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A Short Story


As I looked out the stuffy window of my bedroom, I saw the crystal clear icicles hanging down and the majestic sun setting above the dark, silhouetted trees. The dusty orange and soft blue gradient covered the evening sky as I saw a flickering light in the center of the endless painted scenery in front of me. My sister callowly assumed it was a star, but my father made it a point to honorably argue that it could've been a satellite or a planet.

"A UFO maybe?" my sister stated questionably.

"Well if it is moving, technically we can't identify it as of now, so I guess we will consider it that," my father spoke with a laugh as he left my room.

My sister, in the smaller bed across from mine, focused back in on the measly novel she had been previously reading, completely forgetting about the shining light. I became fretful, for I knew what the flickering light was...

Much like my father, my brain was brilliant and I excelled in many areas of life. My sister, on the other hand, was a wide-eyed and credulous girl. It was my job to look out for her. My father put his trust in me at a young age, seeing as he was to work most of his days as an inventor. My father had a shop at our home, which as a young child seemed wondrous. Walking around the shop as a girl, I watched my father work, and I slowly became very knowledgeable as the years went by.

My clever mind has brought me up to be the person I am today. Although I believe parts of this world have figured out just how one of a kind my mind really is...

The shining figure had come to me once before in a quite daunting dream, just as I saw in the sky outside of my bedroom window. The vision was fleeting and quite vague, but I knew my presence was wanted with the creatures on the flickering aircraft.

As the aircraft descended, I began to leave my bed. My sister, sound asleep, was immovable. I didn't even try to wake her. I looked out of my old window as it was dark now and all the light that shown through was from the aircraft. The wind was howling and roared as the craft landed greatly in the snowy field of my backyard.

They stepped off the craft as the huge door opened mightily.

The beings aboard the craft were morbid creatures. They were after anything that would bring innovation to their horrendous race.

I ran to my father's shop as the frightful creatures followed me. I hid as I thought to myself, how did they know to capture me? There are many brilliant minds in this world that may have much advantage to them over myself.

My father stepped in through the doorway of the boxy shop and engulfed me in a hug. I was relieved to see him. As I went to speak about the horrifying creatures, I felt a slight pinch and the small room went dark as my heavy eyelids closed.

I woke up groggy in an immaculate space, suspended in a confined pod of lukewarm water and what looked to be blood. My head was throbbing and my vision was blurry. I slowly moved my hand up to my forehead as I realized I was cut open from the base of my skull to the top of my forehead. The blood was my own and my brain was no longer intact in my skull. The imposing work of the odd creatures baffled me, as there was no reason for me to still be alive. I could not move my body. I was the creatures' puppet now. They had my brilliant brain to use for whatever horrendous schemes they had about them.

I stopped my further struggles to escape. I wished I could be looking out of my old stuffy bedroom window once again.

A foreign, disgusting being approached the tight container I was placed in. The being had business to attend to. He turned a boring black knob on the side of my tank and my vision started to fade and the spacious room went dark.

My final thoughts: my father knew how brilliant I was from the time I was very young. As I looked up to him, I learned a lot and became a valuable asset to his living. His intentions, though, were far from what I had ever expected. As he goes on inventing, he will make up an elaborate story of how I came to lose my life. The truth, however, being that he aided in putting an end to it. And as I take my final breath, I become selfless as I pray for the safety of my sister. May she escape the pain my father has created. It was my job to look after her and I have let her down. And she was so innocent. To think it was only a star...

Caitlin Britton
Caitlin Britton
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