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4 Nightmarish Stories That Happened on Halloween Night 2021 Edition.

by Rain- Screaming for Horror about a month ago in halloween


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Hello, lovers of the macabre Happy Halloween! and welcome back to another Screaming for Horror article I am Rain and I hope you're having an eerie day.

Halloween is the most glorious day of the year for all scary and spooky enthusiasts alike. A night where once a year we get to pretend to be someone else and of course enjoy the festivities that come along with it. From amazing parties to trick or treating and for some either a horror movie marathon (which in most cases you don't need this specific night for that) and of course a time to share a scare and maybe experience a petrifying and frightening story. So gather around and enjoy these 4 stories that happened on Halloween night.

1.- Candy

I have an aunt that told me about an experience she and her friends went thru on Halloween night when she was younger. She told me that she wasn't too crazy about Halloween but her friends had been persistent about going to this party that night and since she didn't wanna stay home alone she finally said yes and proceeded to go with them. She was enjoying herself at the party but around 1:00 o clock or so it started to die down and she and her friends started to get hungry. There was pretty much no food only a few snacks leftovers so they decided to drive around and find the first thing that was open for them to have a late-night bite.

Between giggles and reminiscing about the party, they didn't even notice that the small shack where they were having dinner was right next to what looked like an old abandoned cemetery. My aunt said it looked disheveled and extremely dirty but her friends noticed that it was the type that didn't have a gate or maybe they just didn't lock it that night who knows. They jumped on the subject of ghosts and demons and she started to feel uneasy. As much as she tried changing the conversation her friends kept at it until she knew it was gonna get to that particular point. The daring point. After dinner, she begged them not the disturb the dead it was to no avail. The friends decided to go in and search for ghosts on the scariest night of the year and she had no other choice yet again but to follow.

Surprisingly after almost an hour of being there nothing out of the ordinary happened and when her friends called it quits she was extremely happy to get the hell out of there. When they finally made it back home everyone was tired and ready to fully call it a night. As soon as they walked in my aunt mentioned that the living room felt colder than usual and a strange chill began to run up and down her spine. She waited to see if anyone else noticed anything but they made their way towards their bedrooms and said goodnight. But she knew something wasn't right. 30 min later or so after everyone was in bed already they were suddenly woken up by a loud bang. They all met in the living room thinking someone had broken in and ready to call the cops. Nothing was out of place and they didn't find anyone lurking inside the apartment either. They thought it was strange indeed but made their way back to their rooms when they were suddenly stopped by what sounded like a baby crying.

They didn't know where it was coming from but they knew it was inside but couldn't find the source. The temperature started to drop more and more by the minute and out of nowhere banging's like the one before followed along. They were all scared and didn't know what to do. They thought about going to the neighbors but they didn't know them so they did nothing but stay closed to each other and decided to ride it out. They pleaded to whatever it was that was making the noise to stop but nothing happened. A few minutes went by and one of her friends between cries and sorry's decided to come clean. You see, when we were at the cemetery I took something. What did you take they all asked?

I saw some random candy on top of a kid's headstone and I took it. I didn't think anything of it it's not like he was going to eat it. As soon as she finished saying that a gust of wind entered the room where they were at and the cries got louder. The so-called friend that took the candy talked to whoever was crying out loud and promised to take it back and more the following day. After that my aunt says that everything stopped just as it came. They decided to go with her to make sure she kept her end of the deal. She did as she promised and they never experienced anything in the apartment and my aunt vowed never to visit a cemetery on Halloween night ever again.

2.- The Old Crone

A few years back a friend of mine and I went to a Halloween event located in one of our local parks. After the party was over my friend and I decided to head back to our homes but we took the long-isolated trail instead of taking our regular path. Why you ask? I have no idea we just did we thought it would suit the atmosphere to close out the night. Along the way and a few blocks before we got to our places we noticed 2 kids standing almost at the end of the street. A boy and a girl. They were dressed up as a bride and groom. We thought it was completely adorable but it was kind of odd to see 2 kids of around 10 with no parents anywhere near close to 1:00 am. We kept going and didn't think anything of it.

