10 Scariest Creepypastas Ever Told

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10 Scariest Creepypastas Ever Told

For generations, people have told each other ghost stories and cautionary tales to scare their friends but the age old tradition of telling scary stories has gotten an upgrade with creepypastas. What is a creepypasta? For those who do not know already, a creepypasta as you guessed it is a scary story or urban legend that is shared through websites, social media, and chatrooms becoming internet folklore that is talked about both on and offline. With that being said, I am Creepstock and I will be your narrator. Here are 10 Scariest Creepypastas Ever Told:

10: Wake Up

In some cases, it has been known that some victims of torture, during the act, would retreat into a fantasy world from which they could not wake up. This fantasy world is much like the real one, except they are not being tortured. Oftentimes, the victim’s mind would leave clues in the fantasy world to help remind the victim that they were asleep. Sometimes, even after the victim is aware of their condition, they would still refuse to PLEASE WAKE UP.

9: 1999

“1999” tells the story of a young blogger who investigates a strange tv channel he watched as a kid back in 1999. The channel aired a couple of low budget tv shows like “Booby” and “Mr. Bear’s Cellar”. Booby featured live action hand puppets and in an episode called “Playing With Scissors”, Booby proceeded to stab a smaller hand with a pair of scissors while muffled child screams could be heard in the background. Crunching sounds were also heard indicating that he struck bone. Mr. Bear’s Cellar featured a mentally unstable man who dressed in a bear costume and called himself Mr. Bear. He did things so unspeakable that I’d rather not say on here. Local authorities were able to find the station that aired the sadistic channel and shut it down, preventing anyone else from viewing it. I’m afraid I cannot say the same for those who have already viewed it.

8: Candle Cove

Users in a chat room recall watching a tv show called Candle Cove back in the early 1970s. Candle Cove was a low budget pirate show featuring characters like a little girl named Janice or Jade, Pirate Percy, Horace The Horrible and the Skintaker played by creepy looking marionette puppets. The Skintaker scared the users the most, he is a skeletal figure whose mouth slid back and forth. The girl would ask why his mouth moved like that and he would reply with, “TO GRIND YOUR SKIN”. He wore a hat and cape which the users think is made of children’s skin. One episode had the puppets just start screaming for no reason and the girl just sat there, moaning and crying. That episode left the users traumatized and haunted by constant nightmares of the show. One user, mike_painter65, wondering why he was ever allowed to watch this show, went to visit his mother and asked her about it. Surprised that he still remembered Candle Cove, his mother told him that he would turn the tv to dead air and stare at the screen for 30 minutes saying that he was watching his favorite pirate show.

7: Smile Dog

A writer visits a woman named Mary E. who had a story that he may have wanted to write about. Mary E. locked herself up, crying and ranting about being plagued by horrific nightmares and visions from opening a file called smile.jpg which contained the haunting image of a smiling dog. The image features a Siberian husky with a wide grin and human-like teeth. Anyone who views the image would go insane. They would be visited by the smiling dog through visions and dreams, telling them to spread the word. This was the only way a victim could save themselves. Some say the legend began with an image of the devil. To save the writer from the same fate, Mary E. committed suicide instead of sending the cursed image. It does not end there though, a year later the writer received an email and attached to it was smile.jpg. He made the mistake of viewing the image. That means you are cursed too, spread the word.

6: Jeff The Killer

Jeff was a kid who moved into a new neighborhood with his family. One day, while him and his brother were waiting for a school bus, three kids came by and pulled out knives on them. Jeff got up to defend himself and his brother, they left the scene leaving the three kids with broken wrists and knife wounds. A couple days later, he attended a neighbor’s birthday party and the three kids showed up to finish what they started. They beat Jeff senseless but he fought back, he kills one of them while leaving another bleeding to death. Unfortunately, Jeff suffered major injuries including being severely burned but he managed to recover from his injuries. He was released from the hospital and that night, his mom heard him crying in the bathroom. She went in and was horrified by what she had seen, Jeff carving a permanent smile into his cheeks and cutting off his eyelids. She went to wake her husband but Jeff was standing at the door, the last thing his mother heard was, “Mommy, you lied.” and he then proceeded to stab them both. He went to his brother’s room, he placed his hand over his brother’s mouth and said, “Shhhh....just go to sleep.” Jeff has never been seen since and some say that he’s looking for his next victim. “Go to sleep.”

5: The Rake

In the summer of 2003, a surge of sightings in the United States came in of a strange, human-like creature but this is not the first time it has been seen. There are several documents of this creature that go as far back as the 1600s including a mariner’s log from 1691, a journal entry of a Spanish miner from 1880, a suicide note from 1964 and a witness from 2006. The sighting from 2006 is probably one of the most popular stories surrounding the Rake, a married couple wake up to see what they described as being a human or big hairless dog sitting at the foot of their bed. The creature sprang up and crouched in front of the husband’s face staring at him for 30 seconds before heading for their daughter’s bedroom. They headed straight to her bedroom but it was too late. They found her daughter mutilated and her final words being, “He is the Rake.”

