10 Dangerous SCPs That Must Never Escape

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10 Dangerous SCPs That Must Never Escape

⚠️: Disturbing and graphic content (you have been warned).

Secure. Contain. Protect. These are the important rules that all members of the S.C.P Foundation must follow. The S.C.P. Foundation is an organization made of scientists, researchers, agents, special forces, etc. dedicated to secure, contain, and protect any and all anomalous objects, entities, creatures and locations. These SCPs are put into various classes with the most well known being Safe, Euclid, and Keter.

Safe: SCPs of this class can be safely or easily contained requiring little to no resources. Does not mean they do not pose a threat if activated or provoked.

Euclid: Euclid class SCPs require more resources to contain completely or where containment isn’t always reliable. This is usually due to the possibility that the knowledge of an SCP is limited or is inherently unpredictable. Any autonomous, sentient, or sapient SCPs are generally categorized as Euclid due to the inherent unpredictability of an SCP that is capable of acting or thinking on its own.

Keter: Keter class SCPs are extremely difficult to contain because the Foundation either lack the knowledge or technology they need to contain it. It does not necessarily mean that a Keter class SCP is inherently dangerous but difficult to contain.

What’s up, creeps? I’m your narrator Creepstock and today I will be counting down my top picks for 10 Scary SCPs That Must Not Escape. From a contagious disease that can turn someone into a grotesque mound of flesh to a reptilian creature with a hatred for all of humanity, I will be talking about some of the most dangerous creatures that the Foundation have in their possession. Let’s begin, shall we?

10: SCP-017 (Shadow Person)

Object Class: Keter

SCP-017 is a humanoid entity similar in shape to that of a small child and no discernible features are visible. SCP-017’s physical form seems to be composed of a shadowy, smoke-like shroud. When an object casts a shadow on SCP-017, it will react quickly by enclosing the object in its shroud. When SCP-017 returns to its normal size, it leaves no trace of the object. Where does the object go? Did it eat the object? Is it taken to another dimension? Who knows.

9: SCP-035 (Possessive Mask)

Object Class: Keter

Have you seen The Mask? Probably has one of the best Jim Carrey performances but this mask in particular is less wacky and more malicious in nature. SCP-035 is a white porcelain comedy mask but has been observed to change to tragedy and any photos, video recordings or illustrations of SCP-035 will change based on its facial expression. It secretes a dark corrosive substance from the eyes and mouth but has no known source as nothing can be seen from behind to indicate a source of the substance. It can corrode anything organic or inorganic breaking it down into a pool of the substance. Glass seems to take the longest for it to corrode which is used to contain SCP-035. Anyone within 5-6 feet of the mask or in visual contact with it will have a strong urge to put it on. If an individual were to put SCP-035 on, they would immediately become brain dead then the consciousness of SCP-035 will take over the individual’s body. Hosts of SCP-035 decompose at an highly accelerated rate to the point where motion is not possible but this not a problem for SCP-035. It does not affect animals but it can take control of objects with a humanoid shape such as mannequins, statues, and corpses. Conversations with SCP-035 have been very informative, researchers have learned various details about other SCPs and history as a whole, as SCP-035 has claimed to have been present during significant moments throughout history. SCP-035 has been shown to have a highly intelligent and charismatic personality, being friendly and flattering to anyone who interviews it but careful, because it uses this personality to manipulate people. It alone can convince people to commit suicide or turn them into mindless servants just by talking to them.

8: SCP-1048 (Builder Bear)

Object Class: Keter

You’ll never look at teddy bears the same way again. SCP-1048 is a anthropomorphic teddy bear that communicates through a series of small gestures like hugging people’s legs, dancing, jumping and drawing child-like pictures. Anyone who has came into contact with SCP-1048 have reacted positively to SCP-1048’s gestures. Despite that it is capable of answering yes and no questions, it does not answer questions regarding its nature or origin. It is unknown if it does not answer these questions because it does not know or because it refuses to answer. Remember how I said it communicates with people through cute gestures? Well unfortunately, this is so SCP-1048 can lure people into a false sense of security. Why? Originally, SCP-1048 was free to roam its containment site. But 7 months after being secured, its true, more sinister intentions came into light. It has been observed that SCP-1048 is able to create replicas of itself with any given material, so it manipulates people in order to obtain materials to produce its creations. Currently, 3 duplicates of SCP-1048 have been created and are named SCP-1048-A, B, and C. All three have exhibited extreme hostility towards humans. Now I will go into detail about how SCP-1048 created them and the events that followed its creations.

