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5 Of The Most Haunted Items In The World Rest In One Building

All of your nightmares in one museum. Would you go face them?

By Jasper WolfPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

Las Vegas, Nevada. Gambling city of America. As many as 40 million people visit the strip every year. In the cross hairs of all the traffic, lies a building that ages back to 1938. Built by businessman Cyril S. Wengert the home was the largest of it’s time. In the 1970’s the home had been a place for dark rituals. Later, a businessman bought it as a law firm, but due to strange and unexplainable circumstances it was left empty for years.

Zak Bagans, Star of Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures and long-time resident of Las Vegas bought the historical building in 2015. The Paranormal star filled the building full of the world’s most haunted objects. Objects that are so haunted they have been known to cause fainting spells, sickness, dizziness, and other dangerous phenomena to his daily guests. It is said that Bagans requires his fans that visit the museum to sign a waiver stating he is not responsible for whatever happens to them during or after visiting his haunted museum.

The hundreds of people who visit his museum come face to face with objects that you only have heard about on television. Objects that whole movies have been made about. Objects that you have had nightmares about after finishing the fear filled entertainment. Some, that are well known.


Jack Kevorkian Death Van

Late infamous Michigan doctor, Jack Kevorkian was charged with second-degree murder in euthanasia of a man with Lou Gehrig’s disease. Well known Detroit lawyer, Geoffrey Fieger was long time lawyer of the convicted doctor. Fieger visited Bagans at the museum. The lawyer did, on television, confirm that the VW van was in fact the van of Dr. Jack Kevorkian. He continued to say that Dr. Kevorkian assisted 130 ill patients in their death, many of which were in the van at the time of their passing. The van sits today in the haunted museum, still having unexplained incidents inside and outside of the vehicle.


Haunted Doll Room

Everyone has their phobias. Some are afraid of heights, flying, or even water. The famous paranormal hunter has many times expressed his fear of dolls. Yet, one of his most prized rooms in his dark museum is his haunted doll room. Phenomena such as talking or even moving dolls that have never done so before haunt this very room. Walking in the store you see a toy doll on the shelf and wonder if the eyes are moving with you. Well, in this infamous room, they may be.


Ted Bundy’s Glasses

One of Bagan’s most recent purchases belonged to one of the most evil minds to ever live. In 2019, Netflix came out with a couple of series telling the story of Murderer Ted Bundy. Millions of people tuned in to listen to the real Ted Bundy tapes and watch the Ted Bundy biographical series starring Zach Efron. During the Bundy craze, Bagan’s bought the actual glasses of the murderer for $50,000. Millions of people come from all over the country to just come within feet of a pair of glasses. A pair of glasses that could tell a story more chilling than any big network could ever imagine.


Dybbuk Box

Along with the hundreds of artifacts bought by Bagans for his museum, some stand above all the rest. One of the artifacts he refuses to even touch. One so dangerous, one so haunted, he gives it its own room where it is encased in glass. A famous rapper visited Bagans at his museum and was a guest on his show. Millions of fans tuned in to see rapper, Post Malone, confront the Dybbuk Box. It is said, that touching the box can leave you sick, cursed, both, and even result in your death. Malone, during the episode, is said to have touched Bagans while Bagans was resting his hand on the box.

Shortly after the show, the rapper ran into some bad luck. While Malone was on his way to London, his plane’s tires blew. Luckily, the pilot was able to land the plane safely. Next, his house was broken into by fans demanding to see him. He was not home at the time. Lastly, his Rolls Royce was T-boned by a kia in West Hollywood. The rapper came out and stated he believed he was cursed by the dybbuk box.


The Real Annabelle Doll

An unseemly everyday looking doll sits in a chair behind a guard rail in the eerie museum. It is said that this raggedy ann doll is filled with an evil spirit by the name of Annabelle that can harm or even be deadly to anyone who comes close to it. People say they feel the dark energy as they walk into the room. It’s also said that guests of the museum faint or even get ill around the harmless looking doll. This doll is not to be toyed with.


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