4: Abandoned By Disney

Disney built a 30 million dollar resort in Baker’s Bay, Bahamas called Treasure Island but lo and behold, it was abandoned because of safety reasons and the staff members were lazy. The narrator of the story visits the abandoned Treasure Island resort in search of information. He got to the mascots only area and written above was, “Abandoned by Disney.” He saw a bunch of costumes but one costume in particular stood out to him, a Mickey Mouse costume that was arranged in a way that was more sinister than the rest. Inside the costume was a murder victim. He wanted to take a photo but then the costume sprung to life. “Want to see my head come off?”, the costume asked and without hesitation, it began tearing at its own head. Chunky yellow blood started gushing out and the man ran out. When leaving the mascots only area, he noticed that the writing above said, “Abandoned by God.”

3: The Expressionless

For Cedar Senai Hospital, it’s not entirely out of the ordinary for someone to come in for medical attention as accidents happen near the hospital but one night in June of 1972 was something that people would never forget. A woman entered the hospital in nothing but a white gown covered in blood, that doesn’t sound so bad, right? Think again, the hospital staff noticed something strange about this woman, she had a face that resembled a mannequin’s and she had a dead kitten clamped in between her jaws so inhumanly tight. She spit out the dead kitten showing rows of jagged, sharp teeth and one of the staff members asked, “What in the hell are you?”. The woman looked up at him smiling and darted towards him ripping out his jugular. As he took his final breath, she whispered in his ear, “I...am...God...”. She feasted on two security guards before escaping into the night never to be seen again. The survivor of the ordeal called her “The Expressionless”.

2: The Russian Sleep Experiment

After World War II, Russian researchers granted five prisoners freedom (falsely) if they would agree to have an experimental gas that would keep them awake tested on them. They were put in a chamber where they were provided with books, cots to sleep on, running water/toilet, and enough food for them to last over a month. They were fine during the first five days of the experiment but after five days passed, they began to make complaints about what would lead up to their current state and they started showing signs of severe paranoia. After nine days passed, one of the subjects screamed so loud that he tore his own vocal cords and another two subjects ripped pages out of books, smear them with their own feces and plastered them all over the glass. After 3 more days passed, the subjects in the chamber were silent, so the researchers used the microphones hoping to get reactions out of them. The researchers told them that they were opening the chamber to test the microphones, anyone who tried to escape would be shot and compliance would earn one of the subjects immediate freedom. One of subjects responded with, “We no longer want to be freed.” They flushed the gas and the subjects started begging for the gas to be turned back on. Soldiers walked in to find one of the subjects dead and chunks of his flesh stuffed in the drain. The other four subjects disemboweled themselves, eating their own flesh despite being provided with enough rations to last them for over a month. The remaining four received immediate medical attention, one subject’s spleen ruptured and bled to death. One was given ten times the human dose of morphine, his heart stopped beating and even after that he flailed and screamed for 3 minutes before dying. The remaining subjects had surgery performed on them, one was immune to the sedative given to him and his heart stopped after struggling in his restraints. The second one requested to be operated without anesthetic gas and after the operation, his vocal cords were severely damaged but he was given a pen and pad and he wrote, “Keep cutting.” The other subjects were also operated on without the use of anesthetic gas and one of them said, “I must remain awake.” The remaining three were put back into the chamber, one died and the one of the two whose vocal cords was still intact started screaming. The commander gave an order to seal the two subjects inside along with the three researchers. One of the researchers pulled out a gun on the commander and shot him. He killed the remaining subjects as well, putting an end to the experiment.

1: Gateway Of The Mind

In the early 1980s, a group of scientists conducted an experiment to make contact with God. Their theory stated that if a human was deprived of their five senses or any form of stimuli they would be able to perceive God’s presence. An elderly man who claimed to have “nothing left to live for” volunteered in participating in the experiment. They surgically severed all his sensory nerves connecting to his brain and he could not taste, feel, hear, see or smell anything. He was not able to communicate or sense the outside world in any way, it was just him and his thoughts. Four days passed, the man claimed to hear indistinguishable voices but the scientists thought of it to be some kind of psychosis. Two days passed, the man started crying saying he could hear and communicate with his dead wife. The scientists weren’t convinced until he started naming their dead relatives and saying things that only they would have known. A week passed, he becomes distressed saying that the voices became overwhelming and harmed himself to get a pain response. He requested to be sedated, so he could sleep which did work but only temporarily. After three days, he started having awful nightmares. A day later, he started screaming and clawing at where his eyes use to be hoping to sense something in the physical world. He said the voices became deafening and hostile, speaking about hell and the end of the world. For five hours straight he screamed, “No heaven, no forgiveness.” He begged to be put out of his misery but the scientists think he was getting closer to making contact with God. Another day passed, he was not able to speak clearly and started tearing at his own flesh. They had to restrain him and after he stopped struggling and screaming, he stared at the ceiling crying. They had keep him hydrated for two weeks because of the constant crying. Despite being blind, he made eye contact with a scientist for the first time in the study. He whispered, “I have spoken with God, and He has abandoned us” and his vital signs stopped. The cause of death is unknown.

These are just some of the many creepypastas out there and honestly ten doesn’t feel like enough. Honestly, I could go on and on about it. What are some of your favorite creepypastas? If you want to read the full versions of these stories, I’ll put some links down below. Please like, share, and if you’re feeling generous, send a tip. Be sure to checkout other stories and be on the lookout for new ones written by yours truly for some more creepy content. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time.

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