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Absolutely Nothing

by Nat NW 5 days ago in fiction

Comes with a Sign

Absolutely Nothing
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Absolutely Nothing

Isolated and alone.

Complete and utter silence.

No birds, planes, traffic, or sirens can be heard.

Ripped up trees from the roots.

Branches scattered, on what used to be roads.

Houses demolished.

Buildings collapsed and glass shattered for miles.

Small fires are seen burning in every direction.

The heat of fire is overwhelming.

To walk and avoid the fire, is the overwhelming obstacle.

Bodies littered the condemned streets.

Many were skeletons and some still ablaze.

The bones of birds, and animals of every kind, lay lifeless.

Still trying to comprehend the mass destruction that took place.

Only seconds before, all that could be remembered is the blood curdling screams.

It went on for what seemed like hours, but the screams began to fade.

To stay hidden, was the best option, or so it would seem.

Alive and everyone departed.

An enigma.

A nightmare that cannot be escaped.

Blinking and rubbing your eyes, didn’t make death disappear.

It was all around.

Death came for everyone, apart from one.

But death was there and it was coming for anyone that might still be alive.

At this point, death is observed as sinister.

But whose to say this wasn’t supposed to happen.

It did happen and the reason is unknown.

Death, might have a lesson.

Taught through carnage and despair.

Heartbroken and bewildered.

But what else can cause such a dramatic change.

What can stop the wars that have gone on for centuries.

Fighting for nothing, but disagreements.

The lesson, to respect life and all living things.

For it can be taken away at any second.

There is no rewind button or pause.

Death cannot be stopped.

It cannot be undone.

Not in this moment in time.

One lives, and yet walks the streets of despair and tragedy.

No hope or faith exists.

At least not any longer.

The city, that was once beautiful, is now non-existent.

There is no repair; for people no longer exist.

All that could be seen, is now in the past.

It cannot be undone.

What can be seen, is beautiful mountains.

Trees sprawled across them for miles on end.

Seas of green grass and a sky bluer than the ocean.

The grass is tall.

One could touch it with their hand, while they walk across the field.

Deer are grazing on the grass.

A red fox, crosses the dirt road.

Butterflies and bees, landing on every flower that can be found.

Bright blue, red, orange, and yellow flowers, line the dirt roads.

To the east, is log cabin house.

Made with the magnificent wood of the trees nearby.

The ax in the stump of an old tree, could be seen.

But it was abandoned.

A grey hound sat at the porch.

Watching and standing guard for any potential intruder.

The wooden fence, lined the dirt road.

Just behind, a horse with a rider, were trying to make their way through.

Watching the horse go by, leaving only dust in its path.

As the dust cleared, a single crow sat on the fence post.

Very close indeed, but not scared.

He did not fly away, but instead, just held its gaze.

His color was pitch black, but eyes glowed yellow.

Just then, a hawk was seen flying overhead.

Landing on the branch of an aspen tree.

A majestic bird looking down to where one was standing.

Two birds on either side.

Only one looked real.

The hawk took its leave, while the crow stayed perched on the fence post.

The glowing yellow eyes continued with its stare.

Its purpose, a secret.

Just two days earlier, the same dirt road was walked upon.

It had just rained and the dirt road became mud.

The wood on the porch was drenched.

There were leaks all in the house.

Buckets were put underneath.

Each precisely placed for the water droplets.

While walking, a hawk was spotted, perched on a nearby fence post.

His focus, on the ground and in the trees.

At the base of one of the wooden posts, just below the hawk, lay a gold locket.

Picking it up right away, and not knowing what it was, was like finding a hidden treasure.

The first to stumble across a trinket, that may have been lost for some time.

The magnificent gold locket was opened.

Much like opening up a treasure chest.

Expecting to find hidden gold pieces inside.

Instead, only a picture lay within the locket.

A crow, with menacing yellow eyes.

Just then, she suddenly awoke. A dream that felt so real.

Real enough to go to the fence post, where the locket was found.

There the locket lay, right where it was supposed to be.

Inside, the picture of the crow.

The memories of all the death and ruination, came flooding back.

The heat of the fire could be felt in her face.

The dead bodies that lay on top of each other in the streets.

A premonition, an omen, and a warning of the soon to be tragedy that will occur.

It hasn’t happened yet, but maybe this was a second chance.

A fortuity to live.

Before ALL is taken.

Thank you all for reading!

- Nat

Nat NW
Nat NW
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