Blackened Mind

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Once more

Blackened Mind
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Down goes another glass. "I am very, very tired," spoke Edwin, "Leave now, and take your burden with you."

"So you will not help me?" Sophia replied.

"I'm sure we've been through this a million times. Certainly you have the hang of it by now?"

"My apologies, Edwin, but I'm afraid this time it is much more intricate," she replied, eyes dropping to the floor.

"Yeah? How so?" said Edwin with a smirk and a leaning curve of the head.

"They've plagued me with a blackened mind."

"Ah, Sophia," Edwin heartened her as he grabbed his coat, "Don't be so morbid and take me to these people you speak of."

The two set off into the night where the forest all around taunted them with each step.

"They're watching us," Sophia shook.

"Cowards just want to have a little creep show fun. Isn't that right?!" shouted Edwin.

The shadows among the forest shook the trees with might, screaming their murder mantra. They stomped the ground loudly, building the suspense of their attack.

"Argh! It's happening," Sophia strained.

She dropped to her hands with a dizzy stagger. A demonic growl shattered Edwin's ears. He stumbled in pain. Sophia viciously snagged his legs and pulled him to the asphalt they walked upon. Edwin tried to scurry away, but she pinned him to the road with a speared claw transformed out of her whole arm.

"Stop!" Edwin howled in rageful agony.

He reached behind his head and yanked Sophia by the neck, slamming her down, cracking the road.

"Don't make me kill you," Edwin sneered.

Sophia stood up, staring Edwin down, as did the silhouettes that stalked the moonlight depraved woods. Her eyes red as fresh spilt blood.

"I invite it," Sophia jeered, galvanized with an itch to dismember his body.

The varmints of the trees roared in concurrence to her remark. They all yelled in their beastly language, "To the death!"

Sophia leered at Edwin, "First, I'll take your arms. Then, your heart. And lastly... I will have your spine to lash your corpse with!"

Edwin anxiously approached her, unsheathing his knife. Sophia was mutating into the brutes that poisoned her head. He juked her the moment they confronted and thrusted his knife into her neck. Scrunching her face in painful annoyance, she grabbed Edwin's head and smashed it into the ground. Pieces of asphalt fell from his face as he shakingly picked himself up. Sophia kicked his side, launching him into the middle of a group of the sidelined creatures.

Up close they appeared atrocious and disfigured. Werewolf-like men who stood upright, reeking of sulphur, and antler shaped bones that bulged out of their limbs like tree branches. The beast that was now Sophia approached us and uttered in their tongue, "We are the Black Cleavers of Baphomet. And tonight... You answer for your contempt."

"Go to hell..." Edwin spat with repudiation.

Sophia stabbed him in the leg with her sworded arm, "Do not test our patience, scum."

Edwin lunged his arms at her and grabbed the top and bottom of her mouth, attempting to rip off her jaw. She easily chomped his finger off and gulped it down whole. He screamed with torment.

Slurping her tongue, Sophia said, "You must truly value pain. I can give you more."

"Oh, please do," he said with a bloody grin, "I have nothing to say for myself. You are nothing to me."

She drove her arm deeper into his wound, "You will neither be spared, nor die, until you have paid for your lack of respect."

"Well then it looks like we're due for a chat, aren't we?"

Sophia dug her nails into his skin and slowly dragged them down the side of his face, "You sure you want to do this all night?"

Edwin pretended to fake his death and closed his eyes, holding his breath.

Sophia retracted with irritability, "Argh! We're done here. Leave."

As soon as she turned her back, Edwin leaped up with the rest of his strength, grabbed the knife still puncturing her throat, and stuck it in her skull. Retching on her own blood, Sophia hit the dirt. Her transformation reversed and her followers faded away. Edwin lied down, staring into the starless sky.

"Thank you... Again," Sophia spoke softly.

"How many more times do I have to kill you? One of these days it might be final."

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Zach Myers
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