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Collection of Moments

by Lee 3 years ago in fiction
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She gave a small smile. Staring up at Jeremy, her black eyes expectant and glinting with repressed glee. When he gave a solemn nod she jumped up with a small happy squeak.

Jeremy sighed at Lyra, looking away with a small frown. Ashamed at having given into her request "if anything goes wrong, you won't be able to experiment for the duration of-" she only waved up at him "it should be fine!"

She turned away, bounding to her monitor room. Already going over which assignments and experiments she can work on. Biting her lips, before she can reach the doorway Jeremy clamped his hand down on her shoulder.

"I'm serious Lyra, I don't want you getting hurt. I can't control that during these battles, but I can control your state while your here with me." Her eyes darkened, a distasteful curling of her lips.

She looked over her shoulder, a glare hardening her eyes and taking away the dull sheen. Malice in place as she whispered in a seething tone "like you were able to control what heavy artillery is used on me during training?" His hand tightened reflexively. Gritting his teeth with an unamused look, guilt in his eyes "that's different. I didn't take into account how under geared you were."

She shrugged off his hand, already feeling a bruise spreading over her arm. Her shoulders already sore as she began walking to get her research and engage the mechanics to dispense the necessary equipment. "Yea. Have a subject sent over while I get the equipment ready."

Sitting in the chair, she let out a slow breath. Looking down guiltily, she didn't mean to do that.... with a small sigh, she looked back at the entrance.

She can see Jeremy through the windows that her monitor room overlooks. His back to her, arms crossed and a hand over his com. Most likely giving orders to have subjects transported to the facility for her.

She jumped when he turned his head to look back at her, a small frown on his face. Looking back at her monitor she began going through schematics "I don't get why I'm jumpy. It's not like he can see me."

It's only a one way mirror type of glass, the door opened and Jeremy walked in "see you. And hear you." Jeremy uttered, strolling to her as he kept his eyes on the screen.

She winced, noticeably shifting away. Shoulders stiff by this point "right. Forgot about that." He chuckled as she sent off commands "I'm sorry" she said quietly, focusing on her task of ensuring the right mixture and chemicals will be presented to her upon her arrival. Schematics and testing equipment running their protocols and checks to ensure their in working order.

"Apology accepted." She bit her lips, resisting the urge to smile. Small relief, his hand went down on her shoulder making her stiffen up. Face scrunched up "did I hurt you?" She shrugged off his hand with a small hiss "it's a bruise, it's already stiff, and it will be gone by nightfall."

He sighed, leaning forward and pressing his face against her hair. Making sure he didn't touch the tender spot. "You need to tell me if I'm hurting you Lyra, otherwise I won't know until it's too late."

Sliding off the chair abruptly causing Jeremy to jerk forward in surprise from her missing support "its fine Jeremy." Before he can speak again- taking time away from her working on experiments. She ran out of the room, making sure the door slammed behind her to act as a barrier.

She didn't hear anything following her while she ran through the halls, slowing her pace down to a leisure jog she looked behind her. Shaking her head, she stopped and fidgeted with her hands. Looking around herself to get her bearings "protective gear is down the hall to your left." She heard Jeremy say over the intercom system, making her blush at his amused tone.

"Right. I knew that." She uttered, hearing a 'right, sure you did.' As she walked down the hall. Putting her clearance code through the pad outside the door, a small happy hum as it opened up. Lights going on and she was met with pleasantly sterile air, taking a deep calming breath she walked inside.

She trailed her hand over the coats, looking around she grabbed some shrubs with durable material stitched into the patterns. Putting a lab coat over her pile of picked clothing she went over and grabbed a modified gas mask. Pushing up her glasses she looked around again, searching for cameras and glared at the one in the corner.

With her chosen clothing, she walked away to find the cameras blind spot- changing into the clothing quickly and going to pick up her clothes, buttoning up her coat as she put the black gloves on over her coat.

Satisfied she walked to the back to go into the testing area. Standing in the chamber as she was given a decontamination shower, waiting patiently before the door opened. A happy grin, she put the gas mask over her mouth as she was greeted with the pleasant sight of some brunette strapped to the operating table.

"Perfect!" She chirped out, walking to turn on the equipment and ensuring the scans were in place and cameras engaged from the wall.

Trained on her subject, a small frown when she wasn't given desperate pleas or questions, she turned to the subject. Brunette had dry chapped lips, limp hair splayed out around their head and bruises on her cheeks.

"They sedated you." She deadpanned, a scornful hiss and a snarl on her face, she turned to the camera in the corner "retrain your employees" the com at the door clicked "they are trained Lyra." She turned back to the windows looking into the operating room and rolled her eyes when Jeremy held up a hand to wave lazily at her, researchers beside him with clipboards in hand.

"This isn't a presentation or lecture you can bring your researchers to." She hissed, the researchers jumping 'you said this was a one way mirror!' She heard one exclaim to the other. 'It is.' Jeremy waved to the subject 'begin, it might not be one. But it is now.'

