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Mind Games


9678 woke up in a cold sweat. His already racing heart pounded in his chest and his lungs pumped quick, shallow breaths. They moved him to another facility; this door was a solid metal several inches thick and raised to meet the flat at the ten foot mark. His arms were bound with thick rope behind him at the shoulder, elbow and wrists; they had him hooked to the ceiling by the arms. There was a large weight attached to his feet. 9678 instantly began to pull against the ropes with all his might, but they wouldn't give.

"Don't bother," a voice said.

He looked to his right to discover a thin girl bound with the same rope. Each of her arms were spread out to her sides with her wrists tied to poles, the knots a few inches from her hands. Her shoulders were deeply bruised and fore arm red and irritated.

"I already tried."

"Who are you, why are you here?" 9678 stopped his struggle and tried his hardest to relax instead of fighting as the weight stretched and pulled his body towards the dull metal floor.

"Come on don't be so blunt, we're going to be together for an extended period of time. Either way, I'm Ry-Anne and I killed my entire family on Christmas Eve."

9678 laughed so hard that his body swayed like a tops of trees during a windy day.

"Come on don't lie, you can't be older than 21." 9678 took in the female's features, her blue eyes were lifeless and carried large dark bags under them. Her thick black curls pulled back into a tight ponytail. The stress of the hairstyle showed on her face as a slight grimace when she furrowed her eyebrows. Her brown skin was covered in bruises.

"Oh god am I not going to miss you. I think that you should know that I'll be your only way out." Ry-Anne began to twist and jerk her body towards 9678 and he watched as her right shoulder began to stretch under the skin. Her breathing grew labored and there was a loud pop before she grasped the pole that was attached to her left wrist. She used her teeth to untie that wrist. Before Ry-Anne could start on her right arm everything seemed to happen at once. Several guards rushed into the cell and three went straight to Ry-Anne. One gripped the center of her abdomen and pushed down against her hips to straighten her body. The other two guards focused on retying her ropes with excessive force, causing her arms to bleed more.

Ry-Anne kicked and snapped her teeth at them, trying her hardest to mark and tear their skin. She was successful in doing so. She whipped her head forward with so much force that her head whipped back and cracked against the wall; her teeth were firmly latched to a guard's deltoid. The four inactive guards that were lined against the walls burst into action and reached for one of her four jerking limbs. The uninjured, original three focused on detaching her from their bleeding counterpart by covering her nose and pushing her skull into the metal wall. Ry-Anne began to let out shrill shrieks and made a point to to stare straight into 9678's eyes. He started yelling as soon he caught a glimmer a pleasure from the pain they had to be causing her. He spat and shouted at everyone calling them vulgar names and other obscenities trying to get their attention to make them leave the woman alone. He was trying to help them, but they thought the opposite, and someone shoved a knot of the thick rope into his mouth.

Everything ended as quickly as it started. The guards succeeded in subduing Ry-Anne, and she was able to keep the guard's muscle in her possession until they left and lock the door. The door stayed locked for twenty-one days until 9678 fully recovered from his shock and they decided to move him again. They were proud, he was the first out of 9677 experiments to make it through Ry-Anne and her antics, but they weren't sure if he could survive Ryan, Ry-Anne's fraternal twin.

Sabrina Rodgers
Sabrina Rodgers
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