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Your Chance to Get the Joker Batman Comic-Con Exclusive Figure Is Here

by Jashan Boparai 5 years ago in collectibles
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Covered in Joker graffiti, the Joker Batman Comic-Con Exclusive Figure is a desired gift for superhero fans.

Batman and Joker are two of DC's most profitable characters. The former gets a new movie every couple years, and the latter can stir up controversy with eight minutes of screen time. With their abundant popularity and all-ages appeal, it shouldn't come as a surprise that toy companies like to combine the two to create a single, extra popular product. Case in point:

Batman v Superman: The Joker's Wild Batman

From Entertainment Earth:

Batman v Superman: Jokers Wild Batman - Convention Exclusive:The Joker gets his revenge on Batman!The Clown Prince of Crime "improves" your action figure with a bunch of crude symbols and drawings. Exclusive limited edition The Jokers Wild Batman 19-Inch Big Figs(TM) Action Figure!The grimy Gotham City walls on the box are painted and defaced too!The Caped Crusader stands 19-inches tall.

For a more thorough look at the action figure, look below!


The entire box looks as if it were designed by Joker, complete with broken walls and graffiti. The front shows a brick wall with a hole in it, conveniently placed to show off the action figure inside. On the flip side, the back shows the toy on a playing card, with an in-universe "story" for the wacky look:

The Dark Knight has many enemies in the bowels of Gotham City. None is more deadly and more unhinged than the diabolical Clown Prince of Crime — The Joker. With an origin shrouded in mystery, this creative, conniving criminal always has a new scheme up his sleeve to get the last laugh on the good citizens of Gotham City. With his repulsion of the Caped Crusader, what if The Joker took it upon himself to design Batman's iconic costume? His defaced look would give Batman a colorful new look that reflects his insane ideology!

The sides both show different forms of Joker graffiti, including his name awkwardly sprawled downward and his massive grin. There's also a little "Convention Exclusive" print at the top to remind you that this was exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con 2016. Now the few remaining figures are being sold like usual!

Action Figure

For starters, the figure itself is a 19-inch version of the original Batman v Superman Batman Big-Fig. The whole thing looks as if it was actually painted white and splattered with paint by Joker. In fact, you can still see the original features when you look at the figure closely. There's a couple articulated joints here, including both arms and both legs at the waist. On top of that, the head can rotate!

The only paint on the head is two X's over the eyes and a dripping grin around the mouth. There's some small sculpting on the cowl, like crinkles around the eyes and a burrowed brow.

The sides of the figure continue the multi-colored paint, expanding into the Joker's usual green and purple. The left side has a crude drawing of a jester and says "The Joker" down to the leg. The other side features a black spade and a bunch of "ha has" written in purple from the arm to the torso to the leg. Both hands looked as if they were dipped in paint, one in red and the other in green. And over the Bat-emblem is a large, green "J."

The legs don't have anything that you haven't seen already, with the right completing "The Joker" and the right continuing the different sized "ha has."

The last major part of the figure is the cape, which is beyond cool. It's made of a light, silky fabric and opts for one big drawing instead of many smaller ones. It's easy to position and is a trapezoidal shape. The paint creates another grin, with the ends of the drawing dripping. And for the illusion of hair, there's multiple green drops above it. Note that in the photo, the cape looks so awkwardly bulky because I pulled the arms back to prop it up:

There's nothing underneath the cape, without any graffiti in sight. The only thing that is there are a bunch of screws keeping the figure together:

The Cost A.K.A. TL;DR

If you weren't in the mood to read the last 700 words, here's a collection of what I said: It's 19 inches tall, can be moved at 5 different places, features various forms of graffiti, has a killer cape, and a box you'll definitely want to keep. With those features, the figure clocks in at $59.99. Order soon because only 3000 were produced, and the number is dwindling post-SDCC!


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