Blood Lust

by Zach Myers 12 months ago in paranormal

Remember yet?

Blood Lust
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She lived among the trees like a woodland creature with a ceaseless starvation, cursed to an immortal dwelling upon this wretched Earth. You can see her crawling upon the soil while her moans reverberate into the town. That was her lure, those alluring moans. They seduced the ears of men and women into her clutches right out of the neighboring streets and fields. A succubus full of blood-lust and an envious loathing for mortals. This woman was adept at her craft, deeply convincing with her seductive cries, giving her victims a type of salivating lechery they've never before encountered. She was the public enemy of the supernatural for years. Until the day she caught me wandering the great outdoors of my new hometown...

Her powers didn't affect me. I merely thought there were people having a go in the woods and that I should divert the course of my introspective stride.

"I've been waiting so... so long for you.", her voice murmured out with a growing fluster as though she was beside me, "Please, end me!"

Then I saw her silhouette amidst the trees. The memories breathing in her words reminding me of a shrouded past.

"I'm afraid you are still but a stranger to me." I replied, alerted by this paranormal occurence.

With a disgorge of raging disbelief, she flashed in front of me and took my neck in a death grip.

"You will do it! Now! Do not toy with me, my love. I didn't think this day would possibly come. Now take me from this world!"

She gazed intensely into my eyes with such ache as she loosened her hold. Still, no recollection revealed itself to me, as I was too paralyzed

"Do you really not remember?" she wept. "But it is I, your Queen. Do you also not remember who you are? Who you really are? Why you came here?"

I looked at her with a perplexion that made her shiver in her mind.

She began to sink, holding onto my sides as her hands slipped down with her, "Why is this so?... Do you punish me? Or are you that vile sorceress who tore me from our home. That must be!"

Her grief overtook and she set out with an enraged appetite to fill her emptiness, shoving me out of her path. I followed her as the weight I carried of this familiar affection pulled me into a pool of epiphany.

"Wait!" I called out.

Who is this woman? The more I chased her the more waves of profound emotions hit me like the pulse of a heart making waves in the ocean that is my mind. It felt and looked as if I was trying to walk against gusts of wind that threw blows at my chest. Then I finally caught up to her. This time she wasn't feeding.

A girl lay at the base of a doorway, bloodied, with her brain sitting in her palms that rested in her lap. The door, painted with blood the words, "Remember yet?"

A strange pleasure creeped down my spine. I felt only half-human now. The woman's hair trailed behind her as she turned a corner towards more houses. I could smell more memories in the trickles of blood she left in her ravaging. She became so enchanting. I was developing a desire for this woman. It pierced my human soul like an addiction withdrawal as I hear her voice, "Keep watching me."

Another victim stood pinned to a tree with a shovel in his left hand and the flesh of his back hooded over his head. Branches impaled him to the trunk. Half of me was dissociating from my human self that was in fear of witnessing these brutal murders, and the other becoming aware of this deep inner being. The fluxation left me too mystified to discern my condition. Suddenly, she appeared in front of me with such a seraphic allure in her eyes, I fell into a fathomless adoration.


"Yes," she said with promising spirit.

I caressed her cheek, "The possibility of your disappearance being beyond death agonized me for such a long time. I loathed myself into the darkest purgatory for allowing it."

"It's not your fault.", her stare gleeming into the aperture of my hemorrhaging vitality.

"But, darling, we are not killers. Why have you become so? We are only meant to deliver souls."

She pulled me closer, "Of course, I haven't forgotten. This isn't the world of our Earthly responsibilities. That sorceress trapped me in a hexed cube that holds this illusory world inside. These people aren't real, nor do they have souls. She only put them here to keep me feeding and remain alive in order to eternally torture me and break me and break me... and break me."

Pausing for a moment, she continued, "How did you get here? Where is she and what did she do to your memory? Did you have some plan?"

"I... I did. Yes, but you need to be fed and full of power in order to help me shatter the confinements of the walls."

"I can do that with pleasure," she said, grinning at me with a seductive embrace, throwing me to the grass.

Night began to fall upon the town. There was the sound of a chant rumbling through the streets. What appeared to be a mobilized seance was coming towards us, raising the victims the Queen had killed. They were slaughtering all the residents that were in sight.

"It's the sorceress.", the Queen gasped, pointing at the leader of the massacre.

We stood, watching and waiting to confront this sorceress as her army wreaked havoc. A woman, pulled from her porch, was gutted and had her insides ripped out of her body. The sycophants savagely feasted on the organs and wrapped intestines around their necks in the gorey fashion show they danced our way. Children stacked on top of one another on the spears that impaled them. A sickening war raged in front of our eyes that these humans stood no chance against.

"This needs to end now.", I spoke with scorn.

We began walking in their direction. The sorceress' growing smirk matched the demented look on her face.

"I will have your blood!" the sorceress shrieked.

Butchery went on, closing the distance between us. One of her servants held the hand of the half of a man they had hacked apart like a little girl with a teddy bear. Another put a carved out head on his hand, using it as a puppet, laughing maniacally.

We came face to face with the sorceress, at a stand still in silence. Nothing but the sound of crackling flames of nearby homes, cars, and corpses on fire, along with the deep breaths of her followers at her sides.

"I give you...", she announced, "The Circus of Guts!"

Chuckling, she went on, "Such a fitting name, is it not?"

The sorceress began to bow. I scoffed and immediately took her by the throat. Choking, she speaks, "Well hello, Death. Old friend."

Holding her with utter abhor, I squeeze the life out of her as I remark, "I have a very special place for you, sorceress."

"A place that will make you wish you never died..."

Zach Myers
Zach Myers
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