To our surprise, once we reached the next block there they were again. But how in the world did they get to the next street before us and without passing us by? There had been no cars on sight and they certainly had no bikes that we could see. We started to get a little freaked out but we still managed to reach the corner where they were standing, we had no choice we needed to pass thru there to get home, it was getting late, and turning back around was out of the question. I don't know why but I silently started to freak out inside but didn't tell my friend about it. As soon as we finally reached them and we started to pass by them, again, I couldn't help myself but to turn around and look. And what I saw was horrifying.

The little girl didn't have a sweet face anymore, it had turned into a hideous pale-looking woman, her appearance had a wretched look sorta like those creepy witches you see in the movies. She was hanging on to what looked like an old man with black empty eye sockets for eyeballs. I grabbed my friend by his hand and told him to run and not to look back. He started freaking out and made the mistake of turning at once. That witch-looking thing started coming towards us and we ran. We ran as fast as we could but I still felt like her hand grip was on my shoulders. My legs were about to give out and but I was still able to smell her foulness near us. We ran and ran until we finally reached our house. I told my friend to get in and to lock the door behind. We reached for my bedroom and with all the noise going on my mom woke up and found us in the back of my room cowering in a corner and asked what was going on.

We were both so out of breath and talking at once that she couldn't make up what we were saying. She waited until we both were calmed and then she asked us again. We told her what had happened and what we had seen. She started pacing around the room and told us that this wasn't the first time that someone had seen the old crone. The old crone was a local story about a woman who got stood at the altar on her wedding day. Her fiancée had found someone else and didn't have the courage to tell her so he ran away that same day. She dabbled in the dark arts and vowed revenge on her lover only before she committed suicide near the venue a few blocks away from the park. People have seen her from time to time mostly men and all though she's never really hurt anyone physically they have to live with the fact that they've encountered the old crone and wonder if she's still waiting for her ex-lover to seek revenge on.

3.- My Mother's Husband

I got married in my early 20's so I moved out of my mother's house with my husband to a new house but also a new state. My mother didn't take it well but not because she didn't approve but because my father had left her for another woman and I had been there for her ever since. I felt bad leaving her alone but as I had told her many times she was still young and vibrant enough to find someone else. So after several years of being alone and with technology creeping up on us, she decided to give a dating website a chance. Before I knew it and out of nowhere 3 months later she calls me up and tells me she's getting married. Getting married, after 3 months I asked. Don't you think it's a little soon? You're the one that wanted me to put myself out there so I did and now I've found someone who truly makes me happy. I couldn't say much so I congratulated her, after all, I had been the one persistent on her dating, and now, here are the results. But still, my gut was telling me there was something off about it, especially when she told me she was getting married on Halloween night. Nothing wrong with the holiday she was never really into it so I just thought it was weird that out of all days they had picked that one in particular.

She wanted us to arrive a few days before the big day so she could properly introduce us to her "fiancée" Kimaris. Never really heard of such a name before but I just thought that it was a foreign one. It was nice to be back and see my mother again. I thought I was gonna get a warm welcome in our old house but she decided it would be best for us to meet up at a restaurant. As soon as I walked inside I started getting this weird feeling. I couldn't explain it but it was awful. I felt like a panic attack was coming on and I've never suffered from them before but I know what they feel like because of my husband.

After a few minutes, my husband helped me control my breathing and desperation and made our way thru the tables to meet them. After holding my mother she proceeded to introduce us to him. "I'm Kimaris" nice to meet you both and extended his hand. As soon as I made contact with him a wave of pictures rushed thru me. Pictures of creepy people disguised in masks, animals being sacrificed and my mother sitting in the middle of a pentagram stuff that you only see in your nightmares. It felt like hours holding his hand when it had been no longer than 5 seconds. I've never experienced anything like that before I felt an extreme chill and was just uncomfortable sitting right in front of him. I wanted for the evening to end when it had just started. Out of respect for my mother, I sucked it up and got thru dinner.

That same night she told me we had to stay in a hotel room because she had failed to mention she had sold our home and moved in with Kimaris. I couldn't believe she had just met him and besides marrying him with knowing little to nothing about this guy she had come to such a big decision without even running it past by me. I was furious but it was done and there was nothing for me to do. At first, I thought that he had convinced her to sell for him to scam her out of money but I was surprised to hear that she had moved into Kimaris mansion. She told me he was a private investor and art collector and had no reason to scam her, especially when she had been living in the lap of luxury ever since she met him. It was a dream come true for her.

