10 Disturbing Moments In Kid Shows

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10 Disturbing Moments In Kid Shows

As kids, some of us looked forward to coming home from school or wake up Saturday morning to watch our favorite shows. Now most of the shows we did watch as kids were innocent and light hearted but there have been moments in kid shows were it got a little disturbing or inappropriate for us. We probably thought nothing of it but now that we’re older and look back at them, we probably wondered why we were even allowed to watch it or why someone was allowed air this on tv. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, I’m Cryptic Hatter and here are 10 Disturbing Moments In Kid Shows:

10: The Ghost Bride (Hey Arnold)

Sid mentions to the gang a story called the Ghost Bride but has Gerald tell the story. The story goes that a woman was getting married but the man stood her up because he ran off with another woman and the bride stormed out. The next day she realized that the man married her sister, she was furious. That night, she put on her wedding dress, grabbed an axe and headed for her sister’s house. She walked up the stairs, walked into her room and hacked both her sister and her beloved into pieces. The next morning, the cops found her seated in a chair humming Here Comes The Bride and she jumped out the window taking her own life. Curly mentions that tonight was the anniversary of the murders, so the gang decided to meet up at the cemetery she was buried in and see if she’ll come back. Helga wanted to come but they said boys only, so she decided to play a joke on them dressing as the Ghost Bride. They meet up at the cemetery and of course, the Ghost Bride didn’t show up. They discover the front gate is locked, so they try looking for another exit on the “other side” of the cemetery. See what I did there, ah I crack myself up. They eventually encounter the Ghost Bride but it’s really Helga. Then Helga looks behind her seeing another Ghost Bride, so they all panic and hide in a crypt. Arnold and Gerald go after the Ghost Bride and discovered it was Curly. Curly wanted did it because he wanted to tell the story, being angry with him they tied him up and left him in the crypt. He starts to hear the humming of the wedding march assuming it’s Helga but he was alone.

9: Mind Pollution (Captain Planet And The Planeteers)

The Planeteers have dealt with more than just environmental issues. In one episode, Linka visits her cousin, Boris and discovers that he’s hooked on a drug called bliss. The drug basically makes the user happy and unable to feel pain. Despite her refusing his offer to sample bliss, he sneaks a pill in her food. But getting her hooked wasn’t the worst of it, he was offered a bottle of bliss if he could kill the Planeteers. Once he got his hands on it, he swallows the pills all at once, overdoses and dies. Kids are left with a disturbing message about drug abuse.

8: Ed’s Nightmare (Rocko’s Modern Life)

In the episode Cabin Fever, the Bigheads go on a vacation to a mountain cabin but they find out Rocko and Heffer were also going on vacation to the same cabin leading them to having to spend the weekend together. Mrs. Bighead is fine with this but Mr. Bighead, not so much. Eventually an avalanche comes down on the cabin trapping them inside. Mr. Bighead tries to dig through later on but ends up almost freezing to death. Being partially awake, he sees the others surrounding him and starts to have these LSD induced hallucinations. They morph into demons, Mr. Bighead turns into a flower and starts screaming with his eyes popping out of their sockets. While the moment was short, it did scare a lot of kids.

7: Tom And Jerry Commit Suicide (Tom & Jerry)

This one’s probably considered one of the darkest moments ever in cartoon history. In the episode Blue Cat Blues, the episode begins with Tom sitting on railroad tracks waiting for a train. Jerry looks down on him from a bridge above thinking that he shouldn’t intervene and that it’s better this way. We see a flashback where Tom falls for a beautiful white cat, the two start dating and everything seems to be going great. That is until she meets Butch, a richer cat. She dumps Tom for him, leaving Tom heartbroken. Tom does his best to win her back with gifts but Butch’s gifts are nicer and more expensive. Tom becomes depressed and drowns his sorrows in milk, treated much like alcohol. Tom falls down the gutter, as Jerry gets him out and tries to resuscitate him, he sees Butch and his ex girlfriend driving a car that says “Just married.” So we’re back to where we started. Jerry thinks to himself about how his girlfriend is so faithful to him but then he sees her with another mouse in a car that says “Just married.” Jerry joins Tom as a train comes, it ends with them sitting on the tracks and the oncoming train getting louder and louder.

