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Are there really ghosts in the world?

Below is my real experience.Follow me to update real ghost stories for you from time to time every day.

By Kay Published 4 months ago 11 min read

Real ghost stories experienced in person: 1

When the eldest sister was in junior high school, she went home from school. Because she was on the mountain (he went down the mountain when she went to school and went up from school), she was a little far from the school. When she was about to get home, it was almost dark, but her family was still behind a mountain bag.

The three of them talked and laughed. There was a fork in front of them, and there was a cave next to the fork. The scene that suddenly appeared between the cave and the fork made them stunned.

A girl knelt there and kept slapped herself in the face, with words in her mouth. My elder sister knew her, whether she was a classmate or the same village, but she never got along well with the group. The three of them couldn't wake her up.

I had no choice but to let one person go back and call the adult. More than ten minutes later, several adults came, but I couldn't wake up. Then there was nothing I could do. I called a person who understood this. After doing it, I woke up.

After returning home, her whole body changed, and she couldn't read the book. Later, she knew that the place where she knelt was a masterless grave. She used to run away from the wilderness and starve to death. Others were hastily buried there. Some people said that the feng shui there was not good.

Many people know that place, and they are very scared at night. I heard that some people have seen dirty things, but they have heard about it, but the girl was so miserable that she was in a trance all day long. A few years later, she set fire to death! Alas! What a pity!

The true ghost story of personal experience: 2

It's really scary to death. It's absolutely true. It happened in our same village. A man in his fifties went up the mountain to dig bamboo shoots. Before he came home in the evening, his family called him. He said that he couldn't walk by a stream, and he couldn't get through after that.

Later, the family reported 119, and the firefighters used the satellite to locate his phone, but the location was a few kilometers away. Later, the firefighters and his family searched for it all night without success. The next day, the family went up the mountain to look for it.

His body was found on a high hurdle, and the high hurdle was not easy for the young man to climb up, but he carried dozens of pounds of bamboo shoots and tools on his back, and a large piece of grass was flattened at the scene, as if it were fighting with something.

Real ghost stories experienced by yourself: 3

My father is a school clerk. In the summer vacation of my second year of junior high school, there was a class in the school for summer training, and my cousin was also in that class. In order to make my cousin live more comfortable, my father let him sleep in his office, and I slept in the office with my cousin.

One night in August, my cousin finished class after 10 p.m. We were ready to go to bed after washing up. My cousin went to close the window, but he stood at the window for more than 10 seconds and kept moving. He stared out of the window. He waved his hand at me and asked me to see it.

I got up from the bed and looked at my cousin. On a cement table tennis table next to the men's dormitory not far from the window, a man in a dress stood on the table, because there was a light on the edge of the table, and the lighting was not very good.

But I can clearly see that it is a white dress with long hair and no face, so I have been standing still on the table tennis table! My cousin and I turned our heads and looked at each other, and then turned back to see each other tacitly!

But there was nothing on the table, only the light shining faintly. In a second or two between me and my cousin, the white dress disappeared, and there was a very empty place on the edge of the table.

Just disappeared like this. Later, I chatted with an old clerk in the school. He told me that the dormitory used to be a girls' dormitory, but later a female student was hanged in the dormitory, so it was changed to a boys' dormitory.

I also demolished the dormitory where the hanged female student lived. The dormitory is the position of the table tennis table now. I think of the white dress that night was standing on the table. If the table is removed, the one in the white dress is hanging in the air.

Real ghost stories experienced by yourself: 4

After listening to what the old man said, in the old society, a vegetable farmer in the village took a car to the town to catch the morning market before dawn. On the way, he saw a lot of people walking back and forth. He thought: I haven't come out these days. When will there be an extra morning market? Don't worry about him!

As long as there are a lot of people who can sell vegetables. The vegetable stall was set up and ready. After a while, it was full of people, and a generation of cigarettes were sold out. When I got home, it was just dawn, and I slept until noon. I got up and counted how much money I sold.

I was dumbfounded. It was full of underworld coins. I was full of anger and panting and returned to the place where the vegetables were sold. There was a morning market, full of graveyards, and there was a handful of vegetables on each grave.

Real ghost stories of personal experience: 5

Once during the Spring Festival, adults were drinking, and the children in the yard and I set off cannons. My 5-year-old cousin cried and wanted to sleep at night. My uncle suddenly grabbed my cousin and walked to the window. We were on the fifth floor.

