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An Irish Indian True Love Horror Story

by Kitty Bee 7 months ago in fiction

A novel of cultures colliding in fascinating ways

An Irish Indian True Love Horror Story

'Cardamon was her scent that she presented with a lavish silk softness that was hard to forget upon first meeting Rebecka. "Decadent flower so tender so pure" would have made a dandy packaging label if she were created into a doll for children to play with at any holiday. Her father loved her the most, his little princess that was to good for any of the local boys to have as their own. I questioned myself and often wondered how such a splendid specimen from the human race could have evolved into such magnificent canvas portrait such as my true and only love Rebecka.'

India was blistering hot and the hoards of livestock on the lands presented such a repulsive stench that caused my anger to reach a level of possible self harm. This concluded my last needed deciding factor to make a break for a happier life as opposed to taking the easy way out. I would work my way up and escape to the life I had always wanted. This was my goal and I studied and fought my way to get there. I had most things a boy could want growing up and my family strived to provide proper nutrition for myself and my Nine brothers and sisters. We spent most days tending the animals and assisting our father. How much ever the provided structure set forth to me, I was not happy with my life and dreamed of traveling the world to distant lands with beautiful women. I found a decent job after a proper education and gained many skills as a computer technician. I saved enough money and due to having made friends with the right people, I packed my luggage and boarded several planes that gained my entrance to America. High hopes and excitement in my heart was impossible to contain, I took care to smile and greet each and every person that would have me. The things in this world we remember the most are the very best of times and the very worst of them. I can still remember the faces of the people at the airport as I walked through the crowds of such diversity of races. This was surely one of my best times to experience. So many interesting characters and all I wanted to do was ask questions about their lives. Although the curiosity seeped through my anxious self and I was sweating profoundly, I was tired and figured it best to acquire knowledge of my surroundings instead of jumping into a loaded gun and finding myself back in INdia with nothing left of my pride.

After I had made several friends, trained at my new job, and gained confidence with my area, I decided it was time to go on an excursion with my new acquaintances. It was decided mutually to go out to a local pub that was rumored to be a popular attraction for young beautiful girls. I sat at the bar and ordered a daiquiri and a water. My friends poked fun at me as I waited and watched. A girl approached and started to order as I interrupted and explained that I knew she was coming so I ordered her a drink to save her from waiting in a line that didn't deserve her beauty. She accepted with a giggle and asked what I was drinking while she stirred the daiquiri with delight. I replied " I am drinking water because I, a gentleman would need to ensure her and her friends much needed safety for the night due to the amount of laughing hyenas in the area" whilst giving a deep stare in the direction of my coworkers. She became excited and asked me to come meet her friends as my friends stopped their laughing and hoped I would allow them to follow. It was only fair to make them wait while I smiled wildly walking with the girl that gave me such a significant invitation. This boosted my ego into a delightful place. I walked up with this girl whom introduced herself as Sherry and she was with her party of five celebrating her promotion. Each uniquely designed girl was setting at a table in front of a mural of other women that failed in comparison to match that of their beauty. Most people who fall in love seldom do it slowly. Even this moment in my life could hold the record for being the fastest that ever occured in history of histories as I first set eyes on the most finest specimen of the female flesh ever seen in all my existence. All I could think was please let this one be all mine.

I tried to offer her a drink but stumbled my words as I simple could not focus. I was lost in her traits and wanted to know everything about her. Her hair was dark with hues of red, her eyes was that of an almond green that glowed even in the dark lit room. She was shy and agreed with a charming nod as she laughed at my delivery of our first exchanged words. The waiter took requests, I screamed uncontrollably, "Give her anything she wants!". She leaned into my face grabbing my forearm that seemed to flex with a natural response to impress her and said, "I would like to have cardamum". Our eyes fixed into each other's gaze for a moment that ignited what little control I had around this girl. Remembering that I had to breath, I laughed and said, "This is a spice." She confirmed with a nod and repeated, "You said I could have anything I want and I want cardamom." she laughed with the most lovely shimmer in her eyes. Confused as much as I was mesmerized by her individuality, I asked "Why would you desire such a silly thing instead of being like the other ladies and accepting the drinks from the men". She then requested to know my ethnicity and I explained proudly, " I am Indian, why do you ask?". She said with the sweetest smile and light in her eyes,"My name is Rebekah. My father is from Lucknow India and my mother from Yorkshire Ireland". My heart became fueled with curiosity as I thought this unique mix of ethnicity belonged on every magazine and movie screen to prove to a world of its existence. I exclaimed with fascination," Please tell me everything I want to know everything about you".

