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The World We Live In

Sadness does. Hopelessness does.

By Cm pariharPublished 25 days ago 3 min read
The Terrible Origins of July 4th

Millions of people died prematurely each year because they didn’t see any hope in living longer, and we considered them weak for killing themselves.

No, people do not die because of suicide. Suicide doesn’t take their lives

In the world through which I travel, I am endlessly creating myself. —Frantz Fanon

Yet, we fail to create a world that nurtures and protects all its inhabitants.

We are told to love the others, but only within the confines of our self-imposed terms and conditions. We divide ourselves along lines of religion, beliefs, and race, labeling and dehumanizing each other. We made a horrible use of the barriers that do not exist. We constructing walls, claiming territories, and calling them our countries. We build weapons, missiles, and bombs out of distrust. We categorize people into castes,

deciding who will live a better life.

We speak of good things in front of the world yet with both hands hidden behind our back. We break those who are already broken. We belittle others to elevate ourselves. We silence those who speak up, deeming them unworthy of a voice. We threaten even those who are defenseless. We push drowning people deeper underwater. We talk about helping slum dwellers but keep our hands clean. We treat those with mental disorders as less than human. We wage wars to claim territories defined by imaginary lines, costing millions of lives. We treat human life like disposable plastic, mass-produced and easily discarded. We set people on fire, deeming them deserving of such cruelty because of their different skin colors, beliefs, sexual orientations, and languages.

Our so-called altruism is driven by self-interest, not genuine compassion.


if everything has come to this,

after all the madness happened, inhumane.

We watch their suffering from the comfort of our homes, consuming news as entertainment.

Who’s to blame?

No one.

We are blinded by the world’s superficial goodness, taking whatever we can to feel good, even at the cost of others’ lives.

How does it feel to witnessed people being burned alive and the bodies of headless chidren being held up by their devastated parents?

But those are the horrors that Palestinians are having to live through and have lived through during 57 years of military occupation, 76 years since the Nakba. The ravages of conflict where civilians suffer unimaginable horrors, from families torn apart by violence to children left orphaned and communities decimated. This is the brutal reality faced by civilians in places like Congo, Sudan, Yemen, and Afghanistan, where decades of war and instability have inflicted relentless pain and suffering. The ongoing violence and humanitarian crises in these regions represent a living nightmare, a hell on earth where hope seems elusive and the cries for peace and justice echo unheard.

Many of the victims were women and children.

But, it’s the brown skin of Palestinians that is stopping the entire world from stopping in their tracks. It’s Islamophobia, it’s racism. The complete destruction of a white majority population would have ignited the resistance, the uproar and action of all.

Wherever you are.

Behind iron bars or beneath the concrete rubble of freshly launched bombs. In dank underground basements or in the tiny crevices amidst the onslaught of gunfire.


you are not born in the wrong body,

or in the wrong race,

or in the wrong situations.

Maybe you are just born

in the wrong world.


this writing specifically crafted for anyone who has ever experienced discrimination, whether small or large, in this unjust world.

from the bottom of my heart,

to people whose souls are made from all of the glory of difficult life,

i love you.



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Comments (1)

  • Mark Graham25 days ago

    This is a story from your heart to all our hearts. We all need to pray to God, Allah or whomever to help us in this issue we all face one time or another.

Cm pariharWritten by Cm parihar

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