15 Of The Most Dangerous S.C.P.’s

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15 Of The Most Dangerous S.C.P.’s

⚠️: This article may contain creepy images and disturbing content. Is the government hiding something? Is there some organization that’s responsible for covering things up? Maybe. The S.C.P. Foundation (Secure. Contain. Protect.) is an organization consisting of scientists, researchers and special forces that contain and study objects, locations, creatures, and entities that do not obey natural law. The foundation classifies their subjects into three classes, Safe, Euclid, and Keter.

Safe: means they are easy to contain and require little to no observation. Does not mean they will not pose a threat when activated or provoked.

Euclid: means they are a little more difficult to contain and may pose a threat. Any autonomous or sentient entities would be classified as Euclid due to their unpredictability and their ability to think or function independently.

Keter: means they are more difficult to contain due to the lack of knowledge or lack of technology required to contain it. Not all S.C.P.’s that are classified as Keter are dangerous but difficult to contain, but ones that are could bring about an end of the world scenario.

The S.C.P. Foundation has contained some pretty strange and often times, dangerous objects, locations, creatures, and entities. Some could possibly or most definitely wipe out all life as we know it but we have nothing to worry about since there’s no such thing as the S.C.P Foundation, right? Well what if there is some kind of secret organization that is covering up things they don’t want other people to know about? Who knows. To make you a little paranoid here are 15 Of The Most Dangerous S.C.P.’s:

15: SCP-1471d

Object Class: Euclid.

SCP-1471 is a mobile app called MalO or ver1.0.0. It’s a free app and will automatically start downloading itself to your device. Once downloaded, it has no icon which will make it difficult for you to delete from your device. You then start to receive messages every 3-6 hours of a figure known as SCP-1471-A in locations you have been to. SCP-1471-A is described as a humanoid creature with wolf-like features including a skull for a face and blank white eyes. Over time, the app sends pictures with SCP-1471-A in places you have been to recently and you actually start seeing SCP-1471-A in person, speaking in a language you do not understand. Now how can this SCP be dangerous? Consider that a majority of the people on this planet have some kind of mobile device and are on it all the time. Plus being stalked by this werewolf creature that speaks in a indecipherable language is a lot to push someone over the edge, don’t you think?

14: SCP-1591

Object Class: Keter

SCP-1591 is a stained glass sculpture in the shape of a star. It constantly produces a light that increases in brightness and intensity. Anything that comes in contact with the light produced from it will become transparent and then eventually disappear. If a human were to come in contact with the light will lose the ability to speak and will try to get away from the light but will vanish. Lights that have a higher intensity are used on the sculpture and are changed monthly. Eventually, they won’t have lights bright enough to keep it contained.

13: SCP-2396 (Ms. Sweetie)

Object Class: Euclid

SCP-2396 or Ms. Sweetie is a female humanoid with natural pink hair and a tattoo on her left thigh that says, “Ms. Sweetie, from Little Misters by Dr. Wondertainment.” She needs sugar constantly and if she doesn’t, she’ll undergo great pain. When she does consume sugar (lots of it), she’ll undergo a constant state of hyperglycemia and complain about headaches or blurred vision. When threatened or scared, she produces hard candies known as SCP-2396-A. If ingested, they have no effect on women while men who ingest these become life size candies or unicorn candies and can be controlled by women. As a guy, being a mindless candy zombie would be a fate worse than death.

12: SCP-106 (The Old Man)

Object Class: Keter

SCP-106 has the appearance of a rotting corpse. It remains motionless for long periods of time while waiting for its next victim. It’s capable of climbing on surfaces and can suspend itself upside down. When attacking its prey, it disables its victim by damaging vital organs, muscles, or tendons. When disabled, SCP-106 will drag it into its pocket dimension. It usually preys on human victims between the age 10-25. It is observed that any solid matter that comes in contact with SCP-106 will start to corrode or rot. It is unknown if this pocket dimension is its home world or simply a lair for the creature.

11: SCP-701 (The Hanged King’s Tragedy)

Object Class: Euclid

SCP-701 or “The Hanged King’s Tragedy,” is a five part play about a revenge tragedy. It’s said that the script for the play was published in 1640 but the author of the script is unknown and has been reprinted several times. Sometimes they would change the title. A couple weeks before opening night during dress rehearsals, the performers act out scenes that aren’t part of the script but no one is aware of this and think it is part of the play. During opening night of the play, at the ending of Scene l, a mysterious figure appears known as SCP-701-1 in the background and members of the audience notice this but think it’s part of the play. It oftentimes disappears during Scene l as well. During Scene V, SCP-701-1 appears on stage and during this time, the actors will begin to murder each other or take their own lives and this happens among the audience as well. Those who survive will walk out in a daze and commit random acts of violence. Anyone who is lucky enough to last for 24 hours will return back to normal but are either traumatized by or have no memory of the recent events.

10: SCP-682 (Hard To Destroy Reptile)

Object Class: Keter

SCP-682 is a reptilian creature of unknown origin. It seems to be very intelligent as observed when having a conversation with SCP-079. While being interviewed, SCP-682 expresses having a hatred for all life. It’s equipped with high strength, speed, and reflexes but these abilities vary based on its physical form. Body changes based on what it eats, growing or decreasing in size. It has extreme regeneration and can even function with 87% of its body decomposed or destroyed. It remains submerged in acid in its containment cell but has breached containment several times.

9: SCP-805

Object Class: Euclid

This SCP is made of branches and roots twisted up into the shape of a young horse. When coming into contact with humans, it is said to be very friendly. Once skin contact is made, the person will develop a rash similar to poison oak and in time it will worsen until the person becomes this statue made of branches and roots. It’s let out of its containment cell from time to time in a safe environment for it to gallop and trod in.