She spent the rest of the night telling me of how her father, Aurush told her stories of his home and questioned me as to what it was like to live there. She wanted so badly to travel and visit family she had never met and experience her culture that her parents told her about her entire life. I tried to stay away from telling her my true opinion of the continent in which I luckily escaped. I was captivated by her every move and lingered to her every word as she spoke delightfulness into my soul. At this rate, I would retrieve all the spices she could ever dream of just to feel her lips against mine. We hit it off wonderfully! We would go on to meet every chance we could and got to know one another quickly. I finally had something to be appreciative for from my heritage; considering India was in fact the topic that connected our hearts the night we first met along with a spice as beautiful and unique as Rebecka to ignite my interest in the best of fairytale like ways.

The time had come to meet with her parents; uncomfortable and awkward was an understatement. Her mother Chloe cooked classic Irish meat and potatoes and her father Aurush and I engaged in conversation about the country I despised and he longed for. After a night of intense discussions pertaining to my assets and how I represented my family and country, I gained both parents approval to be acquainted with their daughter. I was wonderful at hiding my desire to escape from them secret and took care not to show my eagerness to reach the door after dinner. As soon as we made our get away, I grasped my chest as Rebekah came closer in concern for me. I jumped at her wrapping my arms around her, lifting her as high as I could into the air. She laughed and kissed me passionately then scolded me for frightening her and briskly jabbing my rib. We laughed wildly and walked intertwined with each others embrace along the sidewalk to my bike. I hugged and kissed her goodnight and began the ride home while dreaming of our wedding day because I now had no doubt that I was in love with this Irish Indian girl and wanted to be with her for the rest of my life.

The air flowed through my damp hair that seemed to trap the moisture of my nervous sweat that remained after an intense dinner with Rebekahs parents. Turning the wheels of my bicycle towards a smooth stretch in the road, I powerfully held the handle bars steady to looked up at the stars and enjoy feeling thankful for all the happiness I was experiencing with my Rebecka. Then something strange formed overhead in the moonlit clouds and star bright sky. It appeared to be coming closer which caught my attention causing my bike to drive unsteady as I stopped to look up with a better focus. I had managed to make out what appeared to be large wings and a tail as I was thinking surely it wasn't coming towards me. My heart raced as it got closer and closer. I dropped my bike to run towards an awning protruding from the door of a business that was closed. My back slammed on the glass doors and what ever flying creature was coming in after me from above swooped along the top of the awning, gusting the material with the force of its air movements. I remained immobile for only moments before gathering the courage to examine the situation. I thought this is the work of the Irish food. I must be sick or dead; perhaps this is what being truly happy does to you and I never knew because I was always so miserable. I felt confused and frightened by what happened and my heart raced just as fast as my feet did pedaling back to my apartment. I decided not to speak of the incident to anyone. It was simple all imagination due to the pressure of being in love and eating Irish food. I decided that if anything was to be mentioned, it would simple be Irish and India mixed together creates hallucinogens. I fell asleep thinking of Rebekah's lovely face and tracing her body form with my hands.

