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Collection of Moments

by Lee 3 years ago in fiction
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Mistaken Identity

Lyra was busy trying to hack into another system, she and Jeremy infiltrated the quads headquarters. The rack seeming to be more advanced then she thought, it was comprised of bio technology that she was able to hack into. The previous team they sent in, bio scans were done on their transports and a field went up. Blowing up the transports occupants along with the squad inside, making Jeremy angry.

So Jeremy, hot headed ass that he is told Lyra to get them in. They have to do a two man mission even though Lyra was still trying to locate leads, so Lyra with a small sigh complied- she can always hack on the inside. Having direct access to their network is always easier, so now Lyra is rewriting their bio network.

For someone like her, it was easy enough to do for herself. But she needs to hook up a neurolink to get Jeremy in, Jeremy having been over eager, pushed her to do it quickly- he wants in so that he can make them pay for his lost soldiers, Lyra tried to reason that his not the type to do so.

"I'm not. But you are." He growled out, making Lyra gulp silently and get the field down. Once it was clear, Jeremy took the lead to crack the system alarms so that transports can be brought in. While he was getting their people in, Lyra snuck through the rack to get to their main frame.

Hooking up her equipment, she worked on getting leads, putting her communication units in and playing music over the feed- otherwise the running and gun shots would distract her, Jeremy was working on a hostile takeover. She told him to wait until she gave him the signal, he didn't listen.

Now she has to work quickly before the system shut down, already she had to prevent a hard reboot and it was causing her to grit her teeth. Lips bleeding and black eyes going through texts and coding at an unnatural speed, an uneasy ease with her method had her transferring the acquired information to Jeremy's company.

His tech having been waiting on the data transfer, confirmed that it was received. Once done she took out the coms and began packing her equipment away, putting her helmet in place. Gas mask engaged she dropped off a large canister in front of the vents "masks engaged." She whispered.

"Right!" She winced at the volume and worked on getting out of the main frame, freezing when she saw a person in a hazmat suit at the doorway. They began trying to radio reinforcements saying that they've got a hostage. Before the message can get through, Lyra saw his head get blown off from the side and Jeremy strode into view. Black and blue uniform splattered with blood, looking much like her black and red uniform "got it?" He spoke, the mask giving his speech a deeper baritone.

Her knees shook and she grinned "I got it" her mask gave her tone a more husky echo. Jeremy nodding "the people are beginning to clear out. Bio hacks been implemented and your bio weapon has begun rewriting the hack." Those who were in the rack are beginning to stop fighting.

Taking their weapons and turning it against themselves, Lyra and Jeremy walked by the halls. Past those who have shot themselves in the head, painting the once white walls red and the floors had a murky liquid building up. "That's gross" she murmured, heavy set boots lifting to stare at the murky liquid dripping from the heel.

Jeremy gave an amused hum and they walked out, his backup are already beginning the cleanup for the rack and cataloging equipment and data. "Did you find anything about who were responsible for the takeover?" She nodded sullenly.

"It's an organization called quinx. The sub category that were hired were the ghouls, the reason for their labelling is that their bio weapons hacks have worked on creating resistant soldiers, the catch was that these soldiers were much like remnants. The bio hack ensured that they were nothing more then regenerating dolls, ghouls. Golems. Puppets. It's all the same, their resource is flesh"

She screwed up her face and turned around to stare at Jeremy "due to a rewriting of their neuropathways their system has been reworked- they don't eat the way others do. They've been turned into cannibals" Jeremy stared down at Lyra, they have not taken off their helmets. Leaning down to be at Lyras height- he stared longer.

"So that's what the mutilation was about." He finally said, both now same height. Close to same appearance from afar- were indistinguishable once glanced upon. She brought her hand up to place on Jeremy's shoulder, a shot rang out and she watched as an armor piercing round tore through his shoulder.

Missing his heart due to Lyra having pushed him back when she heard the shot. She jerked forward and looked up at a team, she gestured to them. And gave them the message that the culprit was behind them, 5 miles away considering the echo that she heard once blood splattered over her covered hands.

Picking Jeremy up, her suit engaging its equipment, she kicked up- her speed being increased exponentially as she went for cover to tend to Jeremy. There was an armored vehicle 50 feet away, once Lyra had Jeremy. It was shown that the Wrong person was shot.

They were trying to target her, Jeremy had her resemblance from afar at the wrong time- another shot ringing out- it hit her back but the bullet merely ricochet, her suit was more defensive built then Jeremy's.

"Don't worry, I'll have you patched up as soon as this is over with." She laid Jeremy against the tire of the armored vehicle, Jeremy stared up at Lyra "make it hurt." He hissed out- hand over his shoulder to stench the blood flow. It was a clean shot- she saw the indention at the back where the bullet was stopped by the armor from exiting.

She stopped, staring at the indention and bit her lips. Looking behind her- another shot that got her right in the face. She was thrown back against the vehicle next to Jeremy- letting out an annoyed squeak she focused her sight on where that came from.

She saw Jeremy's squad's converse on the lone sniper. With a small disappointed sigh, she transferred the image to Jeremy's headset "looks like they beat me to it." Jeremy chuckled "I may be proud of em, but I wish they shoved it so you can make him pay." Lyra sighed and brought up a hand.

She peeled off the flattened bullet from her helmet and dropped it onto the ground where it smoked and sizzled against the dirt. "It's fine. Let's get you fixed up love." She leaned over to pick Jeremy up, but he grabbed her Arm and used it to pull himself up.

"Small victory." He said, his husky tone conveying that it was no small victory. He leaned against Lyra as they walked to the back of the vehicle- Lyra needs to close the wound and analyze the round used.

"Thank you Lyra."


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