10 Dangerous S.C.P.s That Must Never Breach Containment

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10 Dangerous S.C.P.s That Must Never Breach Containment

Secure. Contain. Protect. These are the guidelines that all members of the S.C.P. Foundation must follow. The S.C.P. Foundation is an organization made up of scientists, researchers, and special forces who contain and catalog anomalous entities, creatures, objects and locations. These SCPs are classified into three different categories, Safe, Euclid or Keter.

* Safe: Means that Foundation members can easily contain the SCP with little or no resources. This does not mean a Safe SCP can’t cause problems if activated or provoked.

* Euclid: Means that Foundation members can possibly have difficulty containing the SCP and requires more surveillance. SCPs that are autonomous, sentient or sapient in nature are usually put into this category due to the unpredictability of the SCP being able to act or think on its own.

* Keter: Means that Foundation members have extreme difficulty containing the SCP due to lack of materials/technology required to contain it or information regarding the SCP itself. Not all SCPs under this category are inherently dangerous but difficult to contain. Ones that are, if they breached containment could cause an XK-Class Event.

What’s up, guys? I’m Creepstock and I will be your narrator. Here are 10 Dangerous S.C.P.S That Must Never Breach Containment:

10: SCP-035

Object Class: Keter

SCP-035 has the appearance of a white porcelain comedy mask but at has been observed to change to tragedy at times. Any visual records regarding SCP-035 will automatically change to match its appearance. A highly corrosive dark substance oozes from the mask’s eyes and mouth. This substance slowly degenerates anything that comes in contact with but the rate of decay depends on the material. It will eventually decay completely into a pool of the original substance. Glass seems to take the longest to corrode. It has the same effect on living organisms. The origins of the substance is unknown and can’t be seen from behind the mask. Anyone who is within 5-6 feet or within visual contact with SCP-035, will have a strong urge to put it on. Once the host puts SCP-035 on, they will become brain dead and it will gain control of the host. As time passes, subjects controlled by SCP-035 will begin to decompose almost becoming mummified. Interviews with SCP-035 have been very informative as it has provided information about other SCPs and history in general, as it claims to have had impacts on major events throughout history. It has a highly intelligent and charismatic personality flattering anyone who talks to SCP-035. It’s known to be manipulative in nature being able to alter a person’s psychological state, make people commit suicide or turn them into mindless servants. It can also possess anything with a humanoid shape including mannequins, corpses, and statues.

9: SCP-4276

Object Class: Euclid

SCP-4276 are swarms of insects similar to species of wasps called Cuckoo Wasps. Unlike the non-anomalous variety, these insects are capable changing color and size. SCP-4276 prefer to host their larvae in both living and freshly killed organisms. They have infected 4 white tailed deer, 2 desert cottontails, 1 red fox, 1 black bear, 1 German shepherd, and 4 human males. Yep, that’s right. These guys grow at an accelerated rate and their growth can be increased if extreme illumination or high frequencies are exposed to the host, this was observed when one of its hosts went to a high school dance.

8: SCP-274

Object Class: Keter

SCP-247 just looks like normal spray paint but wait till you hear what it’s made of. SCP-274’s composition is made up of 28% hemoglobin, 12% gastric acid and 60% components similar to Krylon. SCP-274 will cover entire buildings in the form of graffiti with oftentimes disturbing images. They seem to be unable to cover glass, metal and horizontal surfaces though. The interior of the building will form functioning biological parts such as a mesoglea, a gastrodermis, and the outside of building functions as a shell and epidermis becoming instances of SCP-274-1. SCP-274-1 displays behavior similar to species of the Anthozoa class, this would be like corals and sea anemones. SCP-274-1 will lure its prey using sounds like breaking glass, loud coughing and pained whimpers. Once the prey goes inside SCP-274-1, it automatically recognize the prey as food and suck it into its gastrovacular cavity. The prey will then become instances of SCP-274-2. Instances of SCP-274-2 are humanoid entities that wear gas masks and bright hoodies. They usually find more buildings to infect with SCP-274 and hunt prey for SCP-274-1. They can do this by camouflaging themselves as graffiti.

