8 Free Christmas-Themed Horror Movies You Can Watch Right Now

by Matt Loftus 3 years ago in movie review

I've compiled a list of 8 Christmas horror movies/TV shows that will help you get through the holidays without resorting to a full on Jack Nicholson style family massacre.

8 Free Christmas-Themed Horror Movies You Can Watch Right Now
Who's been naughty? 'Tales From The Crypt' [Credit: HBO]

So, you're about to hang stockings by the fire and put up that epic Christmas tree that's sure to outdo the neighbors pitiful effort. December is usually a very festive month as we get closer to the big day of eating presents and opening turkey (scratch that, reverse it). However, if you're like me then you get a bit tired of the usual re-runs of A Wonderful Life and Home Alone (don't get me wrong, they are good movies) and start to look for something with a bit more edge. Well, you're in the right place, as I've compiled a list of 8 Christmas #horror movies/TV shows that will help you get through the holidays without resorting to a full on Jack Nicholson from #TheShining family massacre — well, maybe. Let's begin:

8. 'Christmas Evil' (1980)

Who's been naughty?

In #ChristmasEvil, a mentally scarred toy factory worker has a nervous breakdown over Christmas (how unlikely) and dons a Santa suit to go find out who's been naughty and who's been even worse. One of the first of the "Santa-goes-on-killing-spree" sub-genre that seems to be even more popular today strangely. Watch the full movie here.

7. 'Twilight Zone': Night Of The Meek (1985)

Whats in the sack?

Part of the first season of the '80s revival of the now-legendary Rod Serling series #TheTwilightZone. In fact, it's a remake of the same-titled story, which revolves around a drunk department store Santa who gets fired on Christmas Eve. All he wants to do is give presents to EVERY needy child in the city and when he comes across a magical never-ending sack of toys it looks like his wish is granted. A quaint little gem and worth seeing if you've never caught it before.

6. 'Silent Night, Bloody Night' (1972)

Do Not Enter This House!

When a man inherits his father's mansion that was formerly a mental institution, he stirs up an unsolved murder and secret that the town has tried to hide for a long time. A creepy, atmospheric movie that really shocked audiences on release.

5. 'Jack Frost' (1997)

This is snow-joke! 'Jack Frost' [Credit: A-Pix Entertainment]

No, its not the Michael Keaton family favorite, but a true Christmas-nasty. Basically, a serial killer dies and comes back as a homicidal snowman intent on getting revenge against anyone who convicted him. I don't need to tell you its a cheesy, low-budget monstrosity that combines bad acting with a cheap snowman prop. Hell, I don't just recommend seeing it — I want you to show all the family.

Anyone on here like puppets? Well if not, you'll hate this crazy-plotted flick. Basically, a left-over Nazi plan to create a race of supermen is triggered in modern day with the use of an evil elf creature hell-bent on bringing back the master race. I'd love to see a documentary exploring this film and what they were thinking during the shoot.

3. 'Tales From The Crypt': And All Through The House

Kick him in the jingle-bells!

An early episode from the anthology horror TV show #TalesFromTheCrypt that gave me nightmares when I was a kid. When a money-grubbing wife murders her husband on Christmas Eve, complications to her plan arise in the form of an escaped mental patient who just happens to be dressed as old St Nick. A fun little TV treat that was formerly adapted in the '70s with Joan Collins being harassed by the evil Santa. Watch this version now.

2. 'The Woman In Black' (1989)

She's Always there

Now you might point out this isn't exactly a Christmas-themed horror film, BUT it did debut on Christmas Eve 27 years ago and it certainly taps into the autumn/winter time frame. When a young solicitor is sent to an old manor house in the country he falls afoul of a supernatural presence that threatens to destroy his sanity for good. I wrote a full article (here) on this movie's impact on an unsuspecting audience, watch it here now.

1. 'Black Christmas' (1974)

He sees you when you're sleeping

#BlackChristmas is one of the best Christmas slasher movies of all time and it unbelievably beat #JohnCarpenter's Halloween by a full four years. During the Christmas break, a group of sorority sisters are menaced by a series of disturbing phone calls from a psychopathic killer. Genuinely creepy and original, it got a decent-ish remake in 2006's Black Xmas.

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