Fortunately, my father reacted quickly and grabbed my cousin's leg. Uncle grabbed it tightly and got rid of his hand. Then he made a move to throw (my cousin) out of the window. Suddenly, his body fell back. The next day, he asked him, and he didn't know what was going on.

It was dark in front of me at that time, and then I got up at noon the next day. I don't know if he drank and broke up, or something bad. I heard from my father that my uncle did all this with his face looking at the ceiling at that time, and after he lay on the ground, my father and my little uncle did not dare to touch him I heard it's scary.

The real ghost story of personal experience: 6

I tell a true story that my cousin met. When my cousin was eleven or twelve years old, there was a rolling mill next door to their school. At about 11 p.m., he and several classmates wanted to go to the rolling mill to steal some spare iron to sell scraps and exchange some pocket money.

That night, not far from the wall of the factory, two white figures were moving hand in hand. They thought it was the factory night watchman, so they lay in the grass and looked at it quietly, but it was wrong, because the two white shadows were not walking, but floating.

Go to the pond by the wall. They ran home in horror, turned on the TV all night, and several people hid in the bedding and trembled together. The next day, the parents asked, and then they found out that two lovers jumped into the pond and committed suicide in front of the pool.

The real ghost story of personal experience: 7

Just a month ago, I loved drinking, and the doctor prescribed medicine to keep me from drinking. I have a classmate named Guobin. He is sick like to drink more than me. One day when we drink, we will say.

Can you get better if you drink while taking medicine? Why can't I quit drinking? He also said that I didn't start drinking until I was 30 years old. I didn't expect to be so addicted to alcohol now. Now I'm 48 years old. At this time, I remembered that he has a twin brother who is also our classmate.

It's called Jianbiao. He died before the age of 30 and died of drunkenness. Just ask him: Why didn't your brother drink it? He said: Can you die if you don't drink? He added: When his brother first died, he could see that his brother was squatting in the corner of the wall.

No one else in his family could see it. I drank a little too much that day, so I didn't talk about it. A few days later, we drank together again, so I asked him: What you said that day was true or not. He said unhappily: Is it useful for me to panic with you? I know he is not a panicked person. He said that you were dazzled. He said no. He often saw it in those months.

Real ghost stories experienced by yourself: 8

I have often had a dream since I was a child. In my dream, my father drove a tricycle and took me to the whole family, just like a festival. Every time I walked to a particularly muddy dirt road, the wheels skid and the car was smoking.

Then, everyone in the car came down, pushing the cart, in the countryside, even the woman had a lot of strength. At this time, someone would come to call me, saying that no one came to me, and I would leave alone. Every time I went to a village, and the villagers dressed in the clothes of the older generation.

There will always be an old man pointing to the mountain and saying, "Someone is looking for you, go quickly. I can draw the mountain until now, especially like five fingers, very steep, with a rainbow and white clouds on it, which is a particularly beautiful picture.

I really didn't see the mountain when I was a child. I think I saw the mountain for the first time. After I went up, there was a woman in white, in her twenties, very beautiful. She always kept a distance from me.

Looking at me, I wanted to talk to me, but I felt that I couldn't say anything. I had this dream for the last few times. I remember it very clearly. That is, two months before the college entrance examination, I finally heard what the girl said to me, why don't you come to me! Since then, I have never had this dream again! I have been repeating this same dream since I was a child!

The real ghost story of personal experience: 9

When I was about ten years old, every family in the countryside at that time planted a little sugar cane in the countryside, which was also a kind of income in the countryside at that time, and I had to keep up with every family in the village. If my family didn't have it, I would go to school and all my friends would eat sugar cane all the way,

So my parents will plant some fruit cane in the field. One night, I woke up in the middle of the night and felt thirsty, so I opened the door. I took a flashlight and walked to the sugar cane field. When I walked in, I lowered my head and slowly chose it. I cut down whichever one was good.

I followed the light of the flashlight and saw the innermost part. At this time, I saw a man in the sugar cane field, about five or six meters away from me. I saw clearly that it was a tall man without a head, standing straight not far from me.

At that time, I turned around and ran out of the sugar cane field. As soon as I came out, I called my father loudly. I called my family a few times and ran out. I said that there was a headless person in it. My family immediately rushed in with a gun. I followed him, but no one saw him. If he wanted to run, I would I'm sure I can hear the sound of people running, but there is no sound at all.


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