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A Mother's Love

by Joey Kaigler about a year ago in fiction

A Mother Knows Best

It's late at night at a farm. The wind rustles the trees as a storm passes through. The waves crash on the rocky shores on the bottom of the cliff near the farm and the house it's precisely located next to. Inside the modest house is Abby, an 8 year old girl stomping to her room, slamming the door and jumping on her bed with tears streaming down her face, running away from the bellows of her inebriated father.


Sobbing uncontrollably, Abby runs to a spot in her room and pulls up the floorboards. She pulls something out. It's a small plastic doll of a young woman.

She then reaches under her bed to grab something. It's a small children's book. Holding the doll, she starts going through the book. We see images of a princess in a castle and a ton of different animals. It's a very colorful book and it seems to eventually bring a smile to Abby's face.

Later that night Abby is fast asleep. The doll is to her right and the book is hanging off the side of the bed in her left hand. She's still got a smile on her face as she fidgets in bed, the sign of an active imagination.

Abby wakes up on the ground confused. She takes in her surroundings and her jaw instantly drops. All around her is a bright and colorful fantasy land, exactly like the one she was reading in her book. There's a large eccentric castle, wild curving trees and plant life, and big hot air balloons taking off. Abby can't believe what she's seeing.

She gets up and walks around exploring. As she walks through the town she sees farm animals running markets, fairy's flying through the air and a prince and princess waving at a large crowd from the balcony at the castle. She clearly couldn't be more excited, at least until:


Abby slowly turns around. Sitting at a small table in the middle of the road is Abby's mother. She's draped in an all white dress, looking almost like a goddess. At the center of the table sits the plastic doll that Abby had.

"Mom!" Abby screams.

Abby sprints towards her mother. She stands up to embrace her daughter. The two hug with tears streaming down Abby's face.

"I missed you," Abby says.

The mother hugs her tighter. They Abby then looks up at her mother.

"What is this place? And how are you here?"

Abby's mother smiles. "This place can be anything you want it to be. It is your fantasy. It's your dream, and it's your reality."

Abby looks confused. "But what does that mean? Why are we here?"

Suddenly a large mouse literally walks up to Abby and hands her a beautiful tiara.

"Oh my goodness. Is this for me?"

The mouse responds "Yes, my princess."

A wide smile appears on Abby's face.


"Yes Abby." Her mother says. "That's what I want to tell you. You can live here forever if you want."

"I can!?"

"Yes, but you're going to have do something first. Something you may not be comfortable doing."

"I'd do anything to stay here with you mom!"

"Then this is what I need you to do."

She whispers in her ear.

"What? Are you sure?" Abby says hesitantly.

"Yes. This is the only way."

"Okay, if you say so. But how will I know when to go?"

Her mother pulls out the plastic doll.

"You remember this? It's the last gift I ever gave you."

"Yes I've kept it this whole time!" Abby bounces up and down in excitement.

"Good sweetie. I need you to listen to it."

"Li--Listen to it? The doll?"

"Yes, listen to it. It'll tell you what to do. Now run."



BOOM! The thunder rips Abby right out of her dream. She screams at the top of her lungs.

She she fumbles in her bed but then she feels something under the covers. She grabs it and pulls it out. It's the doll. She holds it close.

Then her father's loud footsteps appear. He barges through the door


He stops. He sees Abby holding the doll. Then something changes, like he remembers something.

"That doll," His voice trembles. "I haven't seen that doll since.. Your mother.."

Suddenly a voice appears.

"Run Abby."

Abby looks around. "What? Who said that?

"It's me."

Abby looks down at the doll. The voice is coming from it.


"Yes now run!"

Abby catapults out of bed and sprints for the door screaming. She pushes her father out of the way and runs out of the room. The father trips on the open floorboard and falls.

"Abby wait!"

Abby bursts out of the house and starts running through the farmland. Her father runs out after her.

"Abby wait! Come back!"

Abby runs to the edge of the cliff and stops. She stares at the waves crashing up at the rocky shore. Suddenly the father arrives.

"Abby! Stop!"

Abby glares at her dad angrily. "Get away from me! I don't want you near me!"

Another loud thunderous roar. Then, a familiar voice coming from the doll.


"Mom!" Abby yells.

"It's okay honey you can do this."

Abby takes a deep breath. "I know I can."

She takes a step towards the cliff

"Abby what are you doing!?" Her dad yells.

She keeps walking.

"Abby please! I miss her too!"

She stops and turns around to address her dad.

"Not like I do."

Doll in hand, she jumps off the cliff.


As she falls, Abby clutches to doll close to her body. Then the doll slowly grows bigger and bigger until it's a full size woman. Her mother. They hug.

Abby's eyes open and she's back in the magical kingdom. She's standing on the same balcony where the prince and princess were, and the same crowd is cheering her on. The mouse comes up and hands her the tiara.

"My princess."

Abby takes the tiara and puts it on her head. Her mom puts her hand on her shoulder. She couldn't have a bigger smile. She knows now that they'll live happily ever after.


Joey Kaigler

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