Cat and Mouse

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Chapter Five

Cat and Mouse


The last three days had been amazing. Justin had been doting on her, making sure that she was coping with being out in the woods. They hadn’t seen anyone since they’d gotten there. Justin had said that he’d purposely chosen a secluded area because it would be the best way to help her heal. She had to admit that she had been nervous at the start of this but now she was completely at ease. Right now, she was lounging in the tent waiting for Justin to come back. They were near a stream and he had gone out fishing. He been going fishing for the last two days but so far, he hadn’t caught anything.

Stacy had gone out with him on the first day but after hours of no fish she had decided to stay behind. Plus, Justin had fell in the stream and she’d laughed so hard that she was pretty sure that he’d rather her not go. He’d gotten payback for her laughing by dunking her in the stream. That had just made her laugh harder. They’d ended up spending the rest of the day naked in their tent. Stacy began to drift off to sleep. She was all of a sudden very tired. Her last thought before she slipped off to sleep was that she wondered what Amanda was doing.

1 hour later…

Stacy woke up feeling groggy. It was dark and she was alone. Where had Justin gone? She looked around and saw a note laying on top of a backpack. She smiled. He must’ve planned something special for her. She began to read the letter and gasped in surprise.

“Hello my pet. It’s been a while since we last played. I’ve been watching and waiting, and you finally gave me the perfect opportunity. I never would’ve guessed that you would go off and spend several weeks in the woods after our last game. I’ve hidden something and you have to find it. You have two weeks. If you don’t find what’s hidden or I capture you, you die. There’s a lot of ground to cover so you’d better get started. Your 30-minute head start begins now.”

There was a loud horn. It was him…the Hunter. He must’ve taken Justin. Stacy had to find him. She took a moment to look through the backpack. Inside was a flashlight, a poncho, a bag of trail mix, five granola bars, 3 bottles of water, some rope and a pocketknife. Stacy ate a handful of trail mix, drank a little water, put on the backpack and began to run. She had no idea which way she had to go but she had to get some distance between herself and the Hunter. Hopefully, he would leave her clues as to which way she should go. This would be worst than the last time because now she didn’t have Amanda. This would be a very long two weeks.


It had been a week since Amana had heard from Stacy. She had last texted her to say that Justin and she were having a good time. She’d told Amanda about how Justin had fallen into the river trying to catch fish. Amanda had laughed at that. Although she had come a long way, Amanda didn’t think she was ready to go camping any time soon. Her and Austin’s house in the woods was as close as she’d get right now. Amanda had texted Stacy the day before to see how she was doing but she hadn’t gotten a response. She’d considered texting Justin, but she didn’t want to ruin their time together. Besides they were supposed to be back on Friday. Then they were going to have dinner with Stacy and Justin so they could catch up then.

Amanda was headed to Austin’s office for lunch. He was busy working on the forest project and couldn’t get away, so she was bringing lunch to him. She pulled up to the construction site and paused before getting out of the car. It had been months since she had been here, and she felt a wave of fear come over her. She took a few deep breaths and remembered that that time was over, and she wasn’t going back. She got out of the car and walked around to the passenger side. She grabbed the basket with lunch and locked up the car. She looked around. A great deal of the trees had been cut down already and some buildings had already begun to be erected. Because of the mine, Austin was creating some luxury apartments on this side of the forest. He was thinking about restoring the mine and turning it into a tourist attraction. He was also planning on building a hotel and a mall as well. She’d seen the plans and it was amazing. She couldn’t believe that he’d come up with so much in such a short time. He was truly amazing. She headed over to the foreman’s trailer and knocked.

“Come in.”

Amanda opened the door and walked in to find Austin pouring over blueprints at his desk. She stood and watched him for a moment.

“I’m busy so make it quick.”

He didn’t look up from the papers. She walked slowly over to his desk and sat the basket down beside it. She climbed onto the desk and scooted between him and the blueprints being careful not to wrinkle them.

“You don’t have time even for me?”

Austin leaned back and smiled. She slid down to straddle his lap.

“I always have time for you babe.”

She leaned in and kissed him.

“You’d better. Do you have time for lunch too?”

He looked as if he were thinking about it.

“That depends on what it is.”

“Well I brought you favorite.”

He nodded towards the door.

“You should probably lock the door then. I don’t want anyone to walk in while I’m eating.”

She lifted an eyebrow and he tilted his head towards the door. She shrugged her shoulders, got up and went to lock the door. She went over to the windows and closed the blinds. She walked slowly towards him, unbuttoning her shirt. He put the blueprints and papers aside, clearing a space on his desk. Austin swiveled in his chair so that she was standing in between his legs. He ran his hands up her stomach around her back and unsnapped her bra. She shrugged out of her shirt and bra then straddled his hips again.

“You’re going to have me looking forward to lunch.”

She smiled and let her head drop back as he took her nipple into his mouth. She moaned and arched her back. She would be looking forward to lunch from now on too.

The Hunter…

She was even more beautiful now than she had been when he’d first seen her. He’d been hoping he’d see her again and here she was, and at his old hunting grounds. He closed his eyes and remembered the last time he’d had her here. She had been his best prey ever. Stacy was good but Amanda was amazing. He couldn’t wait to play with her again. He watched as she walked over to the foreman’s trailer, carrying a basket. She must be brining lunch to her honey. How sweet she was. How did he get so lucky? Maybe he’d take him out of the picture so he could have her all to himself.

He watched her go inside and close the door. He went over to the back window and peeked in. He watched as she went over and sat on the desk then straddle his hips. Ye he would definitely have to play with her again. He watched as she went over and locked the door. She began to unbutton her shirt then close the blinds. He could no longer see her but he could hear her moaning in pleasure. Soon he’d have her back. He made his way back to his car and headed back to Stacy. Amanda would be joining their game very soon.


That had been the best lunch he’d ever had. He was definitely going to be looking forward to lunch while he was working on this project. Perhaps they’d make this a lunchtime tradition from now on. He couldn’t wait to marry her and for her to have his children. Austin packed up his briefcase and headed to his car. He shouted to his foreman that he was leaving. He had a meeting with a new lawyer for another project. His lawyer was bogged down with this project and had recommended another lawyer for his new project.

He pulled up in front of the law offices of Parker, Roberts & Tyler. They were supposed to be the second best in real estate law. His law was number one. He went into the office and checke in with the receptionist. He had an appointment with Matthew Parker. He sawt in the waiting area until the receptionist called him back. He walked into the office and shook his hand.

“Hello Mr. Parker. I’m Austin McPherson. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Call me Matthew. Originally you were supposed to meet with J.R. and Dean but they’re both on vacation right now. He should be back Friday and then he’ll take over. I can get you started though.”

Austin nodded.

“That sounds good. I’ll tell you about my project and we’ll go from there. I recently purchased some land about two hours from here. It’s situated on a lake, which is part of the property. I’d like to build a getaway lake house for my fiancé as a wedding present. I have the plans and details for you to look over.”

Austin pulled the paperwork out of his briefcase and handed them to Matthew. He looked them over.

“This is pretty good. I’m definitely going to have to work with you on my vacation home. That’ll be after we’ve concluded business on this project if you choose to continue with us on it. I’ll go over all this and draw up some paperwork. I can have it to you by the day after tomorrow if that’s ok.”

Austin nodded.

“That sounds good. It was nice meeting you and I look forward to seeing what you come up with.”

Austin shook his hand and turned to leave. A picture on the wall caught his attention as he was leaving. There was something familiar about it but he couldn’t place his finger on it since he’d only glanced at the photo as he was leaving.

(To be continued)

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