Her lips twitching, her disdain going unnoticed by the researchers but Jeremy tilted his head at her. Brows raising with a smug smile- he knew she didn't like this.

"Alright. First lesson, never sedate the subject because the interference to their system will tamper with the results long enough for the interference to show on the final results, it wears off and the results will resume onto their original examinations. The hiccup in the data makes trying to find a likely cause for whatever problems you're met with a difficult task, depending on the sedative used it may cause further mutation that will not be replicated in the next testing. Depending on what variables you want to achieve you need to ensure steps can always be replicated to ensure you can isolate key moments."

Turning back to the table, she hooked up the subject to the monitors. Heart monitor beeping and brainwaves showing up in pulses, putting an IV in. "Depending on what the task you're trying to achieve, there is always testing that's being run constantly. Monitoring of the subject during starting phase is always best, rather then hooking the subject up after experimentation has began." Gritting her teeth at the scratching of pens behind her.

"Experimentation that's being done to this subject is mainly focusing on mutation of the genome responsible for fluid composition, once structure has been rendered unstable and compliant to further exposure to products, the major mutations will be set in motion. Changing of the composition will ensure an easier transition phase from this current state to a different form, what this subject will be subjected to is a complete transformation from the human standard form to one of a different breed."

She turned to the cameras trained on the subject "DNA sequences are being monitored to ensure the procedure is captured and following the correct sequence." She pulled out a syringe, injecting the mixture into the IV set up for the subject "this mixture being used is going to break down components in the human body that's keeping the form fixated on it's more permanent structures, inducing a total organ shutdown as the system is rebooted and hardwired to keep it's more prominent-"

She was interrupted when the heart monitor began beeping. A small frown as she looked up at the subjects face, looking back at the window "you made sure she wasn't damaged goods right?" Jeremy nodded.

The vitals calming as seizures started. She sighed, a small smile "Jeremy. You know I don't like to be controlled." She said, going to the table- starting up the hologram to see if the indication for the procedure being done. A click "I know. That was poor choice in words on my part" huh, his communicating through the com system.

She frowned when the procedure was taking longer then it should, giving the OK she finally grabbed a different syringe. Gently placing that in the subject's neck- a click as the clip emptied into their neck.

Seizures started up again and she looked back at the glass "are you sure the-" Jeremy hissed through the com "I'm sure Lyra!" She opened her mouth to ask where the subject came from. This behavior for a routine prep for mutation isn't normal, before she can say anything the monitors began going haywire. Alarms sounding and she looked back, the subjects neck began bloating horribly with signs of necrosis beginning along the injection site.

Turning to the table, she lunged for the button to place the subject under quarantine. She didn't reach the button before there was tearing- an explosion as chemicals met air and oxidized as a reaction happened to cause a spark.

Ears ringing as she was thrown to the mirror where Jeremy and his researchers were at, her body hitting the reinforced and tempered glass, shattering as she gave a small hiss.

Hitting the wall next to Jeremy, her head hitting the surface of the floor and causing her to feel intense nausea before she jerked up. Looking back at the room, fall out settling down as particles coated the explosion site.

Looking back at the researchers she muttered "never experiment on damaged goods, volatile reactions to mixtures being used can result in a failed test." Her eyes closing as she lost consciousness for a minute, coming to when she was picked up by Jeremy.

"I knew I shouldn't have let you do that." Alarms were blaring through the facility, researchers were going into the room and getting all the data they can before they evacuated. Fallout of the explosion spreading as gas and vapour spread throughout the corridors, the shattered window allowing the mixture free rein to the rest of the area.

"I'm... fine..." she whispered, pressing her hand down on his shoulder with a pained groan. Behind him, she can see the shattered window with tuffs of torn clothing along its sharp and jagged edges. The wall she hit showing a very noticeable dent, surprising considering how it was steel and concrete over tempered alloy.

"We're leaving. The crew needs to clean up the filth." She pushed off her mask, annoyed at how muffled her speech was "we are not-" she gagged, almost retching when the smell hit her. Nausea making her scrunch her eyes closed. Pounding headache making her breathe heavily "yes we are." She nodded slowly, not arguing any further.

Closing her eyes when the pounding caused her body to jerk. Groaning as she felt bile raise again, her head hitting the floor coming back to haunt her. Once they were outside the facility she let out a pained "set me down" Jeremy opened his mouth to argue, looking down at her pained face he did. As soon as her foot touched ground, she swayed.

Vertigo, she dry heaved and fell to her knees. Hands cushioning her impact as she retched on the ground, acid spewing the grass, the sizzling as she stared down. Watery eyes blurring her vision. She was given a cloth, wiping her mouth she dropped the cloth into the puddle- watching it dissolve as she tried to keep herself from vomiting again, the pain in her head lessened.

Getting up shakily, staring up at Jeremy as he handed her a water bottle. She gratefully took it, a small "I'm sorry" being ignored as she was picked up again.


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