Bad Girlfriend

by Fin Shepard 8 months ago in fiction

Sometimes the ones you trust are your enemy.

Bad Girlfriend

He ran through the forest, cuts all over his body, almost certain he had lost the killer, he was afraid to look behind him, because he knew with his luck he’d trip or run into something. Flashbacks run through his mind, of when the man first appeared, carrying the heads of two teenagers, who also happened to be there. He was horrified at how a simple date got him stuck in the middle of all this. This was his girlfriend's favorite spot. They’ve been here many times before. Confused, he trips, quickly jumping back to his feet. “I’m so glad I cleaned up my act and got into sports,” he thought to himself. As he was running he came across a figure in the distance, “the killer?” he thought to himself.

“No there’s only one path here,” he said, as he confidently ran towards the figure.

“Hey, help me please, this guy is trying the kill me!” he yells, as he gets closer. He tries to see the figure, he excessively blinks, hoping his eyes adjust. Hesitant, he starts slowing his pace from a running speed to jogging. The figure turns around to reveal a young beautiful girl, “you’re alive!” he says in excitement, as he runs up to her.

“I’m so sorry I just took off, I thought I saw that man grab you and drag you off into the woods,” he barely manages to say, completely out of breath. The two embrace, holding tightly to each other. He kisses her head, then takes a deep breath, trying to calm his breathing.

“I was so scared how’d you escape?” the boy asks, holding her cheeks, and looking into her eyes. The girl looks back into his but with cold dead eyes. Scared the boy steps back a bit, regretting his decision he pulls her back into his arms. “She’s just escaped a psycho, who wouldn’t have the same look? Right?” he thought to himself, questioning everything about her reaction to seeing him.

“I didn’t escape,” the girl says, the boy looks at her with a puzzled expression on his face.

“What do you mean? Clearly you escaped if you’re alive,” the boy’s heart drops to his stomach, as he starts to pull away from the girl.

His worst nightmare comes to life, as he starts to put the pieces together. Sadly he doesn’t get the chance to run, as he feels a sharp intense pain in his stomach. He slowly tilts his head down to see she had stabbed him.

The girl tilts his head back up then whispers, “just relax it’ll all be over soon, trust me.”

Shocked, the boy frantically tries to escape. Jolting back he pulls the knife out of him, then soon collapses, spitting up blood. Watching the girl in fear, she pulls an axe out from a tree stump, and drags it on the ground, as she walks back.

Adrenaline rushes through the boy’s blood, “p—please stop,” the boy tries to yell, but is to weak.

“This would have been so much more easier for you if you had just stood still. You had to take the hard way out, didn’t you? Lucky for me this way is more fun.” She then lifts up the axe. “Oh and by the way. I never loved you!” she yells, as she swings the axe at the boy, chopping his head in half. Then with a small grin she lets go of the axe, letting it fall to the ground. The killer smiling in the distance. The girl notices, while fixing her stance, then proceeds to yell, “Are you proud of me?! Well, are you, Dad?!”

Fin Shepard
Fin Shepard
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