10 Cryptids That May Exist

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10 Cryptids That May Exist

What is a cryptid? Well a cryptid is an animal or a group of animals that has yet to be proven to exist. Two of the most famous cryptids are creatures like Bigfoot and Nessie. Around the world people report seeing strange creatures that science refuses to recognize. If it’s been seen, does it exist? Here are 10 Cryptids That May Exist:

10: Reptilian

Reptilians or Reptoids are a race of humanoids that have the appearance of several reptiles like snakes and lizards. They’re said to live dark and moist places such as abandoned subway tunnels, mine shafts and caves. There are several conspiracies about them like being able to shapeshift and infiltrate world leaders like the US President or the queen. They are also blamed for cattle mutilations.

9: Kraken

Throughout history, sailors have told stories of monsters that terrorize the seven seas. Any place they didn’t have charted on the map or explored, they said that there were sea monsters. The Kraken is probably one of the most infamous sea monsters out there. It’s soul purpose was to bring death and destruction to humanity, by destroying ships, crushing them and pulling them down along with all aboard to Davy Jones’ Locker. 75 percent of the earth is covered in water and a large portion of the world’s oceans still remains unexplored. So maybe there’s a really huge squid lurking somewhere in the sea.

8: Chupacabra

Chupacabra which literally translates to “goat-sucker” is probably one of the most famous (or infamous) cryptids out there. It was first sighted in Puerto Rico in the late 1990s. Farmers reported their livestock being drained of their blood and having 2-3 puncture wounds on their bodies. Some were even missing internal organs. The creature is described to stand 3-4 feet tall, large fangs, spines that run down its back, large alien-like eyes (said to shoot lasers to paralyze their prey), sharp claws and bat-like wings. Others describe it looking like a coyote or dog with mange. Attacks on humans are rare but there was one case where a woman lost her arm to the fangs of a chupacabra. No one knows what it is, but several theories range from aliens to genetic experiments.

7: Wendigo

According to Algonquian mythology, the Wendigo is a cannibalistic spirit. The word “wendigo” is Cree for “evil that devours.” They inhabit Canada and Northern parts of the United States. They start out as a person, who may be isolated from civilization and cut off from supplies. During a harsh winter, a member of the group or tribe would resort to cannibalism by eating the other members of his/her tribe or group in order to stay alive. In cultures around the world, it’s said that eating human flesh can grant people certain abilities such as speed, strength, and immortality. The more flesh they eat, the less human they become and they slowly transform into this monster that will always be hungry. Its hunger is endless, it wants flesh, it wants blood, its hunger will never be satisfied. Wendigos are master hunters, they are very fast and agile. They can move through time and space to be where its prey is, once it sets its eyes on you, there’s no escape. They can mimic human voices to lure their prey and they can possess people to make them eat flesh.

6: Oklahoma Octopus

Every year in Oklahoma, there are several unexplained drownings. In 2007, a boy was drowning and claimed that something was pulling him under. Rescue came but the boy never resurfaced. Locals believe they are victims of a monster, they describe it looking like an octopus the size of a horse, having long tentacles and reddish brown, leathery skin. Now you’re probably thinking, “How could an octopus survive in freshwater?” Well it’s not impossible, there have been several cases of creatures like jellyfish adapting to freshwater. Asian snakeheads and catfish thrive in US waters. So it is possible for a creature like the Okalahoma Octopus to have survived for centuries or longer to reproduce and become a freshwater species. As long as there is a constant food source.

5: Jersey Devil

Another famous (or infamous cryptid), Jersey Devil makes its home in the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey. The story goes that Mother Leeds had 12 children and she was about to have a 13th child. Under the pain of labor, she said “Let it be a devil!” and soon enough her wish came true. The baby was normal at first but transformed into this hideous creature; it had the gaunt head of a horse, horns, dragon-like wings, hooved feet and a forked tail to represent its sinister nature. The creature let out a terrible cry, thrashed around the room attacking the women who attended the birth, flew up the chimney and into the night. Since then, the people of Pine Barrens were terrorized by this creature, children were kept inside, cattle and farm dogs were mutilated and crops couldn’t grow. There was a reward for whoever could catch the Jersey Devil (dead or alive) and someone did find a body of what they thought was the Jersey Devil, but yet people still hear it’s unearthly cries during the night.

4: Shadow People

Shadow people are described as being ghostly apparitions or just shadows with a human shape and some are reported having red eyes. Two of the most common types are the Hat Man and the Hooded Figure. Some psychologists pass them off as symptoms of sleep deprivation or sleep paralysis but so many people have seen this thing. Some even say they’re not ghosts at all but inter-dimensional beings. A friend of mine told me her story about seeing a shadow person, she saw it just standing there behind her in the mirror. She described it as this tall, all black thing like a shadow. She thought she was just seeing things but then it moved to the left and disappeared when she turned around. She also has heard footsteps down the hall, things were being moved and lights when off when she turned them on.

3: The Rake

Every place has its own boogeyman, for Eerie, Pennsylvania, their boogeyman is the Rake. This creature will stalk its prey until it drives them insane or it kills them. Creatures like the Rake have been around for centuries, having similar appearances, tall, dark, and faceless, terrorizing people, feeding on their fear and all having one purpose, death. The Rake is relentless and will stop at nothing until its victim is dead. People who’ve survived their encounters with the Rake describe it being tall, having long arms and these long tendrils for finger. Sometimes it will kill its prey when they are unaware of the creature’s presence.

2: Devil Monkey

The Devil Monkey is a legendary creature said to inhabit the Appalachian wilderness. It’s described looking like a large baboon, 4-6 ft in height, long arms, deep set eyes, matted fur and capable of propelling itself 20 ft in a shot. They’re called devil monkeys because of their devilish nature, they’re mischievous but they’re also very aggressive. They have an edge, they’re equipped with the skills of known primates but also equipped with what is only known in legends. All known primates have incredible upper body strength, if you translate that to devil monkeys, you’re in for one hell of a ride. These creatures are very territorial and if they feel threatened they will attack. If you wander into the forest of devil monkeys it may be the last thing you’ll do.

1: Mothman

In the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia between 1966 and 1967. People were terrorized by a winged humanoid, with glowing red eyes (other facial features were not visible), standing 6-7 ft tall and having large bat-like wings, they called it Mothman. They were originally going to call it Batman, but the name was already taken. During this time there were reports of UFO sightings in Point Pleasant as well, and people thought the Mothman and the UFO sightings were connected. Most of sightings of Mothman took place at the old TNT bunkers, a WWll munitions Unit said to be his lair. At one moment all of the sightings just stopped that is until December 15th, 1967. There was traffic on the Silver Bridge and all of the sudden a bolt or something snapped causing the bridge to collapse into the Ohio River and killing 46 people. Survivors of the collapse claimed they saw Mothman before the bridge collapsed. After that, there were no more sightings of Mothman, some thought it was taken away to a government facility and others blame Mothman for the collapse of the Silver bridge. People think of Mothman as a death omen for when disaster will soon follow.

Well I hoped you guys enjoyed reading this. I’ll be writing more often. But in the meantime, you guys stay creepy and I’ll see you guys next time with a brand new article (or video maybe).

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