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Collection of Moments

by Lee 3 years ago in fiction
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She was humming happily as she turned her head to look back at Jeremy who had a cup of coffee in hand. Her head tilted at an angle because compared to her 5'1 stature to his 6'8 stature she was laughably small. Having to croon her head to meet his dark green eyes with blue flecks.

Her normally dull black eyes loosing its grey undertone in a semblance of emotion, a residual she would call it if he asked. "Don't be so angry at me! You already know how much I love my freedom, people watching and caffeine gives me that. Drawing, observing. Just "she waved in the direction of the town they were leaving.

"That, I'm always gonna be scientifically curious!" Jeremy felt his lips quirk up, his sullen mood lifting as he walked faster, his long legs making his strides easier to eat up the distance between them. He loved this animated Lyra, normally she's empty. Nothing but a false pretender for ulterior purposes, but not right now. No- she's happy, as close to it as she can be. Content.

Not only was he 6'8 but he had a soldiers built, more on the muscular side due to his training. Whereas Lyra was lean, more athletic. His clothes consisted of tactical gear and that gear had reinforced fibers made by Lyra to replace normal clothing.

Closer to civilian gear, which is nondescript armored clothing, bulletproof vest over his top and jacket hiding the scars upon his arms and body, his hands were just as scarred as his body- not even his face was sparred the ugly marring.

Bringing up a gloved hand, he patted Lyras hair down, chuckling "if I knew you would have been this happy with going out, I would have taken you out more often before." Lyra hmphed and sipped her tea.

Looking ahead, she wore the same type of clothing Jeremy wore, different style. More on the casual side, her jeans and blouse giving her a more appealing look then Jeremy's intimidating look.

Her hair was raven black, long and messy. Normally dull black eyes hidden by black lined glasses and her messenger bag ever present upon her shoulders, strap across her chest and pushed to the back of her body so it may not trouble her.

"I've tried to tell you before" she hissed, studying the landscape as they walked ahead. She loves nature, vast and barren earth unmarred and uninhabited of human beings. Woodland creatures and silence being her balm when in the stench and filth of human society "any leads on Beta?" She asked quietly as they walked to a forest in the distance, grass plains between them and the forest.

"None." Jeremy murmured, making her uneasy and her free hand going to her messenger bag, splayed over its surface- comfort. She's got her devices, her weapons, and her equipment in that bag to make her feel at ease when out in the open. 'I'm not unarmed, not defenseless' she whispered in her mind.

"Do you think The Quad would have been responsible?" Beta wouldn't just fall off the grid like that. He shrugged "you can do your research once we are back" she looked back up at him "why don't we stop so I can do some research?"

Already, she pulled her bag to the side to reach into it for a pod and tablet. He grabbed her wrist and wordlessly shook his head "we might be tracked" she sighed. Slumping to rest on a fallen tree, shaking her head.

Jeremy sipped his coffee as he watched Lyra get a hold of herself, the fact that it bothers her so much because it bothered him was off putting.


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