Bedtime Stories

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Bedtime Stories

Bedtime was my favorite time of the day, you know why because my mom tells the best stories she

always says they’re true. I’m not sure if they are but wow I love to hear them , so I jumped into my

pajamas and I got under the covers and waited.

My mom came into the room and made sure I was ready for bed and got into the bed beside me.” Tonight honey, I’m going to tell

you a story about a beautiful woman who can change your fate but that you never want to meet” she said. “ if you go into the

woods at night in upper Michigan, where the woods are thick, miles between houses and no streetlights for miles around, you might run into a woman.

This woman is very beautiful, if you asked anyone what made her so stunning, you would get many different answers.

Some people see her with big brown eyes, others see smoky green eyes that look right through you. You can never remember if she is short and shapely or tall and fairy like.

what they all remember about this woman is her bright green hair. Her clothes change depending on who sees her and what their personal style is but everybody remembers that bright green hair.

If you see her remember your manners say excuse me as you walk by and don't make eye contact, don’t bump her, but if you do, apologize and say

excuse me and if she dropped something help her pick it up and smile but remember don’t look her in the

eyes. Because if you’re rude to her, she will make you pay. Anyone that has the nerve to be rude to her has reported

having bad luck for exactly three months afterwards, including losing their jobs apartments and even car

accidents. She won’t kill you, not right away but you’ll know that she marked you for your crimes against her and that she has her sights

set on you. But if you’re one of the lucky ones who remembers good home training and how to

treat your fellow man you won’t have any problems and the next day after you see her you will

have one wish granted. Big or small, so keep that in mind after you see her just keep that wish on

your mind the whole way home after you see her. That woman with the bright green hair”

After Mama finished her story she kissed me on my forehead and she told me Goodnight and she

started to walk away. I was confused, if she can grant my wish if I am nice to her, why do I need to avoid her at all?

I sat up and asked her "mama, why wouldn’t I want to see the lady with the green hair if I can get my wish granted?" And mama looks back at me and said," because after you get your wish

granted you have that wish for one year, for one year you will be very happy but then you will die in a horrible, horrible painful accident and

you will see her one more time walking away from you with that bright green hair."

When mama said that a chill ran down my back. Mama only told me stories that about things that happened to her or she knows for a fact are true. So how does mama know about the green hair lady?

I was so scared to ask and she knows me so well that she looked at me and said" I know you are wondering how I know about her" she smiled with tears in her eyes

"daddy meet her the year after we moved to this house. All he said was after meeting her and helping her to pick up her bag, he only had one thing on his mind"

I wishered "what?"

A tear rolled down her face and she said " I hope we have a baby girl soon so I can love her forever"

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