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A Bitter Morning

by Shyenne Moran 14 days ago in fiction

A Scary, Bed-Time Story

Photo by: @lady_capricorn_photography (on insta)

I woke up this morning with the biggest headache I've ever had in my life. Considering how bad the dashboard appeared, I was surprised to see that I hadn't broken any bones. No gashes were present on my being, not a single scratch. I looked at the driver's seat, empty. The windshield of the truck was completely shattered. The airbags worked. Releasing my seatbelt, I dreaded the oncoming thoughts of my friend’s unknown condition and whereabouts. I hopped out of the truck to see if he had flown from the wreckage.

[For the evening, we were on our way to visit some more friends, blasting our favorite tunes through the radio, not a care for the pouring rain. We were traveling fast on a sharp turn when at the last second we saw a woman, standing directly in our path. He jerked the wheel to the left, taking us off of the road. The impact took us over the guard rails and off the steep ravine.]

I examined the remains of the vehicle. The entire front was demolished. One tire was missing from the rear end. The truck was tilting upwards onto an old, warped tree that had rooted itself deep; the driver's side of the vehicle sat higher than the passenger's.

I searched the area around the wreck, I still didn't see him. I considered that maybe he had regained consciousness first and had gone to get help.

I worked my way back up to the road and started walking. It was still foggy; every now and then, a slight breeze would send the autumn leaves sprawling across the empty road. The sound of crows incessantly echoed through the trees. From what I could recall, there should have been an intersection about fifteen minutes away from where we crashed, with a gas station nearby. But the road seemed to go on forever, and I felt like I had been walking for a while.

Through the mist, I could see flashing lights. Silhouettes paced all around, they made sharp, quick muffles to each other. At last, a sign of help.

As I got closer, the muffles started to clear up.

"Everybody back up!"

There seemed to be a panic. There were paramedics and a couple of cops trying to contain the chaos.

In the distance, I noticed my sister. She was talking on the phone, choking on her words through her chopped breaths and tears. When did she get here?

I started towards her, concerned.

"What's wrong? How'd you get here?" She looked right through me.

"They said they found him this morning." Her eyes leaked.

"Who? What happened?" She wouldn't hear me.

I looked over at the caution tape, behind it was my friend's truck. But this didn't make any sense, I was just there, I left the truck.

In disbelief, I walked over to the driver's seat. In it, was my friend; but he was lifeless, gone. I looked to the other side of the truck; I had already been removed from the vehicle, zipped inside of a body bag.

This can’t be happening. I watched them wheel me away, my sister sat on the ground, whaling and screaming. This can't be happening.

I fell to my knees, screaming into my hands. Then I looked up and everything was gone. I was in the middle of the road, alone again.

A crow perched himself on my shoulder, I swatted him away. This can't be happening.

There were hundreds of crows accompanying the trees, some on the road.

In front of me appeared the mysterious, pale woman that my friend and I tried avoiding last night, she wore a black veil.

She knelt down to me and smiled,

"Welcome to your new home."


Shyenne Moran

It’s been an interesting 24 years.

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Shyenne Moran
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