Time passed and I forgot the terror of the night after meeting Rebekahs parents and that evil Irish food they poisoned me with. Spring arrived in New Hampshire and we laughed at the idea of when we first met and how happy we made one another. She played with my hair and I would caress her hand with mine. I mentioned subtle hints that it felt like she belonged with me and fit perfectly into my life. Her eyes spoke of acceptance to my forever requests and I decided I was to ask her Aurush, her father for her hand in marriage. I stopped by the shop he worked at and asked him to join me for a cup of juice considering his distaste for teas after being ruined daily by his tea obsessed Irish wife. He agreed and we sat uncomfortable for a few moments until I couldn't hold it in any longer. I lunged with the question I hoped he would be willing to grant me the honor of gaining the right to partake upon. He answered the most unexpected thing to my amazement. Aurush said he would agree under one condition. That I marry his sweet Rebekah in India. I was taken aback by his offer and I turned white as a ghost. I questioned if he was sure that traveling towards the middle east with his daughter was something he wanted to do. He confirmed that is his offer and requested I hold true to his condition. I thought to myself, if this man knew of the hate I have for this land and how it repulsed me, surely he was only wanting to torture me. I asked what he would do, did he not wish to attend his own daughters wedding?! Did he truly understand the dangers of such a unique girl in the world let alone traveling through India. Aurush explained this was his home and he would be traveling with us and I could meet his whole family alongside his beloved special daughter and wife. Rebekah deserved the best and he had always desired to take her there with her mother Chloe. I robotically agreed and shook his hand, saying thank you, and he would not be disappointed. Though I didn't mention to anyone how this was a forced agreement due to true love.

What was I to do now?! A man that hated his home land and all that it offered with the acceptance that it brought me to the love of my life. Sure I cared for my family but I was one of nine, I was always the odd one out. Everyone had a brother or sister partner to depend on but me. My father never could see me as much, my mother was a customary fitted wife for my father, she loved me but only at convenience. I was simple a lost soul that went unnoticed, unloved, and expected to be another son of India. To be forced to bring this special, love of my life girl back to that filthy place to marry her was nightmarish to think about. I simple couldn't grasp the beauty in all the stories Aurush and Rebekah shared with me and found myself doubting my ability to follow through with my soon to be father in laws wishes. I spent hours holding back my disgust as she told me the stories her father had shared. I myself stayed away from everyone as much as possible and I secretly gagged on my tongue when my soon to be wife would question me of growing up in India. I wondered if I should just forget the whole thing and maybe her father would not mention it.

I looked at the ring I purchased for my bride. I walked home and decided I was to face my fears and propose to my perfect Rebekah. I was in love and I wanted to see her everyday for the rest of my life, that was without any doubt.

The next day I called her and requested she meet me at the table we first met and that I had a gift I wanted to share for our first year anniversary. She just laughed at how proper I sounded on the telephone and she could never take me serious. She agreed to meet at five and lingered on the phone before hanging up. Not a minute late, she showed up with a hug and kiss as I give her flowers and long embrace. I looked at her and asked if she remembered our night, she rolled her eyes and said how could she forget. It was my moment, I had planned this for months in secrete. I took one knee, I took her hand asking to be her husband in marriage and promised to love her for all of forever. I held up her ring and asked her to read the inscription on the inside of it. She began to cry as she examined the writing and said aloud 'Elettaria'. I told her it was for elettaria cardamomom it was true cardamom and I needed her for the rest of our lives. She accepted gracefully and I have never been so happy in my whole existence as I placed the ring on my beautiful Irish Indian bride to be. We enjoyed a meal and drinks and then walked home to her parents house together. I told her of her father's requirements and that I agreed to marry her in India with a traditional Indian wedding to the best of my ability to do so. She was excited, I was ashamed at my lack thereof. I actually wanted to skip the wedding and enjoy the honeymoon American style.

I found myself working over time to fund the expenses of our wedding, travel costs, and accommodations that was proving to be horrendously expensive. I also had to take a second job working with my roommate Isaac at his families book store. It was by far my favorite thing to do other than being with the love of my life even if all she seemed to speak of was the wedding plans that I could barely tolerate. So Isaac and the book store was the next best thing. I myself enjoyed his stories and conspiracies of the world and best yet, I enjoyed working in the bookstore that had been in business for over a century. Most people found Isaac to be a little out there and had a persona that is rarely accepted by society; we didn't like those people. It was a Friday night and I had put away the last of the nightly drop offs. I was startled when I heard a gastly scream from outside the doors of the back entrance that usually stays locked. I ran to investigate the commotion and looked through the peephole to see Isaac with his face covered in blood screaming in terror for me to open the door. Fearful as I was, I jerked the door open as he fell to my feet screaming for me to help him. I pulled his body inside just as I looked up to have my eyes meet with the most gruesomely monstrous creature that all nightmares are made from. As it growled and lunged for us both, Isaac kicked the door closed and I barricaded it with a palate of books.

Kitty Bee
Kitty Bee
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