6: The Tapeworm (Mr. Meaty)

Mr. Meaty was a show about two best friends Josh and Parker who work at a fast food joint and are usually up crazy shenanigans that aired on Nickelodeon. This is one of the shows that’s creepy all on it’s own but one episode in particular really stood out. In the episode Moochmaster P., Parker eats a raw burger and soon after, strange things start to happen. He finds that food is disappearing right before him. Josh records Parker trying to eat and plays back the recording in slow motion, they discover that there’s a tapeworm living inside Parker. They yank the parasite out, landing in Parker’s arms and squirming chaotically. Then an Australian man offers to buy the worm, the boys agree and the man swallows it whole. 🤮

5: My Peeps (The Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy)

When Billy severely damages his eyes while playing too much video games and staring at the sun, Grim and Mandy insist that he should see a ophthalmologist but Billy refuses to get glasses or have laser eye surgery. Grim uses his scythe to fix Billy’s eyes and it worked (kind of) while Billy could see perfectly, he also can see glimpses into the future, specifically unfortunate events. Grim zaps Billy’s eyes repeatedly until he has these creepy live action eyes plastered onto his face.

4: Wormy (Spongebob Squarepants)

As a kid, I wasn’t really freaked out as much by this as I am now. I mean I like bugs but looking at this up close is freaking terrifying especially listening to those god awful noises it makes. In the episode Wormy, Spongebob and Patrick take care of Sandy’s pets while she’s gone. They found Sandy’s pet Wormy to be the most precious thing in the world and have a play date with him. They go back home and overnight Wormy goes through a metamorphosis showing that he’s really a caterpillar. They discover the butterfly over Wormy’s corpse which is really just the cocoon. The butterfly flies out of the jar and lands on Spongebob’s helmet where we get a nice closeup. The footage used for the closeup was not that of a butterfly at all but one of a horsefly from an episode of Bill Nye The Science Guy.

3: Swimming Pool Zombie (Are You Afraid Of The Dark?)

Like Goosebumps, Are You Afraid Of The Dark? had its moments for being darker than usual like in the episode, The Tale Of The Dead Man’s Float. The episode starts with a boy being pulled under and drowned by an unseen force in his school swimming pool. It was discovered that the pool was built on top of an old graveyard but they forgot one of the bodies was still buried there when moving the graves and now he’s out for blood. The pool zombie appears as a rotting corpse with some of his skeletal features exposed and having a reddish color all over his body. The thought of being pulled under by this guy as you struggle for air is really unsettling, especially when the last thing you’ll see is his skeletal face.

2: The Cat (The Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack)

Another show that made people cringe and grossed out was The Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack. Despite it’s extreme realistic closeups and dark humor, I actually enjoyed this show as a kid and I still do but it’s probably not something meant for kids. The show had its fair share of disturbing moments but one that disturbed me the most was this cat from Who Let The Cats Out Of The Old Bag’s House? Flapjack plays with this seemingly normal cat until we see what it actually looks like. It’s dark soulless eyes and barracuda like teeth are the stuff nightmares are made of.

1: You’re Not Perfect (Courage The Cowardly Dog)

In the episode titled Perfect, Courage constantly makes mistakes when he is visited by a teacher which is a manifestation of Courage’s insecurities and does her best to teach Courage to be a perfect dog. The creepiest part about this episode is when Courage dreams about this fetus looking figure that keeps telling him that he’s not perfect.

What are some disturbing moments you remember from your childhood shows? Hoped you enjoyed reading and hoped that I brought some good childhood memories. Be sure to be on the lookout for new content written by yours truly and share this. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time.

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