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by Ingrid St. John 2 years ago in fiction
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“Soft skin smelling of roses and saffron. Barely any bones yet he wields power? I couldn’t let this happen. Not to ME."

A high pitched buzz renders Nick, Jenny, a half morphed Jekyll-Hyde helpless as Ahmanet utilizes her mind control.

Prodigium’s technicians and security move quickly as Ahmanet used her telekinesis to free herself from her restraints of the mercury prison that was painfully pulsing through her veins.

Snapping sounds permeate through the chamber as her restraints release and strike various security guards who attempt to subdue her. Various arms, legs, and torsos slice like fresh-baked bread.

The Pharaoh has returned.

Her limbs once weak and frail became stronger, more toned. Her once ashen skin warms into a deep ebony bronze, her hair once matted braids fell languidly into raven luxurious plaits.

Her dark almond eyes now a bright reddish-brown hue display carefully drawn kohl around them as they once were.

Taking in a freeing breath of air from her lungs the remaining mercury formed droplets evaporating from her skin as if she rose from a hot bath. Flecks of gold cradle her soft supple flesh.

Her natural full lips curve into a smile as she remained fixed on Nick’s suspended body. She slowly descended the steps of her former prison. Those still alive are forced to bow or receive the outcome of their former coworkers. The brazen turn to ash as she makes her way towards Nick.

Nick tries to break free from her hold on him, his skin burns upon resisting. He stares at the woman before him. No longer mummified but beautiful, naked, and lethal. His manhood betrayed him, over and over again.

Jekyll-Hyde spoke simultaneously, “We are incapacitated.” As they too are captivated by this arousing beauty.

Jenny remains frozen, amazed, and envious.

Ahmanet stops in front of Nick and moves him to his feet. She senses his arousal and is amused. To think he was the chosen one. Nick remains motionless. Her voice like golden silk teasing everyone’s ears, “You want to know who I am.” She grabs Nick's face causing his body to jerk. His eyes turn white along with everyone else as they witness a story told as it occurred in her memory.

I was born a princess to a queen who died after giving birth to me. My father promised me that when he died I would become a Pharaoh. I accepted this promise and trained relentlessly day and night. I was his ONLY child. Then he mated with his second wife and had a son. My rule over my kingdom was now at the hands of an infant boy. A BOY.”

Her grip on Nick's jaw tightened as his body struggled against her strength, her pressure.

Soft skin smelling of roses and saffron. Barely any bones yet he wields power? I couldn’t let this happen. Not to ME. I made a pact to Set, that I shall set him free to become my king under the oath I sacrifice my family. He gave me the weapon that will deliver them to their afterlife. I stood over them as they slept. How could my father betray me with love when his love ceased the moment my brother was born. The weapon felt cold in my hands as I stood over their warm bodies. My father stirred and opened his eyes slowly, anticipating his servant. The look in his eyes of sheer horror when I struck him across his throat, his blood pouring out like fresh wine, his wife’s blood was even sweeter. I felt no shame in finishing my brother, I was meant to rule.”

The hypnotized audience were vibrating from the horror they had no choice in witnessing.

When I reached my ritual room to transfer Set into my lover’s body, the guards found me and shot me with darts laced with mercury as they killed my lover. I was mummified alive and no one came to save me, not even Set. I struggled and screamed as they wrapped me in linen bandages and placed me inside a sarcophagus of wood. That hallow crypt was placed into another sarcophagus made of stone where my screams went unheard while I was buried in a pool of mercury. I thought Set would come and avenge me. He didn’t, then you set me free, even though it was for selfish purposes.”

Ahmanet released their minds as their eyes returned to their natural colors, their bodies still remained in her power.

Nick’s eyes softened to her, even though she is a force of extreme malevolent power he felt her pain. She released Nick’s jaw as she continued, “Centuries and broken dynasties carried on as I waited for Set to love me, free me and for a moment I desired to bring Set into you Nick and now I realize that it is a waste of time. My intelligence and power hold everything I need.” She whispered in Nick’s ear, “I don’t need Set, I am the Queen Pharaoh no, brought back to save you from yourself, to save all these weaklings from themselves. I AM YOUR GOD NOW, and you all will serve ME.”

Ahmanet begins to laugh as she walked backwards. Jekyll-Hyde, and Jenny continue to stare at her in awe as she disappears in smoke.

Everyone in the room collapsed.


About the author

Ingrid St. John

Audiophile. Cinephile. Comic Writer. Author ~ Writer ~ Storyteller of Horror, Thriller, & Poetry.

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