3 Scary Stories

by Kycel Cromwell 5 months ago in fiction

Don’t read at night.

3 Scary Stories

Call My Name

At about three AM in the morning, I decide to get up and go fix myself a late-night snack, but as I walk passed the bathroom, I hear a soft voice calling my name, I just ignored it. I thought Maybe I was hearing stuff, so I continue walking towards the kitchen, as I’m making myself a sandwich. I hear the same voice call my name again, so now I’m getting freaked being that I live alone, so I try to watch YouTube on my phone while I eat my sandwich hoping I don’t hear that same noise again. So an hour later I finish my sandwich, and head over to my bedroom, and as I’m walking past the bathroom, I hear the same noise, so I decided to be bold and investigate the noise. I walked in the bathroom but no was in there I checked in the shower, behind the door, and even in the medicine cabinet but still nothing, so I decided to go back to bed so after an hour of sleep I wake up from the same noise calling my name, so I looked up and peeked into the bathroom, and saw my mom staring at me... my mom has been dead for ten years.

The Boy

As I’m walking upstairs to my apartment, I notice a weird-looking boy with dark-red skin sitting right in the middle of the steps. I approached the boy to kindly ask him to move to the side, so I may pass he then looked at me with a creepy face and said, you should leave now or deal with the consequences. Once he said that chills ran down my whole body, I then replied and ask the little boy was he ok, he replied with silence then he said, leave now. I said, but I can’t I live here, he then replied again with silence. I then ask the boy where his parents are, he then looked up at me and in a weird demonic voice, he said, “they're dead." I stood there in silence. The boy then said to go home now and lock your door, I don’t wanna hurt you. I laughed, hurt me? You're like ten years old. The boy again replied with silence, and calmly moved over to the side. I slowly walk past him up to my apartment. As I’m walking upstairs I hear my neighbor coming out of her apartment, and then I hear a loud scream. I slowly turn around, and see my neighbor's blood splattered all over the wall, and her head torn off. I noticed the little boy is gone and there’s little foot prints covered in blood going up the wall, I follow the footsteps with the flash light on my phone. I follow them, and they lead right over my head, I slowly look up and the...

Zombies are real?

I woke up one day with a weird craving, so I decided to go to the kitchen, but everything I saw just looked and smelled disgusting, so I thought maybe the food just went bad. I then called my mom, but what really freaked me out is that I remember she went to grocery shopping last night. I thought maybe I was just going crazy then I looked down at my hands and toes, and thought, why am I so pale, and so hungry? I have never been this hungry in my life. I hurried and called my friend over to make sure I wasn’t going crazy. Once she got here, I notice she had a very delicious smell, I decided to follow that smell, and it led to a small cut on her neck, so this is what I have been craving. I couldn’t resist so I dug in?

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