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Captain and Little Blue

by Adriauna Diaz about a year ago in urban legend
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The Tale Untold

Little Blue, the small ship known all to well in these lands left the dock alone, the captain Jake, it's only passenger. The captain did not want a crew along this time, for he didn't know what would come of Little Blue or him. He traveled three days and two nights, now the third night is before him, wrapping his boat in the cooing of the ocean's lullaby. The ring about of the waves sang quiet, and as the sailor sleeps, his body sway dreaming lucid to the echoes. Little did he know, beneath him, the dark waters wait for his wakening. The lonely boat with it's wooden siren carved only from a memory, but a memory no less, was soon to have company. The muse who inspired the captain's carving swam tonight in search of such a boat. She did enjoy floating toys with pretty boys, and like her favorite pearl, she loved this captain. Her gift years ago when they had met was a song, a haunting tune that brought too many to their discourse, begging, bleeding out their ears until their faint bodies lay lifeless. The captain however, had no such dismay to it. He could hear the song creeping out of his dreams and onto his bed, faintly dwindling into the walls. He lay still in the darkened cabin, his sweating hands clinging to the blanket, fear was only in what he knew, and he knew something was under his boat. Jake was clammy, petrified in his own skin, wondering if there was a monster, nay, a horror to come after him. The boat shook violently! Crash! As the dishes flew and hit the floor, he rose to his feet, panting heavy to his own heart beat. Crash! The boat tipped, holding onto itself while the heavy metal pulled to go under! Crash! Tipping and tipping! The ocean's mouth relished its chipping blue paint and tasty chains! But, alas, the chaos broke, and in Little Blue's relief, a silence erringly swept over the tortured floors. The captain could barely see in the flickering glow of the lamp, but strained to stare into the looking window, just to see her.

There she slinked across the clear plastic, skin whiter than the snow, eyes greener than the fields. Her long black hair wrapped around her tightly bound abdomen, scales piercing up her sides. Though hands as small as her frame, the nails that grew were ivory bone knives, scratching along the walls as she passed. The siren was like a nightmare that he longed to relive. Her tail then showing scales of silver and green peeling away, her veins blowing out from the fin, she pushed it against the window, streaking it's slick sediment a top. Jake stood there, not knowing what to do. He stared at the streaked window, hoping for an answer, wondering if he could be any closer to her. His infatuation stirred inside his stomach, poking at him, tormenting him. Jake looked to the door, biting his lip he thought it would be now or nevermore, he must go to the deck.

There he met her, and when she looked at him she saw no blood in his ears, heard no begging from his mouth, but saw a man looking at her, looking into her. The captain was no more frantic, but at peace. In his lifetime, he had heard her song play over and over again, he has looked upon the ocean waters in hopes of another glimpse of his muse, his siren, but she never came. Now she is here with him, and he will search no more. Jake wrestled his shoes off and undressed to his bareness, watching her in the water, free and waiting. He stepped to the end of the dock and reached out for his love. The siren did not make him wait, and with all of her strength, she jumped into his arms and kissed his pink fleshed lips. Her mouth consuming all of his oxygen, Jake began to turn white and eyes green. As so she came for her captain, she pulled him into the depths of the waters. The scales of yellow and blue spread around his legs faster and faster, consuming his toes. A fin where his feet were and hair of tangled black, he was no longer a captain, but the man was a siren. Looking back at Little Blue, it was the last they would see of his world, the sirens swam away, never to return.

Three days later, Little Blue was see on the horizon. The crew brought her onto shore, but instead of their captain, only an empty vessel for them to search. Upon the broken dishes and torn blankets, the found but only a letter:

"My men,

I seek my truth, and if she turn up, I seek no more. Her eyes the steady ocean, and in her waves I drowned, the ring around of the waves will sing quiet to our ladies with their crowns. As the water's body kept me swaying, it's echoes I found, our tangled lips in a kiss, by love we were bound. Seek only what you desire, Little Blue is your girl now, and her strength is yours."

The End

urban legend

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Adriauna Diaz

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