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Romanian Princess

Dreams of a past life

By Kalina BethanyPublished 11 months ago 3 min read
Romanian Princess
Photo by Birmingham Museums Trust on Unsplash

Dreams of living a life as a princess have been instilled within me since I was a child, as my father always referred to me as his "Romanian Princess". Little did I know that this affirmation would manifest into a passion, desire and thirst for learning about the Medieval royal ways of life.

15th century Europe was said to be in utter chaos during this early Renaissance period, a highly probable reason for my draw towards these times. All across Europe you saw empires and monarchies facing immense trials and tribulations, ranging from deceit and betrayals to battles and warfare. During this mayhem, female royal leaders across several fronts had to hike up their skirts and assume supreme authority over their states, either officially through succession or by gaining respect and authority over their political council and advisors. There were princesses and queens, of course, but also empresses, queen mothers and queen consorts, too, all often times taking the role of regent while their husbands were absent; and they proved to be powerful leaders, indeed.

Though fairly uncommon, many of these women went on to rule their kingdoms alone, inspiring the next generations of royal bloodlines to follow. Not only in charge of maintaining order and contentment in her court, sometimes these great royal women's advice and influence over their husbands provided them with the privilege of political power. They not only influenced their court and the charities that many ended up forming, but also the political decisions and strategies of their kingdom and its army.

What passion and purpose these women must have felt, their ideas and thoughts being taken into consideration and implemented through the highest power of their empires!

As you look through many of these women's histories and their impressive accomplishments, you cannot help but become inspired. These include the 'warrior queen' Isabella I of Castile (1451-1504), who was Europe's very first Queen; the Queen of Spain. She took great interest in their warfare, improving the supply chain and even building a military hospital. She also famously provided financial support for Christopher Columbus' voyage leading to the discovery and colonization of America.

Not falling far from the ancestral lineage, this warrior's youngest daughter, Catherine of Aragon (1455-1536), Queen of Europe, also had a knack for warfare. A love match with her King and wild devotion to her country, she became Europe's first female ambassador and proved such devotion as she put on a full set of armour while heavily pregnant to assist with a war declared against them in her husband's absence. What tenacity!

Even the infamous 'Bloody Mary' game, which was played numerous times throughout my childhood, has linkages to a strong royal leader, the first ever Queen Regnant of England.

Caroline of Ansbach (1683-1737) was the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland who also exercised great political influence during her time, even reigning as regnant while her husband was away. This drove her to become fluent in English and shape policy decisions in her new new home country.

Although these strong and inspirational women took on extraneous pressures to help rule their kingdom, their trying roles did not interfere with their passions and interests. Many partook or invested in local literary and artistic pursuits, as well as their other interests including architecture and botany. This not only drives me to continue pursuing my passions outside of my work's calling, but also leads me to strongly believe that my previous profession (if you may call it as such) would have been similar to any of these infamous royal women from the Renaissance period; to defy societal odds, find love and fight to fulfill my purpose while serving a country through fighting for fair policy and ruling of its nation as its ruling royal leader, the Romanian Princess.


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  • Antoinette L Brey11 months ago

    that was a enjoyable read. I didn't know about Katherine of Aragon going to war with her troops while pregnant. Brave woman

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