SCP-1048-A: This one was found wandering site 24 with SCP-1048. It’s similar in size and shape compared to SCP-1048 but is made of human ears. Yep, want to know how? To create this one, SCP-1048 used ears it severed from Foundation members. When security attempted to contain SCP-1048-A, it emitted a high pitched shriek which inflicted un-bear-able pain in the eyes and ears of anyone who was within a 10 meter radius. Those who were closer to it grew ear-like growths on their bodies and died soon after. Autopsy reports state the cause of death was asphyxiation caused by ear-like growths appearing in the mouths and tracheas of all the victims. Not the best way to go if you ask me.

SCP-1048-B: Discovered by Foundation members in the cafeteria of site 24. It looks almost identical to the original but moves in a jerky manner and has an extra limb sticking out which resembles an infant’s. So SCP-1048 created this one by aborting a pregnant staff member’s child and used the 8 month old fetus. Data regarding the events that followed SCP-1048-B’s discovery is classified.

SCP-1048-C: Last and most certainly not least, SCP-1048-C is composed entirely out of rusted metal scraps. It was discovered by Dr. Carver as he was writing up a report on the SCP-1048-B incident. In attempt to go after it, Dr. Carver witnessed the killing and maiming of several staff members. In his report he stated, “I cannot stress this enough. The damn thing jumped right through those poor people.”

The whereabouts of SCP-1048, A, B, and C are currently unknown and are still believed to be somewhere in site 24.

7: Dr. Wondertainment

Object Class: Unknown

Considered to be the Willy Wonka of the S.C.P. Foundation, Dr. Wondertainment is a humanoid entity who created a series of entities known as Little Misters. There are currently 20 of these entities such as Mr. Headless which you guessed it, has no head and Mr. Brass who is a robot-like humanoid made of brass. Maybe I should write more about Dr. Wondertainment and the Little Misters in one of my next stories. “The doctor leans down, wraps their arm around. When they open their mouth out comes Wondrous sound. It’s nowhere new, silly, it is where you are! You needed a break from the glum and sub-par. In the back of your room, in the back of your head. In the pages of fantasy books that you read. The world is so cluttered with sadness and waste. And it grinds ‘til your brain is a soft mushy paste. So when you need it happy, to get your hands clapping. When you need some presents in neon pink wrapping. You just close your eyes, you think of balloons. You think of big bubbly, kind squishy goons. When your world is down and you’re needing escape, know in your head is a Wonderful place.”

6: SCP-610 (The Flesh That Hates)

Object Class: Keter

Anyone else feeling a little itchy or is it just me? SCP-610 is a very contagious skin disease that was discovered in Russia after local police, regional police, and a government agent all failed to report back within 72 hours when investigating the disappearances of local farmers in the region. Finally, after a military contingent was dispatched to investigate, they quickly withdrew and contacted the Foundation. Those infected with the disease develop itchy, rashy skin and increased skin sensitivity. As time goes on, heavy scar tissue will consume the entire victim’s body. All life functions stop temporarily and will restart at 2-3 times the activity rate of a normal human. Normal human features become distorted and random mutations occur such as extra limbs and certain parts of the body may split open where branches of flesh will grow. Some may root themselves into the ground, branch out to all surrounding areas and consume them. Others will seek out other living organisms to infect. The Foundation has contained the infected area and nothing can get in or out. However, what seems to be of major concern right now is that there are cavernous systems beneath the infected area. If the infection were to spread it could cause a UK-Class scenario.

5: SCP-939 (With Many Voices)

Object Class: Keter

Woah, nice doggies. SCP-939 are endothermic, pack based predators that possess systems similar to troglobitic organisms. Their skin is highly permeable to moisture and is a translucent red as a result of a compound chemically similar to hemoglobin. They have four limbs ending in three fingered claws and an opposable fourth digit. They have tiny hairs that allow them to climb, they have no eyes and nothing to indicate that they have a brain. Their jaws are lined with fang-like teeth encircled by heat sensitive pit organs. Dorsal spines run along their backs and are sensitive to light, darkness, changes in air pressure and flow allowing them to navigate through their environment. They do not possess a lot of vital organ systems but they do possess a respiratory system. It does not really serve any purpose other than emitting AMN-C227 (will explain later). They seem to not have the need to feed or have a digestive system of any kind. Anything they do eat will circle in their respiratory system until they regurgitate it. They are able to reproduce despite not having any reproductive organs. SCP-939 lure their prey by mimicking human voices, using the voices of previous victims. They usually kill their prey with a bite to the head or neck and have a bite force of 35 MPa. Like I said before SCP-939 emits AMN-C227 which is a gas that causes temporary amnesia for 30 minutes. Probably used as a distraction for its prey or a defense mechanism.

