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by Sumer choudhary 12 months ago in travel / travel
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Priest faced a ghost

We are fear of ghosts. We hear a story in childhood about a ghost. I grow up to hear a story. My grandmother told many stories. I seat alone then I remember these stories. This story has made a space in my mind when we want to forget some things but our mind remembers again and again. I want to share a story about a place where people don't go. It is old Garh. People told many stories about Garh. I told one story about Garh.

A Garh was made by five kingdoms in 2 hundred years. It was made in the 1600 century, so it is very old. It is spread 5oo square meter. Many of the walls crack at present time. Today, this Garh don't activities of people. People go only in the daytime. A small temple made in Garh. People went to see a temple but this time it' has broken. All walls color blown away, so it looks like Black Garh. Black color creates fear in people. It doesn't have the facility of electricity. It lives a ghost in time.

Some years ago a priest went to the temple in Garh. He was a very courageous person. He can live at night time but he did not worry. A priest lived in the village. He was 40 years old. Garh is located 2 hundred meters far in villages. He waked up at 4 am after he bathed in the pond. A pond is located near to the house. He made honor of worship for God. He went to the temple in the morning and evening time. He came home after worship. He ruled that he lived one night in the temple. Village people didn't go with him, so they didn't know, what was priest activities in the Garh?. Sometimes people made a group and went a Garh but this time a priest didn't present.

Old people talked about a Garh that one night come many of ghosts for meat each other, so it is not safe for a person who goes at night time. The priest knew these talks but he didn't worry. People and priest didn't know that which night came ghosts, so they could not commit priest.

One day priest went in the evening time in Garh. He started god to worship when worship closed then he decided to live this night in Garh. He spent the night in the temple but he didn't travel to Garh because he knew to safe in the temple. He had missed his water bottle. He wanted to drink water. The water tank was located on the stairs. It had distance hundred meters. He would drink water, so he passed away 3 hundred stairs. He didn't think that ghost would come this night, so he took his torch. He went to drink water. He took some time and reached the water tank. He took water but the water tank didn't have sufficient water so that quench thirst of the priest. He didn't pay attention to his torch, so the torch realized the priest's hand and fallen into stares. He could not capture again. He understood that he had created a big mistake. Only a torch was present for light up in Garh. He could not see anywhere.

He decided to move to the temple. He started with an analysis of stairs. He was very courageous, so he didn't fear. He took some steps of stairs then he can hear his footstep. He passed hundreds of stairs after he took one step but he heard two steps. The priest took a second step but the condition same. he feared to repeat volume. He took a step fast and crossed 50 stairs but he reached again the same position. He didn't know that what's happened to him. He tried to again but he reached the same palace.

He feared and increased the volume of his heart. He could hear the volume of his heart. After some time he heard two volumes of hearts. This situation created many things in the priest's mind. He seated on the stairs and thanked. He realized that this night is ghost night. He spent some time then he realized that anyone laid a hand on his shoulder. He turned the neck back then he saw a man who had to wear king clothes. He fainted.

Sometimes after he found a place when the king's goat was sacrificed. He founded the red color then he remained. The only priest knew to go full garth in the village. He saw that five-kings soul seated on Stone. He communicated with them.

Priest: why take me to this palace.

King: This garth is ours. Why you come.

Priest: I want to worship a Temple.

King: you want to capture all garth. I would kill you.

King's soul left to the priest and thrown a fort. The priest had fallen under a fort.

Village people went to under garth in the morning time. They found the half-dead body of the Priest. Priest's necks were blown in blud. He told a story which happened in Garh, so people don't go to a fort at night time.

I hope that you feel better and enjoy when reading the articles. This story is based on imagination.

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