That night I wasn't able to sleep. Every time I closed my eyes I kept seeing those images in my head and I felt like I couldn't breathe. The following day I woke up with the worst headache ever. But I had to get over it since we were supposed to meet my mom in her new house to help her with any last-minute details before the wedding which was the following day. When we got there we were amazed. I had never seen such an extravagant house in my life only in magazines and in pictures. I was blown away by the inside as well. So many expensive-looking items from paintings to décor to the furniture, I don't mean to sound like a gold digger but my mom had hit the jackpot not to mention Kimaris wasn't that unfortunate looking either.

I had just been inside the house for about 5 minutes when all of a sudden I had the urge to throw up and I wasn't able to contain myself. I was blowing up chunks along with blood like never before. When I finally got to the bathroom and I was in there for what felt like an hour. I cleaned up and when I looked up to see myself in the mirror to make sure I was decent, I had such horrible black circles under my eyes but it wasn't as bad as the marks indented in my neck. It looked like someone had put a rope around me and didn't stop until they left them behind. I wasn't hurting but I was wondering where they had come from. I blew it off and made my way thru the house to find my mother. My husband wasn't there so I figured he went looking for her too. The more I walked further into the house the sicker I felt. I thought I had contracted something in the plane or maybe it was food poisoning so I kept on for my mother's sake.

After dinner and some small chit-chat, Kimaris invited us to stay the rest of the trip with them in the guest house. We extended our gratitude but I told him we couldn't stay plus I wasn't feeling that great and I didn't want to go back to the hotel room, pack, and come back out here. Don't worry, all your stuff is already here and I will not take no for an answer. My people took care of everything already he said. They did? But how? I asked. That's not for you to worry about. You don't look so good. Why don't you go to bed and get some rest before the big day tomorrow my mother jumped in and said. I had so many questions but between her being right and me thinking you can do anything you want with money, I brushed it off yet again.

It was Halloween and the wedding was finally here and I felt sicker than ever. This time I woke up with aches and bruises all over my body along with shortness of breath. It was unexplainable and I didn't understand why but I had to be here for my mother on her big day. Everything was already in place so it looked like they didn't need my help much. My mom told me that my husband and Kamari's had gone out to play golf in the back area. Something that didn't interest me. My mother looked happy and radiant and it was nice to see her like that after a long time. She told me she needed to talk to me about something important so we started strolling thru the mansion. She was telling me how lucky she felt to have met such a wonderful man like Kimaris. And that she didn't want to lose him or her newfound status but she had to come clean about something with me.

It started to freak me out a little since we started to make our way towards a long and creepy hallway. The more we walked the sicker I started to feel. She told me that indeed she had met someone on that dating site but it had not been him rather it had been someone that introduce them. That particular someone ask her if she was tired of being alone and feeling unwanted so she told her about a ritual where she could call upon someone to make her happy and a few days after that she had met Kimaris. What do you mean by a ritual I asked? A ritual that brought us together and you can be part of this family too. Have health, have youth, have riches plain and simple have it all. Have everything you ever dreamed of Kimaris said making his way out of the shadows with my husband in tow towards the room we were about to walk into.

I already explained everything in detail to your husband. I told him and your mother that you were sick and this was the only way out. I hate to deliver bad news but you have cancer and you don't have much time to decide. What?? My husband fell to the floor and insisted I listened. At the same time my mother opened up the room and the images started to fly back into my head. The room looked exactly like what I had seen before. there were people already there and a few minutes after being quiet yet freaking out on the inside it all made sense to me now. The lavish lifestyle, the power, and my mother's sudden infatuation. Let the festivities begin. Someone in a mask and long robe yelled out. We made our way inside the room as we officially celebrated their union that Halloween night.

You might say I sold out but if it meant for me to have a plentiful healthy life with my husband, a great relationship with my mom, and have the joy of being a mother then I say it was all worth it. Kimaris changed our life and yes sooner or later we all have to pay for our mistakes but for now, I have the life I've always wanted and I have no regrets about it. I consider him my father now, regardless of his job as being one of the 66 members of a legion of demons.

