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3 AM, The Devil's Hour: what you need to know

It is popularly believed that 3 AM is a demonic hour because there is a high rate of paranormal activity during that period

By Ninfa BiPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Devil's hour scares people around the globe

For centuries there has been a popular belief that 3 AM is the time of the devil and therefore it is very dangerous to wake up at that time. In principle this belief has religious overtones. Jesus died at 3 PM, therefore the spirits use the opposite hour, 3 AM to mock him. The evil entities also mock the Holy Trinity, represented in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

These infernal beings decide to perform paranormal manifestations between 3 AM and 4 AM in homes, hospitals, cemeteries, psychiatric hospitals, among others to destabilize the faith of the faithful believers. That is why it is believed that the boundary that separates the earthly plane from the spiritual plane is broken and the evil spirits enter the physical reality. Those who are sleeping and suddenly wake up at 3 AM really have a bad time suffering from sleep paralysis, insomnia, nightmares, among other ailments.

Danger of being cursed

Few people know that witches and evil sorcerers cast spells against certain people at 3 AM, since this is the witching hour and therefore the rituals work best. Generally these spells are performed by ordinary people who pay a witch or warlock to perform a spell against a specific person. Witches take advantage of low vibrational energy to harm others in order to achieve what they want: to harm another person.

It is known that most people are asleep at that time, so they are more vulnerable to psychic attacks by witches. If the victim wakes up at that hour it is because evil forces are really stalking him. Evil has its own symbology, just as any religion does. These symbols are used for certain goals, based on the powerful meaning each one contains. The 3 AM hour is allied with Evil and its goal is to destroy.


Lovers of the paranormal affirm that there are more than enough indications to think that many of the strange phenomena that have occurred at 3 AM are due to evil reasons. One of the most repeated thesis by numerology lovers points directly to the devil as the responsible for this phenomenon.

The defenders of this satanic theory add that, if we add to the hour at which Jesus Christ would have died, 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the age at which he died, 33 years, we obtain "the hour of the devil". This reasoning is based on the premise that Satan always seeks to oppose God and does everything possible to mock His symbols, but at the same time, to imitate them.

Beyond the arguments put forward by those who maintain that it is around 3:33 when the hereafter and the hereafter come into contact, the truth is that it is at night, when the absence of light intensifies the rest of our senses, when the best conditions exist to develop any kind of fear.

In the absence of science confirming any of the supernatural theories, it seems that the reason why we associate what happens to us at 3 AM with all kinds of inexplicable phenomena would have more to do with the lowering of defenses experienced during the early morning, the circadian rhythms and the greater predisposition to fear generated by darkness than with the paranormal.

Whatever the reason for someone having a bad time at 3 AM it is good to know that something can be done about it. If you wake up at that hour scared to death you can turn to your faith, whatever your religion. Read the bible or any other holy book that will give you relief from the situation you are experiencing. You can pray or meditate if that makes you feel good, remember that it is up to you to control this situation.

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  • Kenneth Callaway 4 months ago

    Symbols have their own power.

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