7: SCP-049

Object Class: Euclid

SCP-049 is a humanoid entity who has the appearance of a medieval plague doctor. He wears a ceramic mask and his garments appear to be a part of his biological physiology based on ex-rays. SCP-049 is fluent in several languages but mostly prefers to speak in English or medieval French. Most times, he seems to be cordial and cooperative towards Foundation members but this can change when he feels he is in the presence of what he calls “the Pestilence”. Foundation members are entirely unsure of what SCP-049 means by “the Pestilence” but it is of great importance to him. SCP-049 will become hostile towards individuals he believes are infected with “the Pestilence”. Any living thing that comes into direct skin contact with SCP-049 will die. SCP-049 will perform surgical operations on his victims using tools in a black doctor’s bag that he carries on his person at all times. These surgeries are not always successful and victims will often become instances of SCP-049-2. Instances of SCP-049-2 are reanimated corpses operated on by SCP-049. SCP-049-2 have no memory of their former life nor cognitive functions but their basic motor skills and response mechanisms remain intact. They remain dormant or inactive most of the time but can become hostile if provoked or directed by SCP-049 himself.

6: SCP-525

Object Class: Euclid

There’s no way these things are getting my peepers. SCP-525 are arthropod legs measuring 10-15 cm in length and have hooks at the base of each leg. DNA tests have been inconclusive but the closest match they have is a brown recluse spider. If 8 legs join together, they become instances of SCP-525-1. SCP-525-1 will try find the nearest human or similar to extract an eye from their socket. SCP-525-1 is very careful to not damage the eye while extracting it, they will sever the optic nerves and central retinal vein. Once the extraction is complete, SCP-525-1 will implant each base into the eye. Over time, the eye begins to dehydrate and eventually after 2-3 weeks, it will abandon the eye and search for a new one.

5: SCP-1048

Object Class: Keter

You’ll never look at teddy bears the same way again after reading about this one. SCP-1048 has the appearance of a teddy bear and communicates with Foundation members through cute and simple gestures. It hugs people, dances or jumps and draws child-like pictures. It is capable of answering yes or no questions but seems to avoid questions regarding its nature or origins. Originally it was free to roam the halls of Site 24 that is until 7 months after it was secured. Foundation members have discovered that SCP-1048 can make duplicates of itself with any materials it can get its “paws” on. It’s been theorized that SCP-1048 lures people into a false sense of security, so it can collect materials to produce its creations. The SCP Foundation currently knows about 3 of its creations which have been identified as SCP-1048-A, SCP-1048-B, and SCP-1048-C. Now I will explain each duplicate and the incidents that followed after being created. What you are about to read may be disturbing, read at your own risk. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

SCP-1048-A: SCP-1048-A is similar to the original but is made entirely out of human ears, ears that SCP-1048 took from Foundation members. The security team arrived on the scene to contain SCP-1048-A but the subject emitted a shriek that caused un"bear"able pain to the eyes and ears of anyone within a 10 meter radius. Anyone within a 5 meter radius will begin to grow ear-like growths all over their bodies in less than 20 seconds. Those afflicted by this symptom died within 3 minutes. Autopsies show that the cause of death was asphyxiation by ear-like growths forming in the mouths and trachea of all the victims.

SCP-1048-B: This one was discovered by several staff members in the cafeteria of Site 24. It looks similar to the original except that it has an extra limb resembling an infant’s and can produce a shriek similar to an infant. It was discovered that SCP-1048 performed an abortion on a pregnant staff member and used the 8 month old fetus to create SCP-1048-B. Information regarding how SCP-1048-B reacted towards staff members is classified.

SCP-1048-C: This one is similar to the original but is made up of rusted metal scraps. It was first discovered when a foundation member was writing up a report on the SCP-1048-B incident. It was discovered killing and maiming foundation members and hasn’t been seen since the incident. One member stated, “I cannot stress this enough. The damn thing jumped right through those poor people.”

SCP-1048 and its duplicates haven’t seen since they escaped but it is believed that they are still somewhere in Site 24.

Could you imagine an army of these guys running around?

