Blaze and Burn (Part 8)

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A Mini Series

Blaze and Burn (Part 8)
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Over at Burn’s house, Blaze paced back and forth waiting for a text from Chase. As soon as she heard the buzz of her phone she opened the window in Burn’s room that led to the backyard.

“Come on,” she said.

“Wait, make sure it’s him,” Burn said.

“I see the headlights, we have to go,” she said.

“I need my toothbrush,” Burn said.

“We don’t have time,” Blaze said with one leg already out the window.

Burn grabbed his brush and ran towards her; she saw a light go on in her own house and dove out the window. Burn threw out her bag and his and she grabbed them and took off in a sprint. She threw the bags over the fence then, leapt up and grabbed the top of the fence and pulled herself over. The passenger door opened from the inside; Chase was leaning over the seat. She threw the bags at him and he threw them in the back. She turned to watch the fence.

“Come on,” Chase said looking in his rearview.

“Where is Burn?” she shouted. About that time, she saw him coming around the side of the fence, he must’ve used the gate.

She let out a sigh, “Gosh you scared me, come on.”

He ran up and she jumped in the passenger side next to chase and Burn jumped in the front with her.

“I meant in the back,” she grunted moving so she could sit on Burn’s lap to be a little more comfortable. Chase gave them an odd look, but she just shook her head, trying to let him know it wasn’t like that.

“Can you drive this thing?” Burn asked him.

“I made it here didn’t I?” he scoffed.

“Zach let you come alone?” Blaze asked.

“Umm… he doesn’t know, well he might know now because I think he tried to catch me,” Chase said as he started driving slowly down the road.

“Do they have cell phones?” Blaze asked.

“I think so, why?” Chase asked.

“Wait, you STOLE a military vehicle and ran away from your brother, the MARINE? He’s going to KILL us,” Burn whined.

“I need to text one of them, so they don’t come after you and put themselves in danger,” Blaze said, ignoring Burn and getting her phone to text Ms. Cameron. She told her what had happened and that they were on the way back now. Ms. Cameron texted back instantly. “I figured that’s what he was doing, we stayed here hoping I was right, be careful, Zach is pissed!”

Blaze read it out loud to the boys and Chase groaned.

“I told you,” Burn said.

“I’ll handle him, you guys needed rescued,” Chase said. They passed a few zombies walking around on the way back and Chase looked horrified, he hadn’t seen them in real life like Blaze and Burn had. But even they hadn’t seen them up close like when driving right past them on the side of the road. In the middle of the night.

“Get the bags before you open the door to get out, then head straight to the cabin and don’t look back for any reason,” Chase instructed.

Burn opened the door and practically fell out; Blaze grabbed the bags and threw one at Chase. She jumped out and ran, she passed Burn who was waiting on her, “go, go, go!” she shouted at him. He tripped and fell on the ground, Blaze skidded to a stop ready to go back for him, but Chase shouted, “keep going!”

Chase slowed down to help him up and then Blaze heard a sound coming from the woods. A man lumbered out of the woods, he was dead, he started running towards them. Blaze yelled, “look out!”

Chase and Burn looked back and saw him, Blaze turned and ran for the cabin door, she looked back to see the zombie gaining on Chase, she heard something behind her, so she spun back around in time to see Zach with a machine gun, things started to move in slow motion. She hit the ground without even thinking about why. She heard a shot ring out so loud that she lost her hearing for a moment. She looked back and saw the zombie fall down and Chase and Burn run towards them.

“Get in here, NOW!” Zach yelled. Blaze jumped up and ran past him, straight into the arms of Ms. Cameron.

“Ms. Cameron, oh my gosh!” Blaze gasped.

“Let’s go downstairs, and if you’re going to be staying here, you should call me Nellie,” she said. Blaze looked back in time to see Zach grab Chase by the shoulder almost ripping his shirt off of him, “what were you thinking?” he said as he threw him like a rag doll toward the door to the stairs.

Once they were all downstairs and settled in a little bit Zach started in on them, “I am not mad that you two are here, I want you to feel safe and make yourselves at home but we don’t have rooms for everyone so Burn you will room with Chase and Blaze, I guess you can stay on the couch or with Nellie if you want more privacy, and I can take the couch.”

Blaze wondered where he had been sleeping this whole time and gave Nellie a look, Nellie blushed a little and looked at Zach.

“Was that thing close enough to infect us?” Burn asked.

“It’s possible but we will know in a few days I guess,” Zach said, “I’m sorry, but I have to be honest, we will wait it out and see but Chase, you are grounded… from video games I guess…I know why you did it, and I’m not mad that you care about people, but dude ask me, you didn’t take masks, I should have went, if anyone was going to.”

“I didn’t know that you guys didn’t know he was coming I swear,” Blaze said. Chase looked at the floor, so Blaze continued, “but he saved our lives probably, it’s really bad out there, no one is taking this seriously at all.”

“Unless he put us all in danger by being exposed… but yea we’ve been watching the news, so I understand,” Zach said.

“No, you don’t, I mean you might know what’s happening but you don’t know what it’s like to live out there, with every person you know almost acting like you are insane for being scared of this,” Blaze said before she could stop herself, “sorry… it’s been… hard.”

“It’s okay,” Zach said, “everyone just go to bed, Burn, Chase you guys should probably stay in your room for a few days, away from us just in case.”

Blaze took the couch just because she kind of thought Zach and Nellie were a cute couple. It was weird for a few days because she didn’t know anyone that well except for Burn and he was in quarantine with Chase in their room. Her and Nellie talked about art and she shared some of her supplies, so Blaze had something to do. They started to get pretty close, she texted Burn and Chase and they both felt fine besides being bored and scared of Zach, and scared they were sick. Zach started treating her like a little sister of sorts and she decided she liked him. Her parents were really mad at them, but she told them she was safe with someone from the military and sent photo proof, though she didn’t tell them the location of the cabin. The days passed and it was to everyone’s relief that Chase and Burn both were fine. They were allowed to leave their room. Blaze grabbed Burn as soon as he got out and hugged him tightly.

“I don’t get one?” Chase asked as she let go of Burn.

She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck, and he put his around her waist. Zach walked over and hugged his brother next then laughed, “dude you need shower bad.”

“So, you’re not mad anymore?” Chase asked.

“I’m just glad we are all okay, you have more balls than I’ve had… it makes me wonder if we should be doing more,” Zach said.

“The doctors are saying that isolating is the best way to help,” Nellie said, “we are doing that… don’t get any ideas about running off to rescue people.”

“I just feel like we should be doing… something,” Zach said.

“You can start by cooking us dinner as these boys get clean,” she said kissing him on the cheek.

“I got dibs,” Chase said, running off to take a shower.

“Go ahead, Blaze and I have a lot to catch up on,” Burn said winking at him.

“Dude, you better not,” Chase said. Blaze eyed them both suspiciously but didn’t say anything. If Chase thought Burn would keep any secrets from her, he was kidding himself.

Raine fielder
Raine fielder
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