4.- Scarecrow

This happened when I was 16 years old. My parents had gone to a Halloween party as they did each year, I had been invited to a party with my friends but was feeling under the weather and decided to stay home and watch some classic horror movies, first up was none other than Halloween. I put in the DVD and made my way to the kitchen to make myself some popcorn and take something to ease my flu-like symptoms. I finished up and flopped down on the sofa and began watching the movie. Then suddenly, I noticed a wet rag lying on the arm of the sofa as I sat down. I hadn't noticed that before but began watching the movie, it was damped with something that smelled sweet and I thought it was sort of odd but paid no attention to it and put it on the coffee table next to where I was laying down.

Around 5 minutes or so into the movie I started to feel groggy, and there was no way the medicine had already kicked in, I thought to myself. Next thing I knew I was opening my eyes. Thru my blurry vision, I couldn't make out what was clearly in front of me but it was almost as if the TV. had been turned off. I rubbed my eyes and opened them again now I had a clear view of a man standing in front of the TV. I couldn't speak I was in complete shock. He was wearing what looked like a scarecrow mask and baggy overalls, he had his hands behind his back and I noticed what appeared to be 2 long handles sticking out of the right pocket. My head started darting all around the room, searching for my phone at which time I saw him bring up one hand towards me and he was holding it, I also noticed he was wearing gardening gloves. He brought his other hand out from behind to show me what he had, it was a bottle that had a homemade label, and it read chloroform.

For those who don't know, it's an agent that can be used to knock someone out or make them go to sleep, my mind immediately thought of the rag that had mysteriously appeared on the arm of the sofa. He had put it there doused in chloroform, how long had he been in my house? He wanted to toy with me, he could have killed me if he wanted to with the chloroform alone, and he could have done it while I was knocked out the first time. He then reached for the handles in his pocket and pulled out a very large pair of garden shears and every hair on my body stood on end I hurled over the sofa and into the hallway and passed the kitchen is the back door, I had to get there, I have to get to the door is what's racing thru my mind but he caught me by my shirt collar before I could make it to the kitchen.

He pulled with such force that I began choking and coughing. I swung my fist in the direction of his face as hard as I could but somehow he had managed to catch my hand with his before I could reach him, he was huge I'm just under 6 feet tall, this guy had to have been at least 6.9”. He squeezed the hand I swung with so hard that he broke my index finger he knew that he did this because the moment it happened, he grabbed it and laughed. He dragged me into the kitchen slamming my hand onto the counter and placed my finger between the blades of the gardening shears. I started kicking him as hard as I could and swinging with the other hand, this time I landed a few good hits and he stumbled and fell but he was back on his feet before I could react any further.

I pleaded for him to stop but it had no effect, he grabbed my finger again and slammed the sheers closed and I saw my finger detach from my hand, my hand started to pour blood, the feeling of pain was overwhelming. I let out the loudest scream I have ever been able to muster before or since that night which was met by a jaw-busting blow from his fist which must have knocked me out because the last thing I can remember after that was my neighbor helping me up from the floor while telling me that the police were on their way. He told me he heard my screams while he had his front door open to give treats to trick or treaters. He had broken down the door and made his way inside but found no one other than me laying on the floor, bleeding.

He kept asking for me to tell him who had done this to me, but I had no idea I knew of no one that was that tall. The guy must have taken my finger because it was nowhere to be found. Local police never caught the person responsible, however, in the process of punching him I must have knocked out a small piece of his mask because it was matched to a piece of mask found at a crime scene one state over from mine about a month later. The man responsible for that crime as well was never caught. Every day I live in fear especially when Halloween comes around. Will he be coming back again? or did he simply move on to his next victim. Why didn't he kill me when he had the chance twice. I try to be surrounded by as many people as I can all the time but sooner or later I'm bound to be alone somehow.

Well lovers of the macabre that's all we have for you today. If you have a ghostly experience a close encounter or wanna share any photos or videos of strange phenomena feel free to send us an email at [email protected] and your story could be featured in one of our future videos. Don't forget to Subscribe and Follow us on our Facebook and Tiktok pages for more and if you're on the go or rather see the video for this article please be sure to check out our Youtube channel. And remember until next time this is Rain... Sweet Screams.

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