4: SCP-1498

Object Class: Euclid

SCP-1498 are a set of 30 autonomous bundles of phone cords and handsets arranged in a way that they resemble sheep. If anyone uses the phone handsets on SCP-1498, they will hear three rings followed by a voice identifying their self as an operator for “The Oneiroi Collective”. The voice will provide the subject different options for dreaming and make suggestions for the best dreaming experience. After the operator hangs up, the subject will sleep for 9 hours. When the subject wakes up, they will claim to dreamt the exact dream they ordered. Subjects may develop a desire to continue using SCP-1498’s effect or to use it right away. Subjects who have been repeatedly exposed to SCP-1498’s effects will begin to experience physical and mental changes. They will want to sleep more often and will use SCP-1498 if possible. The subject’s head will begin to transform into a handset along with other changes such as coughing up telephones, cords extending into the esophagus, cords growing in place of hair, ringing devices will appear in subject’s ears and vocalizations will be replaced with dial tones. Subjects have the same intelligence as SCP-1498 and are classified as instances of SCP-1498-1.

3: SCP-

Object Class: Keter

I’m practically endangering myself by even talking about this one as it is an info hazard. If you don’t want this guy to come for you, I’d suggest you skip to the next entry. You have been warned. This SCP loves to collect information about itself whether it’s audio, video or written but it can’t seem to understand signs, so that is why the Foundation has provided instructions regarding this SCP. Based on the first picture it looks like it’s made of film from VHS tapes.

2: SCP-939

Object Class: Keter

Now these guys have a bite worse than their bark. SCP-939 are pack-based predators with systems similar to troglobitic organisms. Their skin is highly permeable to moisture and translucent red because of a chemical compound similar to hemoglobin. Each of their four limbs extend into 3 fingered claws with an opposable fourth digit and have tiny hairs on their bodies that allow them to climb. They have elongated heads, no eyes are visible and contain no brain casing. Its jaws are lined with fang-like teeth and encircled by heat sensory organs. Spines run along their backs and are believed to help them navigate in their dark habitat. They seem to not possess any vital organ systems. They do have a respiratory system but it doesn’t serve any major purpose. They have no need to feed or a digestive system. Anything they do eat circles in their respiratory system and they eventually regurgitate it. Though they have no vital organ systems, they are able to produce live young. SCP-939 has the ability to mimic human voices in order to lure their prey. They can also emit a chemical that causes anterograde amnesia in its prey for 30 minutes.

1: SCP-2006

Object Class: Keter

Now before reading this one, think of the scariest thing you can imagine and apply it to this SCP. In it’s default state, SCP-2006 is a sphere roughly 50 cm in diameter. SCP-2006’s soul purpose is to inspire as much fear and horror into as many people as possible. To do that, it’s capable of changing its shape, mass, volume, density, chemical structure and voice to any form it wants. The limit to its shapeshifting abilities is unknown. SCP-2006 enjoys taking on the forms of various monsters and villains from horror and science fiction movies, preferably Ro-Man from Robot Monster (1953). It will try to startle or scare anyone it comes into contact with but after that will become friendly. The reasons behind it are unknown. SCP-2006 has poor judgement of what people fear most and tries to discover new ways to scare them, hence the bad horror movies. It also has a hard time reading emotions in people. A Site Director wrote this memorandum regarding SCP-2006: “I have been getting reports of some of the lax behavior regarding SCP-2006. Many personnel have been heard laughing at SCP-2006 during surveillance when it watches a new movie, or when it attempts to scare individuals. Some personnel have been heard questioning why SCP-2006 is classified as a Keter entity. I am here to remind you that a Keter entity is a Keter entity, regardless of how innocuous it may seem. No, SCP-2006 is not a rampaging demi-god, nor is it a regenerating super lizard. However, it possesses the same level of danger as any other Keter that the Foundation has contained. Think of SCP-2006's purpose. It wishes to scare people. Imagine what would happen if SCP-2006 broke containment, and found out what really scared people. Imagine if it saw the horror and fear of war, or the concepts of paranoia or phobias common to each and every human being. Imagine if it found the true horror of a nuclear holocaust or an XK-Class scenario. Now couple that with an entity that possesses shape-shifting abilities with no known limits, and you'll understand why it's classified as Keter.”

Think there could be an organization like the S.C.P. Foundation in real life? What would happen if any of these creatures or entities breached containmen? I hope you enjoyed reading this story and always be on the lookout for more creepy content written by yours truly. Be sure to like and share this story with other. Thanks for reading, stay creepy and I’ll see you next time.

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