8: SCP-1048 (Builder Bear)

Object Class: Keter

SCP-1048 has the appearance of a stuffed Teddy Bear but don’t let his cute and cuddliness fool you. It’s capable of moving and thinking on its own and can’t talk but speaks through simple gestures. It responds to yes or no questions and shows signs of affection through hugs, dances, jumping, and drawing pictures. People around this SCP respond positively, even those suffering from mental illness. It’s discovered that it can make duplicates of itself with materials available to it, whether it’s organic or inorganic, and these duplicates are extremely hostile to humans. It shows signs of affection in order to trick people into a false sense of security, so it can gather materials. They didn’t realize it was dangerous until the ear incident which I’m about to explain.

One of SCP-1048’s first duplicates was constructed out of human ears that were taken from members of the foundation. It has the ability of emitting an unbearable shriek which causes anyone within 5 meters to grow ear like welts leading to death. Another looks exactly like the original but with a few differences. SCP-1048 performed an abortion on a staff member and used the fetus to create a duplicate. This duplicate has extra limbs such as an arm which resembles an infant’s. The third one was created out of metal scraps and found running through the facility killing people by jumping through them. Now imagine an army of these little dudes running around.

7: SCP-049 (The Plague Doctor)

Object Class: Euclid

SCP-049 is a humanoid entity that is 1.9 meters in height and has a the appearance of a 15th-16th century plague doctor. He wears a ceramic mask and leather robes which are actually a part of his body. It does show in x-rays that he does have a skeletal structure underneath it all. SCP-049 is very intelligent and is capable of speaking in several languages but mostly prefers Old English or French. He has been very cooperative with members of the foundation but is hostile when he senses something he calls “The Pestilence,” but it is unknown what he means. Some say it’s the Bubonic Plague but that may not be the case. Anyone who comes into skin contact with SCP-049 dies and then he will get out his bag full of scalpels, sewing needles, threads and vials of unknown substances. He performs autopsies on the “infected,” cutting them open, injecting them with unknown substances, and sews them back together. After this 20 minute procedure, the corpse will reanimate leaving basic motor skills and response mechanisms intact. These are known as SCP-049-2. While his operations aren’t always successful, he often claims that they have been “cured.” They will attack anyone who comes in contact with them or if directed by SCP-049 himself.

6: SCP-2399 (The Red Spot)

Object Class: Keter

SCP-2399 is a complex mechanical structure located in Jupiter’s lower atmosphere. It is damaged but is being repaired by small drones and is equipped with antimatter based weaponry that can create spacial disruptions and much worse. It’s surrounded by some kind of shield that can’t be penetrated with current technology. Its purpose or intentions are unknown but I wouldn’t want to be around to find out.

5: SCP-610 (The Flesh That Hates)

Object Class: Keter

SCP-610 is a contagious infection that was first discovered in Russia after some farmers went missing. The local police were sent in search of the missing farmers. They went missing, so they send the regional police and they went missing as well, following a government agent. A military group was sent to investigate but immediately returned as soon as they found signs of the infection and they notified the foundation. Once a person comes into skin contact with the disease, they experience symptoms of a skin disease like rashes, itching, and sensitivity. Scars appear within 3 hours of infection and spread all over the victim’s body. Rate of infection varies on temperature. In low temperatures, it progresses slowly and in high temperatures it progresses rapidly, which are both very painful. Once the scar tissue spreads all over the body, they die and after three minutes, they reanimate. Human features of the infected become warped and grow mutations such as extended/extra limbs or tentacles. Some will seek out to infect other living things while others will root themselves into the ground and grow out to spread the infection.

4: SCP-055

Object Class: Keter

SCP-055 is a self keeping secret. Honestly, I have no idea what it is. Researchers are permitted to study it and interview it but after leaving they will forget everything about SCP-055. The trick to interviewing this SCP is to ask it a series of yes/no questions. We can’t know what it is but we can know what it isn’t and one of the things that we do know is that it’s not a sphere. The fact that no one knows what it is or what its intentions are is good enough of a reason to say that this is probably one of the most dangerous SCPs on this list.

3: SCP-2317 (Eater Of Planets)

Object Class: ?

If this one ever got out, we’d all be screwed. Well, if any of these things got out, we’d all be screwed. SCP-2317 is a large wooden door that leads into an alternate reality. In this alternate reality, there is a demonic entity that swallows planets whole. It’s locked by seven bones of its own species but six have been broken. One bone stands in between SCP-2317 and the destruction of our planet.

2: SCP-2700 (Teleforce)

Object Class: Safe

This one is probably one of the most deadliest items in the SCP Foundation and you’ll soon find out why. SCP-2700 is a mechanical device that is a vessel of directed energy and has three components including the interface, the accelerator, and the core. It was created by the one and only Nikola Tesla. SCP-2700 is a weapon of mass destruction. One blast from this device can cause either a reverse Big Bang or the extinction of all life in the universe.

1: The Scarlet King (The Original Evil)

Originally, he was classified as SCP-001 but they couldn’t call him this as he is evil incarnate. It’s main goal? To bring on Armageddon and the destruction of all creation. The Scarlet King is a malevolent being and was born alongside with the Tree of Knowledge, he’s old as knowledge itself. He’s the overlord of darkness, so he’s the devil basically. It’s said that he is an elder god and has the power to destroy and conquer other worlds. What’s his problem? Well, he wants to declare war on all of creation. He’s basically the baddy of all baddies and deserves the #1 spot on this list.

Do you think there could be an actual organization like the S.C.P. Foundation? Well, I hoped you enjoyed creepy and paranoia induced story about the S.C.P. Foundation and some of their subjects. If you did enjoy reading this be sure to check my other stories and share them with your friends if they’re into the kind of stuff I write about. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time.

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