left, Jeremy stalked forward and pulled Lyra against him. Leaning forward and whispering against her ear "you did good." She nodded and tilted her head up to stare up at him "but?" He snarled, lips curling in disdain "but I didn't like so much attention focused on you. Not all of it was pure might I add"

Lyra sighed and tried to step forward but he jerked her back against him, his lips grazing her earlobe again as he murmured "you should have listened to me when I told you I can do the briefing." She shivered but shook her head "you can't keep me hidden forever."

"I can try."


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