10 Haunted House Movies You Need To See Before You Die!

by Matt Loftus 2 years ago in paranormal

Here's 10 haunted house movies you must see before you exit this world...

10 Haunted House Movies You Need To See Before You Die!

You make a House a home when you move in they say, but what happens when something is already dwelling there? something evil.........

Well hopefully this is something you only know from the movies and not in real life, i mean let's face it there's nothing scarier then having some unnatural presence lurking in a place you have to live in. Unless they're some relative who's crashing for a bit, i'd say call your local priest and/or exorcist to "clean house".

So, here's 10 Haunted House movies you MUST see before you exit this world.....

1. Poltergeist (1982)

I wouldn't go in there personally....

The original 1982 Hit that showed you don't have to live in a rundown manor house for the spooks to show up. The Freelings find themselves under-siege in a new home as their daughter is taken by evil forces that want the one thing they no longer have....life!

Produced by Spielberg, great cinematography and characters, this one should already be on your DVD shelf.

2. Insidious (2010)

Smiles all around

When i saw this in cinema's i was blown away completely by how good this modern indie horror was. The Lambert family run afoul of Supernatural forces after their son falls into a mysterious coma.

This movie beautifully shows that moving house doesn't help as the spirits aren't haunting their home....just their son!...........go watch it now and it's two sequels.

3. House (1986)

Doesn't look so bad...

This movie offers some great 80's cheese as haunted writer Roger Cobb moves into his late aunt's home to work on his new book. Unfortunatly "this house knows everything about you" and will stop at nothing to destroy Cobb mentally and physically.

This is a more light toned Horror movie that plays as more of a tongue in cheek Horror Comedy but is still a must see in my humble opinion.

4. The Haunting (1963)

I wonder what's behind that door?

A corner stone of this sub genre, the haunting follows a team doing scientific research at a believed haunted house. Things soon go bump in the night and 1 member begins to question her sanity.

Genuine shocks and still packs a punch today, plus it looks beautiful in black and white so get it watched!

5. The Changeling (1980)

Did you die in this house?....

Known as one of the last great George.C.Scott movies, Lonely widower opts for a change of scenery and moves into an old house to escape his past. Strange noises, voices and a presence makes itself known to him and it seems a lost soul is shouting out for help.

A slow burner mystery that doesn't let up, i've been watching this one since i was a kid. It still holds up as one of the best and criminally unknown haunted house movies of all time.

6. The Evil Dead (1982)

That iconic poster!

Technically it's set in a cabin but it's a haunted house film trust me. Ash and his friends go up to a cabin for the weekend and unwittingly summon demonic entities that want to posses the living!

Great low budget feature, zany use of camera and splatter gore made this movie a cult classic and should be revered for decades to come.

Spawned 2 sequels (and a remake) that i'd recommend plus the new series on Starz Ash vs Evil Dead.

7. The Innocents (1961)

Who are you talking to?

A young Governess takes on a job looking after two small children at an estate in the countryside, it's not long though before the children start talking to thin air and acting strange. It seems the previous Governess is trying to take control of the kids, the only problem is she's dead!

Gloriously dark and atmospheric, this movie is difficult to watch and very unsettling, highly recommend you watch it at midnight.

8. The Others (2001)

What do they want?

An interesting take on the ghost theme and probably one of the most watchable Nicole Kidman films i've seen. A young woman and her two children are all alone in a big house waiting and praying for the father to make it back from the war. Strange things start to happen and it's soon apparent that they aren't alone anymore.

Your better going into this film knowing as little as possible so i'll say no more.

9. Paranormal Activity (2007)

Get back in bed

Part of the love it or hate it Found Footage sub genre, this films brings you closer to an everyday haunting. A couple start filming around the clock as they experience strange occurrences in their home. Unfortunatly this evil spirit doesn't like all the attention.

If you can get past the handheld motion it's a great little horror gem which rightly spawned a slew of sequels. Have you ever wondered what roams around in the dark while you sleep?

10. Burnt Offerings (1976)

It feeds on you

A family rent a run down manor house for an absolute steal, the only catch? to maintain the house and look after the mysterious elderly owner. As they settle in it seems the house is starting to change them in all sorts of unnatural ways.

Oliver Reed leads a veteran cast in this different take on haunted house lore, worth seeing because there's no other movie quite like this.

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