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A Great Love Story

by Shawna McCord Bennett about a year ago in fiction
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By: Shawna Bennett

A Great Love Story
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

What makes a great love story she wondered. A love story so powerful that it is talked about through the ages. Like Romeo and Juliet or Anthony and Cleopatra. A love story that had been around for centuries like Paris and Helen of Troy.

She knew she shared that kind of powerful love with Raymond. They had met right after he had published his very first book. It had been fate that their lives would intertwine. They often laughed that it had been love at first sight. In the years that had followed she had started to notice that his books were based on them. If they went to Paris, his next romance was set in Paris. If they went camping the next book would be set in the wilderness. She loved reading his interpretations of their life together.

Next month they would be married at a private villa in Italy. She knew the press and paparazzi would want to see their favorite romance author get married. He knew she had wanted something small and private, so he had agreed to a very private wedding. She had bought the dress when he had first proposed and it was beautiful. She knew she would take his breath away when she walked towards him, down the aisle.

It was the wedding that was making her think about their great love right now. She wanted to give him the perfect wedding present. Something as great and powerful as their love, but what? What makes a great love story she wondered again. The answer came to her like a bolt of lightening and she knew exactly what to give him. She knew he was at a book signing and she really didn't want to bother him there. He always made such a fuss over her when she went to his signings. It seemed like he paid so much attention to her, that he forgot all about his fans. She had loved the last year they had spent together. He had taken a year hiatus to devote all of his time to her, but she knew his fans demanded he make his comeback. This was the first time he had done a public appearance in a year and the book signing would be packed. She knew though that he would always make time for her and she imagined his surprise when she gave him his gift in front of his adoring fans. She was sure they would swoon when they saw a glimpse of their love story.

Raymond looked up when she walked in the doors. He heart dropped in his chest and he groaned inwardly. She had been stalking him since his very first book had come out. He had taken out multiple restraining orders and she had been jailed twice. Finally, he had cancelled all appearances for a year, hoping she would forget about him. He cringed as she walked straight towards him and he didn't have time to alert the security guards to her presence.

"I have finally figured out what makes all of the love stories like ours so great Raymond!" she exclaimed loudly

Before he could muster up a response she pulled out a gun "They all die together my love." she said and shot him in the head

As the crowd began to scream in delight and rush towards them to congratulate them both, she put the gun to her own head. A great love story always ended in tragedy and she knew theirs was a great love.


About the author

Shawna McCord Bennett

I am the author of a new YA book series and an avid reader of fiction. I love the horror genre and fantasy.

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