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Caren Goes down

by Rayna Quinns 2 years ago in fiction
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It all Goes horribly Wrong

Caren drove like a bat out of hell and gave no regard for the people around her.

She changes lanes in front of a truck to get where she was going faster and flipped off the driver.

She wanted to get home and confront her Daughter, Stevie.

On her phone, she got messages and video texts about what her offspring was wearing. It was a shirt to support what Caren believes is a terrorist hashtag and bragged about voting for the "wrong person." She pulled into her driveway, ready to kick her daughter out.

Caren unlocks the front door to see her daughter Stevie wearing an oversized Blacklivesmatter T-shirt with over the knee boots, and it's the same color as her mother's heart, black.

"How dare you!" Caren yelled.

"What?" Stevie asked with a smile on her face as she hopes this plan will go perfectly.

"You wore that to vote! You voted for him!" Caren is disgusted by seeing her daughter in that outfit.

"Taylor was my Girlfriend, and you voted not guilty to the cop who shot her. I'm making sure the right people get in, and so the tragedy that happened to the one I love doesn't happen again to anyone." Stevie pointed out to her mom.

"Officer Curtis..." Caren was about to defend why she voted to set him free.

"You don't call him Brandon." Caren and her lover were unknowingly recorded and currently view on many porn sites. That video found it's way on several porn sites or two. She made a deal with him to "Stop" stevie's deceased love Taylor by pulling her over and "accidently" killing her. She lived up to her end of the deal in many positions.

"I'm taking Dad's inheritance money and leaving." Caren looked over to her Bags and felt cheated not to have kicked her out first.

" My outfit looks great on me." Stevie is proud of it.

"You look like a hooker." Caren slut-shamed what she considered her bastard child.

"Is it like looking in the mirror? Does seeing me wearing this bring you back to your stripper days?" Stevie asked and then took out her phone. Stevie showed her Mother's pictures of her glory days in a variety of strip clubs. Caren didn't recognize some of those pictures, but they all were on her social media platforms.

"As for Brandon..." Stevie pulled up a video, and Caren looked in Horror. She couldn't recognize her partner in crime with the make-up and naughty undergarments he had on. What shock her even more, his mouth was around another's man's shaft.

"That video got some hits. Bastard0301, if you are going to put any word in front of my birthdate, like your password, I preferred Bitch." Stevie pointed out.

Caren went to slap her, and Stevie block it then punched her Mother hard in the face, she fell to the couch from the blow, and Stevie got on top of her and began to choke her.

"You are a racist and homophobic cunt!" Stevie insulted her with the truth.

"Fuck off.....Dike..." Caren responded to what Stevie said.

"You are a dried-up bitch who gave birth to me." She let go then kick her in the stomach several times. Caren was in pain from this assault.

"Besides Mom, who are they going to believe...." Stevie then went over to the Tequila bottle and forced caren to grip the bottle.

Stevie got the bitch who gave birth to her to drink some more, and the rest poured over her face.

The conspiring offspring put the bottle down and whisper a word in Spanish. She set the bottle down to make sure it was within Caren's reach.

"Some of those pictures I post never happen at that moment. Now, unless you delete your profile, they are going to stay there. It would be too late because I could tell you with the utmost confidence that people all ready share them." Stevie told her, and Caren went to take the bottle to throw at Stevie, but it stuck to her hand. She slammed it on the floor, but it wouldn't break.

"It's good to be a Witch," Stevie said with pride and kicked Caren hard Between the legs.

"I'm coming out to you again, and this time you aren't in any position to slap me." Stevie brought up that time when she came out as gay.

"You will pay for this Nightmare Bastard child! You will pay! His friends are coming! And they are going to make your death look...." Stevie pulled another video and shoved it in caren's face. It was of the same guy who Brandon was giving head too, in the middle of a circle, and surrounded by six people in Police uniforms dead with their guts ripped out.

"The police officers that are lying there dead, they work with your Brandon or Sissy Boy as Khan calls him. He is the Vampire in the middle, and the dearly departed dirty pigs have been targeting people like my beautiful Taylor. They are dead, and you are in for a surprise.." Stevie looked to the left and coming out of the room. It was Taylor with her fangs out, and her outfit was something similar to her Girlfriend.

"So you see, Mom, Brandon did kill Taylor but didn't do his homework. The Vampire Genre in her would activate if she died." Stevie made out with Taylor, and Caren scream.

"Bash the bottle on your knee.'" Taylor compelled Stevie's Mother to do.

Karen started to do it, it would eventually break, and she screams in pain. Taylor bit into her wrist so blood could come out.

"You could drink this, and the pain will go away, your leg with be fine or lie there in pain. I don't give a fuck..." Taylor wickedly smiles, and Caren slowly took the blood in her mouth, her leg instantly heal.

"You have twenty-four hours to move out, and if you are still here, I'll break your neck, and you will be my Bitch!" Taylor told her, and five hours went by. Caren left in her car, back out but didn't see that truck coming.


About the author

Rayna Quinns

I like writing stories and believe that sins as well as tragedies can make you a think

I write about shows and movies from a unprofessional of view.

I could write smut but it's too easy

I am Me

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