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5 Basic Lessons That Horror Movies Give Us

Horror movies give amazing advice that can be applied in real life

By Ninfa BiPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Horror movies also teach

Horror movies leave teachings that can be useful in case you experience paranormal events. Incredible as it may seem, many films of this genre are based on esoteric knowledge that applies in various strange circumstances. The horror genre produces brilliant moments in front of the screen, many of them remembered through strong physical and psychological sensations. Over the years, various lessons are learned from mystery films on how to act in unusual situations such as those seen in the movies.

Here are 5 lessons from horror movies to keep in mind at the strangest moments.

#1.Do not trust children

Damien Thorn, from The Omen, 1976

Children in horror movies look cute, cuddly and adorable, but in reality that is a trap. Evil spirits hide behind the angelic image of a child to achieve the most destructive goals. In reality, they are not children as they appear, but diabolical entities that seek to deceive those who are distracted. So if you see any neat looking child acting strangely, the best thing to do is to stay away to avoid great misfortune. Don't be fooled by their harmless image.

2.Avoid darkness

The Darkness, 2016

This is one of the most famous lessons and the one you learn the fastest. When there is a blackout in your town, in your neighborhood or just in your house, never go to the attic or the basement, something that no one in their right mind should do, according to horror movies. Instead, take all your weapons and prepare for the worst by candlelight. Remember that evil manifests itself in the dark, for its purpose is to confuse, destroy and harm. Anyone who is not forewarned will have the worst fate and no circumstance can save him.

#3.Small towns are the most dangerous

Hoddonfield, the town from Halloween movie saga

Small, desolate and unpromising towns are the ones that hold the worst mysteries. This is something you always see in horror movies. After moves to old houses or vacations to small towns, that's when the spookiest stories start to emerge. So you know, once again it is proven that looks can be deceiving. In general, small towns featured in horror stories hold terrible secrets, which can be hidden for hundreds of years. If someone thinks of unveiling what those great mysteries hold, that's when the misfortunes begin to happen.

#4.Don't make silly mistakes

Jeepers Creepers, 2001

In horror movies, fun and curiosity never come to fruition. You've probably seen movies where a couple stops their car on the road to be alone for a while. You may also see a family stopping for a break on the road. Perhaps a group of teenagers might come along to spy on something they shouldn't. Almost always, they are the first victims. More often than not, they are the first victims of the serial killer out there. Therefore, never stop a road trip, no matter how long it is overnight, it could be the worst decision of your life.

#5.Do not repeat strange phrases in unfamiliar languages

Evil Dead, 2013

Contrary to common wisdom, reading is not always beneficial: if a character finds a book that seems to be bound in human skin or has the prefix "necro" in its title, he can do nothing but read it aloud. Needless to say, incantations always work in movies, especially those said in jest to scare someone even more fearful. The demons are waiting for a millennial to show up and ironically read the words that will set them free to destroy everything. The corollary of this rule is that the warning also applies to old VHS or Super 8 films. They always contain something that looks like a film student's surreal short film and release an ancient curse.

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  • Mora2 months ago

    Repeating strange phrases is f***ing dangerous 😱

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