4: SCP-682 (Hard-to-Destroy Reptile)

Object Class: Keter

SCP-682 is a reptilian creature of unknown origin. It is very intelligent as it was observed having a complex conversation with SCP-079 during their brief exposure. SCP-682 has a hatred for all life as it has expressed this in several interviews. SCP-682 has been observed to be a very powerful creature with high strength, speed and reflexes but these depend on its form. It’s physical body grows and changes very quickly, increasing and decreasing in size as it consumes or sheds material. It can gain energy from anything it consumes (organic or inorganic) allowing it to regenerate in the acid it’s submerged in. SCP-682 has extreme regenerative capabilities and resilience, being able to move and speak with 87% of its body destroyed or rotted.

3: SCP-055 (Unknown)

Object Class: Unknown

What was I talking about again? Oh, now I remember. Wait, do I? The thing about SCP-055 is that I have no idea what it is. SCP-055 is essentially an “anti-meme” or a “self keeping secret.” Any information regarding how it was obtained, when it was obtained or who obtained it, the SCP’s physical features, who authorized the construction of SCP-055’s containment site, how it was constructed, containment procedures, or knowledge of its existence is unknown. While Foundation members are allowed to interview it, take pictures, take video/audio recordings, take notes, or illustrations, the information just leaks out of their minds as they leave the containment site. The Foundation has discovered a loop hole though, while we can’t know what it is, we can know what it isn’t. “It’s not a sphere...I think.”

2: SCP- (Info-Hazard)

Object Class: Keter

Just by talking about it I’m endangering myself, so if you don’t want this thing coming after you, I’d suggest you move onto the last entry. You have been warned. SCP- loves collecting any and all information about itself including notes, audio recordings and even individuals who talk about it. Though it seems to not understand pictures, so the Foundation uses pictures to instruct what to do and what not to do regarding SCP-, so if you want to take a look at these instructions then I’ll leave a link down below.

1: SCP-2006 (Too Spooky)

Object Class: Keter

What are you scared of? SCP-2006 in its default state is a spherical entity roughly 50 centimeters in diameter. SCP-2006‘s sole purpose is to cause as much fear and horror in as many humans as possible. To fulfill this purpose, SCP-2006 has the ability to change its shape, mass, volume, density, chemical structure and voice to any form it wants. There is no known way to harm SCP-2006 and the limit to its shape shifting abilities is unknown. It enjoys taking on the forms of various entities and villains from horror and science fiction films it has seen. One of its favorite forms being Ro-Man from the 1950s film Robot Monster. It will attempt to scare or startle any individual who comes in contact with it but after doing so, will become affable and friendly. The intentions behind this is unknown. SCP-2006 has poor judgement of what scares people and people’s expression of emotions, hence the bad horror movies it’s exposed to. A site director wrote this memorandum in regards to SCP-2006: I have been getting reports of some of the lax behavior regarding SCP-2006. Many personnel have been heard laughing at SCP-2006 during surveillance when it watches a new movie, or when it attempts to scare individuals. Some personnel have been heard questioning why SCP-2006 is classified as a Keter entity. I am here to remind you that a Keter entity is a Keter entity, regardless of how innocuous it may seem. No, SCP-2006 is not a rampaging demi-god, nor is it a regenerating super lizard. However, it possesses the same level of danger as any other Keter that the Foundation has contained. Think of SCP-2006's purpose. It wishes to scare people. Imagine what would happen if SCP-2006 broke containment, and found out what really scared people. Imagine if it saw the horror and fear of war, or the concepts of paranoia or phobias common to each and every human being. Imagine if it found the true horror of a nuclear holocaust or an XK-Class scenario. Now couple that with an entity that possesses shape-shifting abilities with no known limits, and you'll understand why it's classified as Keter.

Well, there you have it. Think there could be an organization like the S.C.P. Foundation? What are some of your favorite SCPs and were there any that you thought were worthy of mentioning in this list? Maybe a Part II will be in the works. Be sure to like and share this story. Please check out my other stories and be on the lookout for more scary content written by yours truly. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time.

Link: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-2521

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